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Let’s get quizzical

From fabulous fashion to entertaining cinema and rock ‘n’ roll grooves and blues… test your knowledge with Instep’s quiz

1. Which Pakistani actress is the face of Feeha Jamshed’s new line FJ?
(a) Aamina Sheikh
(b) Sanam Saeed
(c) Nadia Jamil
(d) Mahira (Khan) Askari

2. Which two musicians were recently featured in a new Levis campaign?
(a) Rachel Viccaji and Farhad Humayun
(b) Haniya Aslam and Ali Azmat
(c) Zoe Viccaji and Bilal Khan
(d) Arooj Aftab and Mekaal Hasan

3. For which designer did Meera walk the ramp at the recently concluded Fashion Pakistan Week 3?
(a) Nomi Ansari
(b) Sana Safinaz
(c) Maheen
(d) Deepak Perwani

4. Which designer(s) showed a military-inspired collection at the recently concluded PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week?
(a) Muse
(b) Elan
(c) Mohsin Ali
(d) Nickie Nina

5. Which Pakistani singer won the award for Best Music Talent at London Asia Film Festival 2012?
(a) Atif Aslam
(b) Ali Zafar
(c) Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
(d) Mustafa Zahid

6. The following Hollywood stars recently got engaged:
(a) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
(b) Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
(c) Kanye West and Kim Kardashian
(d) Lily Collins and Zac Efron

7. Now on the comeback trail, Linkin Park have finally given a title to their upcoming studio record and have also released a new single. Name the song and the album.
(a) ‘Burn it Down’, Living Things
(b) ‘In the End’, Hybrid Theory
(c) ‘Numb’, Meteora
(d) ‘Shadow of the Day’, Minutes to Midnight

8. What has Courtney Love accused Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl of?
(a) He tried to steal Nirvana memorabilia
(b) He seduced her
(c) He seduced her daughter Frances Bean Cobain
(d) He plagiarized Nirvana songs

9. Screenwriter Joe Eszterhas accused the following actor of anti-semitism:
(a) Sean Penn
(b) Robert Downey Jr
(c) Mel Gibson
(d) Chris Evans

10. Which Bollywood actor was detained for two hours in New York by authorities?
(a) Salman Khan
(b) Shahid Kapoor
(c) Shah Rukh Khan
(d) Ranbir Kapoor

1 (d) Mahira (Khan) Askari
2 (c) Zoe Viccaji and Bilal Khan
3 (a) Nomi Ansari
4 (d) Nickie Nina
5 (c) Rahat Fateh Ali
6 (a) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
7 (a) ‘Burn it Down’, Living Things
8 (c) He seduced her daughter Frances Bean Cobain
9 (c) Mel Gibson
10 (c) Shah Rukh Khan

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