Provincial Assembly of Balochistan

Number and Name of Constituency

Extent of the Constituency

PB- 1

The following Census Charges of Quetta Municipality:- 
i. Census Charge No.1 ii. Census Charge No.2 iii. Census Charge No.2 of Quetta Cantt ofQuetta District.

PB- 2 
Quetta -II

The following Census Charges of Quetta  City. 
i. Census Charge No.3, ii. Census Charge No.4 ofQuetta District.

PB - 3

The following Census Charges of Quetta Municipality:-
i. Census Charge No.5 , ii. Census Charge No.6 ofQuetta District.

Quetta -IV

(a) Census Charge No.7 of Municipal Corporation  Quetta:-
(b) Census Charge No.1 of Quetta Cantt of Quetta district.

a) Charge No. 8 of M.C.
b) Kechi Bag Patwar Circle Quetta Tehsil and Saddar Qanungo Halqa ofQuetta District.

a) Quetta City Sub-Division excluding Kachi Bag Patwar Circle.
b) Quetta Saddar Sub-Division ofQuetta District.

PB- 7
Ziarat District
PB- 8

a) Pishin MC 
b) Patwar Circle Bostan of Bostan Qanungo Halqa.
c) Patwar Circle Shabo Canal
d) Patwar Circle Band Khushdil Khan; and
e) Patwar Circle Ajram Shadezai of Saddar Qanungo Halqa ofPishin District

PB- 9

a) Barshore Sub-Tehsil. 
b) Patwar Circle Murgha; and 
c) Patwar Circle Khanozai of Bostan Qanungo Halqa of Karezat Sub-Tehsil of 
Pishin District.

PB- 10 

a) Huramzai Qanungo Halqa of Pishin Sub-Division; 
b) Manzaki Qanungo Halqa of Pishin Tehsil; and 
c) Saddar Surkhab Patwar Circle of Saddar Qanungo Halqa of Pishin Tehsil of 
Pishin District.

PB- 11
Killa Abdullah-I 

a) Chaman Municiapl Committee, b)Chaman tehsil Excluding Zaraband Patwar Circle
of Killa Abdullah District.

PB - 12 
Killa Abdullah-II 

a) Killa Abdullah Patwar Circle of Gulistan Sub-Division; and 
b) Mazai Patwar Circle of Gulistan Tehsil of Killa Abdullah District.

PB- 13 
Killa Abdullah-III 

a) The Following Patwar Circles of Gulistan Tehsil:-
i) Gulistan ,
ii) Segi, b) Zarband Patwar Circle of Chaman Tehsil and 
c) Dobandi Sub-Tehsil of Killa Abdullah District.

PB - 14 

a) Duki Tehsil ofLoralai District.

PB- 15 

Musakhel Sub-Division of Loralai District

PB- 16 
Lorali -III 

Loralai /Bori Tehsil of Loralai District.

PB- 17 

Barkhan Tehsil  of Loralai District.

PB- 18 

a) Sherani Sub-Division; 
b) Zhob Cantt  c) Zhob MC  and d) Patwar Circle Gastoi of Zhob Sub-Division of Zhob District.

PB- 19 

a) Kakar Khurasan Sub-Division 
b) Zhob Sub-Division excluding Gastoi P.C ofZhob District.

PB- 20
  Killa Saifullah 
Killa Saifullah District.
PB - 21

a) Sibi Municipal Committee, b) Saddar Qanungo Halqa of Sibi Tehsil
c) Khajak Qanungo Halqa of Sibi Tehsil and d) Lehri Tehsil ofSibi District.

PB- 22 

a) Harnai Tehsil, b) Sangan Qanungo Halqa of Sangan Sub-Tehsil and     
c) Kot Mundai Qanungo Halqa of Sibi Tehsil ofSibi District.

PB - 23 
Kohlu Agency
Kohlu Agency
PB - 24 
Dera Bugti Agency
Dera Bugti Agency
PB - 25 

Usta Muhammad Sub-Division of Nasirabad District.

PB- 26 

Jhat Pat Tehsil excluding the following Patwar Circles of Goranari Qanungo Halqa:-
i. Bagar, ii. Muhabatpur and iii. Dodeeka of Nasirabad District.

PB- 27 

a) Panhwar Sub-Tehsil, b) The following Patwar Circles of Goranari Qanungo Halqa of Jhat Pat Tehsil:-
i. Bagar, ii. Muhabatpur and iii. Dedeeka of Nasirabad District.

PB- 28 

a) Chattar Tehsil, b) Dera Murad Jamali Tehsil excluding the following Patwar Circles:-
i. Baidar, ii. Judher and iii. Quba Sher Khan of Nasirabad District.

 PB- 29 

a) Tamboo Tehsil, 
b) The following Patwar Circles of Dera Murad Jamali Tehsil
i) Kuba Sher Khan, ii) Baider and iii) Judher of Nasirabad District.

PB- 30 

a) Mach Sub-Division and b) Dhadhar Sub-Division of Kachhi District.

PB- 31 

a) Sanni Sub-Division and b) Bhag Sub-Division of Kachhi District.

PB- 32 

a) Jhal Magsi Sub-Division and b) Gandhawa Sub-Division of Kachhi District.

PB- 33 


(a) Zehri Tehsil . (b) Moola Sub-Tehsil and the The following Qanungo Halqas of Khuzdar Tehsil:-
i. Baghbana-I, ii. Baghbana-II, iii. Baghbana-III 
The following councils excludedr of Khuzdar tehsil ofKhuzdar District.

PB- 34 

a) Khuzdar Municipal Committee and b) Nal Sub-Tehsil ofKhuzdar District.

PB- 35 

a) Wadh Tehsil;b) Arinji Sub-Tehsil, c) Saroona Sub-Tehsil, d) Ornach Sub-Tehsil and e) Zaidi-I and II of Khuzdar Tehsil of Khuzdar District.


Kalat Sub-Division of Kalat District

PB - 37
a) Surab Sub-Tehsil of Kalat District.
PB- 38 
Mastung District
PB- 39 
Chagai -I 
Chagai district excluding the Naushki Town Committee and Naushki Qanungo Halqa
PB- 40 
Chagai -II 

Naushki Town Committee  and Naushki Qanungo Halqa

PB- 41
Awaran District.
PB- 42 

a) Chitkan Town Committee,
b) The following Union Councils (according to 1998 Census) of Panjgur Tehsil of Pnajgur District:-
i) Union Council Gichk, ii) Union Council Sordoo, iv) Union Council Essai, 
v) Union Council Keel Kore, vi) Union Council Dasht Shahbaz and vii) Union Council Paroom of Pnajgur District.

PB- 43 

The following Union Councils (according to 1998 Census of Pnajgur District:-
i) Union Council Washbood, ii) Union Council Gramkan, iii) Union Council, Khudabadan (East & West), iv) Union Council Tasp and v) Kallag of Pnajgur District.

PB- 44 

a) Bela Tehsil, b) Uthal Tehsil, c) Kanraj Tehsil and d) Lakhra Tehsil of
Lasbela District.

PB- 45
Lasbela -II 
Dureji Tehsil, Sonmiani Tehsil , Hub Tehsil, Gaddani Tehsil and  Liari Sub-Tehsil of Lasbela District.
PB- 46 

Kharan Tehsil excluding Union Council Gharang of Kharan District (according to 1998 Census)

PB- 47 

Mashkhel Tehsil, Basima Tehsil and Union Council Gharang (according to 1998 Census) ofKharan District.

PB- 48

Turbat Tehsil excluding the Shahrak Union Council of Turbat District of Kech District.

PB- 49

Shahrak Union Council of Turbat Tehsil, Hoshab sub-tehsil and  Buleda sub-Division
of Kech District.

PB- 50

Tump Sub-Division,  Ballingore sub-tehsil and  Dasht Sub-Tehsil of Dasht Sub-Division of Kech District.

PB - 51

Gwadar District.