Assassination Bid on 
President of Pakistan 
General Pervez Musharraf

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[ December 30, 2003 ]

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Kamran Khan's Report

Eighteen people were killed and fifty-two got injured on December 25, 2003, in two different assassination attempts on the President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf. President's limousine's windscreen was also damaged in the terrorist attacks.

According to the press reports, two suicide attackers in two different cars tried to hit the President's limousine when he was returning home after attending a conference. The incidents were occurred near two different petrol pumps. The terrorists planned the attacks in such a way that if the first attempt of assassination is failed, then the terrorist should kill the President in the second attempt. 

Just 11 days before in another attempt of assassination, terrorists implanted C4 explosives beneath the Chichi Jhanda Bridge in Rawalpindi. But the president's limousine was equipped with jamming device, which disabled the remote-controlled bombs and the terrorists failed to target the president. 

In another attempt in 2002, the terrorist tried to kill the President on Shahrah-e-Faisal Bridge in Karachi, in which case some conspirators were arrested and later on tried and awarded 10 years of imprisonment by the court, which includes an official of one of the law enforcing agencies.

In all the assassination attempts, there seems to be one thing common and that is the “security leak” in the president’s tour. Before attempting an assassination attempt on the President, the terrorists take enough time to chalk-out their plans and execute their evil plot. They can only execute their evil plans, once they are absolutely sure, from which routes President will travell.

There is also a need to revise the conventional security system under which the VVIP tours are planned by the security agencies. The need of the hour is to install close circuit T.V. monitors on all the roads that may be used by the president and strict surveillance should be made on all such routes, a week ahead from President’s arrival and departure. The government should recruit additional security staff for this purpose and periodical joint exercises of trained armed forces commandos and the civilian security staff should be held from time to time. 

Though a number of suspects have been taken into custody for the purpose of interrogation after the attempt was made in Rawalpindi by the terrorist on December 14, 2003, but the fact remained unanswered at the initial level as how did the terrorist manage to park their vehicles loaded with explosives on the petrol pumps and implanted C4 explosive under the Chichi Jhanda bridge in Rawalpindi?

The chiefs of all law enforcing agencies should devise such a plan where security staff deputed on President's security duty must obtain the “Top Security Clearance”, who may in any manner, get involved in the process of finalizing the President’s security arrangements and his travelling plans. 

Security staff below the 17 grade deputed for the president’s security should not be allowed to use their cell phones during any VVIP movement, and instead, wherever deemed necessary, should be provided with wireless sets that should only work between the two points, so that low level security staff should not make or receive a telephone call through his cell phone and may possibly get in touch with an extremist element while performing the President’s security duty.

There should also be a "periodical security clearance" that should be obtained from the top intelligence agencies for the lower level security staff, who are normally deputed on the roads for the President's security, in order to determine the state of mind of an individual security personnel, who may have "undiscovered" links with the extremist elements, that may prove vital in preparing future travelling programmes of the President.

The government should also make alternate travelling plans for the President and should ensure that helipads are constructed in all the big cities and close to the place wherever President stays in any city. At least two helicopters should be made available at each helipad, so that in case if the security staff foresees any possible risk, they should dispatch the President by a helicopter, instead of sending him by road in a limousine.

Syed A. Mateen
[email protected] 

Indo-Pak Jubilee Cultural Society condemns the attack on the life of Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf allegedly by some terrorist outfits. In any sane civil society violence has no place. Violence and terrorist acts can never offer solution to any issue or problem. History all over the World taught us that only through peace and non-violent methods that any problem can be amicably solved.

Indo-Pak Jubilee Cultural Association is of the firm view; such cowardly acts by the terrorists would not halt the peace and friendship process between the peoples of the India and Pakistan. On behalf of Indo-Pak Jubilee Cultural Society, I once again condemn the attack and wish President Musharraf a long, happy and eventful life. 

K. Tilak
Convenor, Indo-Pak Cultural Society
[email protected] 

It is obvious that enemies of Pakistan are behind the attacks that don’t want to see Pakistan as a stable and progressing nation. At this critical moment we should shun all of our internal differences and demonstrate total unity. I also want to convey the message that the President is not alone, he has support and prayers of every individual of the country and these coward people can never succeed in their evil designs.

Ahmed Bilal Azam
[email protected]  

The attack on president of Pakistan is attack on Pakistan and it should be taken seriously and culprits should be apprehended.

Qasim Rizvi
[email protected]  

The two attempts to assassinate President Musharraf, in the short span of two weeks, raises among others, questions on security measures or lapses, the timing of these attacks, the perpetrators and the real parties behind these heinous crimes. The two most important questions plaguing me are (1) Who is behind these attacks? (2) Why now? 

Whoever these persons may be, they cannot be Pakistanis or Muslims, and if they are they should be ashamed of themselves. Islam is a religion of tolerance, magnanimity, bravery and valour. These terrorist style acts cannot be termed valour in any dictionary, language or for that matter by any religion. Such attacks do not merit bravery but are actually acts of cowardice. This is not Jihad. And all those self styled champions of religion who are brainwashing the country’s youth with incorrect ideas of ‘jihad’ are doing a disservice not only to Pakistan but also to Islam. 

At this juncture, Pakistan is slowly entering a time of relative stability. After decades, for the first time, our foreign currency reserves have risen over US$ 10 billion. Direct Foreign Investment has finally begun to pick up. The privatization of state owned companies & banks are being successfully undertaken. The Stock Market and real estate sector is witnessing a boom period. 

The target of these attacks may be the President but the lamentable fact is that the timing could not have been worse, with the up-coming SAARC summit in Islamabad when heads of states, other dignitaries along with nearly 400 journalists from all over the world will be coming to Pakistan. What are we trying to portray to the world? Is this our best side? 

Arifa Mashhood
Abu Dhabi
[email protected]  

That is very bad.
[email protected]  

Being a Pakistani abroad heard about suicidal attempt on the President of Pakistan. By the grace of God he escaped un-hurt. I strongly condemn this act of terrorism against him. May Allah give him good health and a wonderful long life, to lead this brave nation to prosperity. Amen.

Ehsan Jan
[email protected]   

It is quite obvious even to a layman that there is a major mole inside Presidential security establishment. Someone at a very high position is leaking information about President's exact movements and itinerary. 

Two major attacks have taken place and in both cases the assassins knew exactly what date, time and place the presidential motorcade will be passing through and they were there ready in advance.

Because presidential movements are secret, I am sure there only a handful people are associated with it. I would strongly suggest that all high-ups associated with presidential security and movement should be immediately arrested and made to face the music. Otherwise our President is in grave danger!

Irtaza Malik Awan

[email protected]  

Muslim community should condemn this kind of terrorist attack on President 
Musharraf. It is an open terrorism against Pakistan and its nationals.
Nabil Ahmed
South Harrow-London

[email protected] 

General Musharraf escaped a second assassination attempt in less than two weeks time. Asking if he would survive a third attempt is as unimportant as thinking how to breach his defenses for a third time. The reason is that his stay or departure is not the real problem.

Muslims are suffering from a two-fold problem. The fold that eats them from below is the never-ending line of sycophants in the Muslim world who are willing to sacrifice anything for their personal benefit. 

The fold that crushes them from the top is Washington-led Western allies who are not willing to say good-bye to their colonial escapades. Their two centuries old civilizing missions do not seem to come to an end in the foreseeable future.

Abid Jan 
[email protected]

The whole world of people irrespective of their differences have never encouraged the nature of assassination attempts, which are becoming a common practice of some elements in different places of the world. Rather, such negative activities have always been very strongly condemned. 

Such attempts either on General Pervez Musharraf or anyone else like him who is at the leading part of any community are strongly disapproved. Such attempts on even people, who are against humanity, are beyond morality. The good or bad, if is wiped out, does not mean that the badness or the goodness going on in his/her after lifetime is over.

If any people dislike his/her existence, they should bring out agitation or conduct litigation against him/her for proper hearing and judgments.

A. R. Shams 
[email protected]

We have condemned these acts in the past, we are condemning this terror acts now and we will continue condemning such extreme and terror acts in future. General Pervez Musharraf is civilized face of Pakistan and we wish him best of luck for coming up SAARC summit.

Farooq Ahmed
[email protected]  

The second terrorist attempt on the life of President General Pervez Musharraf in two weeks has not only traumatized the whole country but it has also demonstrated the fact how poor the performance of our intelligence and security agencies is. It was virtually 1: 40, according to the information given by Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, the Information Minister, on the official TV, when two suicide bombers endeavored to attack the car of President Pervez Musharraf.

This was much closer than the one that took place some two weeks back. The terror event of Thursday can be called much different from the previous events, which were designed to murder the president, in the sense that it caused much more bloodshed.  Although the suicide attack, which was surely aimed at assassinating President General Pervez Musharraf, could not hit its target. It, however, resulted in barbaric homicide of 14 totally guiltless citizens and leaving some 45 wounded.

It may take a few more weeks or months to find out the real perpetrators of this attack. This is yet to be seen after the completion of the official investigation.

Malik Siraj Akbar
[email protected]

This is the third attempt on the life of the president. Such attempts, in which the hands of external elements cannot be ruled out completely, are nothing but persistent efforts to destabilize Pakistan.

President Musharraf’s handling of the international as well as the domestic situation after the 11th September’s tragic incident has been commendable. Who ever is behind such attacks is well conversant with the fact that in the event such a bid succeeds, it would be very difficult to find a replacement of president Musharraf’s stature.

Abdul Salam Dadabhoy

[email protected]

Thursday's assassination attempt on President Musharraf life was the second in last 12 days. Some people and agencies are trying to confuse and complicate the truth by posing questions, that who could be behind these assassination attempts? Who is doing that? But even an idiot could understand that global terrorists are behind this frenzy of murderous acts.

Than some people are playing naive to make appeals to these maniacs and are trying to make them realize about the consequences and the vacuum that could be created if such attempts are succeeded. But they got to understand that terrorists and killers have no morality, mercy, humanity and principle. Their objective and target is very clear. They simply act as robots to meet their ruthless desire. These killers are not really behind President Musharraf's life, but their focus and goal is to reach the nuclear capability of Pakistan and turn the entire country into a slaughterhouse.

Shafiq Khan

[email protected]

Another attempt to assassinate General Musharraf is an act of the Evil Forces. General is a blessing for the Pakistan and it's peaceful nation. His all acts are valued and on the paths of peace. We appreciate his policies, acts of wisdom and abilities to control the worst kinds of terrorism and their fundamental brutalism. There is no place for that kind of terrorists on this planet any more.

These terrorists may learn the lesson from the destruction of the Saddam and his sons. The end of all the followers of wicked have the same destiny on this earth, from the beginning of the life and till the end of the day.

S. Bokhari

[email protected]

I was literally shocked to see the news of assassination attempt on President Musharraf. Plus I wonder why our security lapse and they could not avoid such sort of incidents.

Its really a point to ponder and the concerned officials should investigate in the matter so that again our nation will not face such incidents again as it is really a bid not only to Musharraf but to whole Pakistan.

Hasnain Haider

[email protected]

I pray for our Presidents life plus wish that security measures should improve. As SAARC conference is coming and it will become a reason for the leaders coming to Pakistan. But the higher ups should assure as our nation already has suffered a lot with cancellation of big events economically and diplomatically both.

Uzair Arshad

[email protected]

I am really shocked with the incidents that happened in past one month. I have always been against a dictator and forced leadership. Similarly I was against the very existence of a forced post that was captured. But by these past few incidents Musharraf’s good policies and strategies of national and international governance and politics, I feel I was wrong as for as his personality is concerned. I have reached to a decision; a leader like him is much better than the monsters of democracy in Pakistan.

Here I would suggest President of Pakistan that this attempt is not to kill him but with surety I can say they will kill whole of the Pakistan. I request on behalf of thousands of students in foreign countries take this as a challenge and clean this all dirty business of terrorism.

I assure you that we all are behind you and we all support you. We are really in need of your presence and believe me, this is the time when you can test our elegance with Pakistan and you. I would like you to help us regain our lost dignity and respect. I would also like you to do not let us hi-jacked once again by these ignorant internal and external elements.  May God keep you in safety and peace.

Salman Aziz

[email protected]

People who are responsible for this attack should be arrested as soon as possible.  I think that President needs an extra security and he may need to consider the possibility of staying in Islamabad because this is the second attack that occurred while he was traveling from Islamabad to Rawalpindi.

God Bless President Pervaz Musharraf!

Tahir Mahmood
[email protected]

We heard the news of attack on president Musharraf on 25th December, in Rawalpindi by a suicide killer. As a Pakistani I condemn this act of terrorism and pray long life to Musharraf.

We watched this news first at Geo TV, for this I would like to appreciate the efforts of Geo team bringing us current news first, I watched also the interview of General Sahib on Geo, during that interview I found that a cold war between Geo TV & PTV.
My advice to both TV channels that both are working well for our country but this type of actions letdown the image of both channels.

Faisal Iqbal

[email protected]

I was shocked to listen to the assassination bid on General Musharraf. I hope now the General realizes that how it feels while facing death. Perhaps now he can understand the misery he brought to the innocent people of brotherly Muslim country Afghanistan through collaboration with infidel USA in latest Crusades. He is equally responsible for all the genocide there.

Nasir Ali Afsar
[email protected]