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Let’s get quizzical

From fabulous fashion to entertaining cinema and rock ‘n’ roll grooves and blues… test your knowledge with Instep’s quiz

1. Which Pakistani musical act is currently working on an application for phones that will help fans stay connected to the artist?
      (a) Zoe Viccaji
      (b) Noori
      (c) Adil Omar
      (d) Zeb Bangash

2. Which female musician performed at the launch of an airline in UAE recently?
(a) Rachel Viccaji
(b) Haniya Aslam
(c) Annie Khalid
(d) Fariha Parvez

3. Know your music. Which local artist has never made an appearance on the show Sim Sim Hara?
(a) Zeb and Haniya
(b) Ali Azmat
(c) Mauj
(d) Adil Omar

4. Which song did Sajjad Ali sing for the soundtrack of the television serial Thori Khushi Thora Ghum?
(a) ‘Teri Yaad’
(b) ‘Paniyon Mein’
(c) ‘Cinderella’
(d) ‘Rang Laaga’

5. Which movie star is all set for an appearance on the ongoing television show Smash?
(a) Uma Thurman
(b) Kate Hudson
(c) Kate Winslet
(d) Penelope Cruz

6. The following Bollywood actress would like to write her own autobiography. She is:
(a) Deepika Padukone
(b) Sonam Kapoor
(c) Bipasha Basu
(d) Parineeti Chopra

7. “I’m inspired by Madonna” – Which artist uttered these lines recently?
(a) Jack White
(b) Rihanna
(c) Nicki Minaj
(d) Beyonce Knowles

8. Which rap artist will release his songbook printed on smoking paper?
(a) Missy Elliot
(b) Snoop Dogg
(c) Lil Wayne
(d) Eminem 

9. Which Bob Dylan album is being made into a film?
(a) Blood on the Tracks
(b) New Morning
(c) The Basement Tapes
(d) Nashville Skyline

10. Which local act has the hits ‘Alice’ and ‘Fair Weather Friend’ under their belt?
(a) Adil Omar
(b) Mauj
(c) Poor Rich Boy
(d) Hashim Syed aka Hash

1 (b) Noori
2 (c) Annie Khalid
3 (d) Adil Omar
4 (a) ‘Teri Yaad’
5 (a) Uma Thurman
6 (b) Sonam Kapoor
7 (c) Nicki Minaj
8 (b) Snoop Dogg
9 (a) Blood on the Tracks
10 (c) Poor Rich Boy

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