Assassination Bid on 
President of Pakistan 
General Pervez Musharraf

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[ December 26, 2003 ]

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Suicide bombers in Musharraf assassination bid identified: Minister

ISLAMABAD: The people involved in the assassination attempt on President Musharraf in Rawalpindi are identified, Interior Minister Faisal Saleh Hayat told senate on Friday, Geo news channel reported.

This blast is another sequel of September 9/11 event in America. Some people are against President Musharraf and cannot resist development in Pakistan. There will be foolproof security arrangements for the President and Prime Minister, he told the house.

There are highly effective security arrangements for SAARC conference and with these incidents Pakistan will not quit its anti-terrorism drive, minister added.

Clues found about Rawalpindi suicide bombers: Jamali
ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali Friday said that clues were found in Rawalpindi suicide bombings, but the details could not be made public now.

In a press briefing in Parliament house Jamali said, according to the blue book all the security personnel are responsible for the presidential security. And in order to avoid such attacks in future reorganization of the President's security is essential, he added.

PML leader Hussaini flays attack on Musharraf 
HYDERABAD: Pakistan Muslim League senior Chief, Syed Shahabuddin Shah Al-Hussaini, Thursday flayed the suicidal attack on the President's convoy in Rawalpindi and termed it a deep rooted conspiracy of those elements, who do not want Pakistan to play its frontline role against terrorism. 

It was the third attempt of murder against President General Pervez Musharraf who is committed to root out terrorism from the country and help the world to unearth terrorists wings, he said this while expressing his shock on the tragic incident that claimed many innocent lives in Rawalpindi Thursday. 

He said that some vested interests do not want the cooperation of the President General Pervez Musharraf and the present government with the world community against international terrorism.

Premier Jamali slats "suicidal attack" on Musharraf 
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's Prime Minister Zafarullah Jamali "strongly condemned the dastardly attack" on President Pervez Musharraf Thursday, the second assassination attempt on the leader in less than two weeks. 

Two suicide bombers rammed the president's motorcade near his official residence in the northern city of Rawalpindi, killing 14 people and injuring at least 46. "It was an unfortunate incident and the government would never submit before terrorism, rather continue its fight against it," Jamali said in a statement issued after an emergency cabinet meeting. "The government would strengthen its efforts for eradicating this scourge from the country, in all its forms and manifestations." 

Jamali said he had spoken with Musharraf and reported he was "safe and sound". The attack mirrored a similar incident which took place just 200 metres (yards) away on December 14, when the president's motorcade missed a powerful explosion by a matter of seconds.

Ex-PM Mustafa Jatoi condemns assassination bid on Musharraf
Karachi: Chairman National Peoples Party and former Prime Minister Ghulam Mustafa has condemned the assassination attempt Thursday on President General Pervez Musharraf. 

"It is a cowardly act. It is duty of all nations of the world to see how these acts of terrorism could be halted'', Mr Jatoi said while talking to newsmen on Thursday night in Karachi. 

He said today's and 11 days earlier attacks on General Musharraf are resented and deserve all condemnation. The senior politician said that the whole world including Pakistan was being made ``target and victim of terrorism. In such a situation there is imperative need for unity in order to face the situiation.'' 

Musharraf sees assassination bid as reaction to his fight against terrorism
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf said "terrorists and extremists" opposed to the global fight against terror might have plotted Thursday's suicide attacks against him.

He said attack by two suicide bombers, the second within 11 days in the nearby city of Rawalpindi, could be in response to Pakistan's role in the US-led war against terrorism. "There is a strong possibility of this.

We are fighting a war against terrorism," Musharraf said on national television Thursday night, appearing calm. He vowed to "continue to fight terrorism." "We have to face them and we will not lose courage. These are cowardly people who attack while hiding. They should come openly, so that we can also fight them."

He said he was returning home from Islamabad when the attack took place. "The suicide bomber attacked me. Thank God nothing happened." He expressed his condolences for the 14 people killed in the twin bombings and promised to compensate their families. He said the attack reinforced his faith in God. "My faith in Allah has reinforced. My determination has solidified. There is no change in our mission nor there is any deficiency in our resolve. We will take it forward."

He said his message to the nation was that "nothing will happen, no need to be deterred by all this. Insha Allah (God willing) everything will be allright, don't be worried at all." He said his mission was to put the country on the path of progress and development and cleanse it of terror and extremism.

Musharraf said that there was lot of criticism about security lapses but he said that "it is not an easy task to check the suicide bombers." "I have full confidence that people around me do protect my life, putting their lives on the line and they are loyal to me." Musharraf dismissed speculation that the twin bombings were aimed at disrupting the South Asian summit scheduled in Islamabad on January 4-6. "I am the target. People around me may be concerned but there is no threat to citizens and leaders coming for the summit."

Blasts cannot deflate my resolve, nor scare  me: Musharraf
ISLAMABAD: President General Pervez Musharraf Thursday said that such blasts could not scare him anyway. 

He said, "I would continue to struggling for accomplishing my mission for the prosperity and progress of Pakistan."

"These blasts have given new strength to my resolve to eliminate terrorists and extremists from the country and, if God Willing, this mission will be accomplished," the President told 
journalists at Aiwan-e-Sadr this evening after surviving third assassination attempt when two suicide car bombers attacked his convoy in Rawalpindi this afternoon.

Two huge explosions rocked the area as two vehicles parked at two petrol pumps near Jhanda Chichi, the area where a bridge was blown earlier this month, suddenly plouged into the President's motorcade.

Gen. Musharraf voiced his deep grief and sorrow over the loss of lives of innocent people and assured their families that since they had lost their lives because of him, he would take care of their families and compensate them.

Musharraf says he was target of suicidal attack
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf, appearing on state television, said he was the target of a "suicide attack" in nearby Rawalpindi city late Thursday and the attackers were "terrorists and extremists."

Al Qaeda’s hands in on Musharraf assassination bid can not be ruled out

RAWALPINDI: All possible investigation into Thursday suicidal attack on President Pervez Musharraf here suggests that Al-Qaeda’s involvement cannot be ruled out.

According to initial investigations, the attack was done in a way similar to those reported from Middle East countries.

Those investigation into the assassination bid wherein the president narrowly escaped, says some time ago two audio cassette of Amin-ul-Zawahari released wherein he had called for Musharraf’s removal.

Released by an Arabic TV channel on September 28 of this year, Amin-ul-Zawahari had made it clear upon all the Al-Qaeda members that president Musharraf is backing American policies towards Muslim world; therefore, he should be brought to and end for ever.

In today’s suicidal attack aiming at assassinating Pervez Musharraf, the vehicles used laded with explosive material and was itself a first kind of attack in Pakistan, says investigative reports by Pakistani investigating team.

How much the blasts were intensive can be understood from the level of loss it caused to area’s all electric installation where the blasts went off, triggering total electric supply suspension.

What followed the worst kind of attack on Musharraf is panic and terror that prevails in the area and country too.

Afghanistan condemns attempted assassination of Musharraf 
KABUL: Afghanistan Thursday flayed the attempted assassination of President Pervez Musharraf in a suicide bomb attack and said it would only strengthen international resolve to fight terrorism. 

"The Afghan government strongly condemns the latest attempt on President Pervez Musharrafs life and expresses relief that todays plot in Rawalpindi failed to harm the president of Pakistan," the foreign ministry said in a statement. "We are, however, sad for the loss of innocent life caused by the suicide bombings." 

The suicide bombers earlier Thursday rammed two cars into Musharraf's motorcade just two kilometres (1.2 miles) from his home in Rawalpindi, near the Pakistani capital Islamabad. Musharraf escaped unhurt. It was the second attempt on his life in 11 days. His motorcade narrowly missed a powerful explosion on a bridge in Rawalpindi on December 14. 

"This event, much more dangerous than the first attempt earlier this month, is a reminder of the dangers that still persist in this region of the world," the Afghan foreign ministry said. "It strengthens the resolve of all leaders and peace-loving people, who face the threat of terrorism, to continue the fight unabated." 

Musharraf has been a key ally of the United States in the war on terror since the September 11, 2001 suicide attacks which triggered the US-led toppling of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. "It is evident that misguided fanatics and terrorists will go to any length, including suicide, which is strictly forbidden in Islam, to disrupt peace and security, and create chaotic conditions for all," the ministry said. 

Having suffered international terrorism, Afghanistan would continue to stand with the international community "in its efforts to remove this cancerous tumour," it said. The Taliban regime was toppled for refusing to surrender al-Qaeda terror chief Osama bin Laden.

14 killed, 46 injured in two bomb blasts in Rawalpindi
ISLAMABAD: At least fourteen persons were killed and forty five injured in Thursday's assassination bid on President Pervez Musharraf, sources reported.

Out of fourteen dead, four were identified as Ali Akbar, Nasir Mehmood, Abdul Aziz and Sadiq, according to reports.

Musharraf's car windscreen damaged in attack: Rashid
RAWALPINDI: President Pervez Musharraf's limousine was damaged in the suicide attack at Civil Lines area of Rawalpindi on Thursday, but the president was unhurt, the information minister Shaikh Rashid told Geo.

Two suicide attackers in two cars tried to hit the president's vehicle on 1-40 P.M whe he was returning to home from Islamabad. God has saved him. The incident was occurred near two petrol pumps. A car attempted to hit motorcade near the first petrol pump, while the second vehicle attempted to target the convoy near the second petrol pump but both attempts were failed, Rashid said. 

President and his staff is safe. Three cars of the cavalcade, including the president's car, were damaged, he further said. 

Suicide attack on Musharraf’s convoy, seven killed, several wounded 

ISLAMABAD: President Pervez Musharraf’s convoy was targeted by a suicide bomb attack on Thursday noon in Rawalpindi’s Civil Lines area, however Musharraf and his staff survived in the attack.

Suicide bombers in two cars tried to attack President Musharraf, ISPR Director General Major General Shaukat Sultan told the Geo news channel. At first a car tried to strike the convoy but was failed. Another car afterwards hit the presidential convoy but the president and his staff survived the attack however the police squad car in the tail of the convoy was harmed in the attack and some policemen were injured, he told the channel. 

Passersby are among the seven dead and injured. Suicide bombers were killed and their vehicles were destroyed in the incident. Dead bodies and wounded were vacated to the hospital, Shaukat Sultan said. The agencies personnel have surrounded the area and investigating the incident.