What malevolence!

Kamran Shafi

The writer is a retired army officer and a freelance columnist

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Dec 22, 2001

So then. Three quite different sentiments from three quite different people, sent to me by email after my Hizb ut Tahrir piece. The first that I quote verbatim is from someone called Arshad Khan from London, obviously either a highborn Rajput or a Sikh, and who talks about Arains and Jats being "Kamee Lawg", or low-caste people (could he be a Hindu Brahmin, indeed?). Quote:

Dear Sir,

So you finally revealed your roots. A "Arain/Jat"fellow. Reading your columns since 9/11 in the news I thought as much that you belonged a low class punjabi family. Where I come from, people of Jatt and arain are not even considered people worth making friends as they have no principles as we say "Chotee Qowm keh Lawg and Chota Dil". No wonder pakistan is in the state that it is when peasants like yourself have a significant voice in Pakistan, which is not a bad thing had it not that they are the most cowardly and as we say "Ghulamee Pasand" people.

I dont blame you, its in your nature to be like that. Just to make a historic point, your master's the british never use to have people of your background in their army. Majority of their army was Rajputs from pakistan/Kashmir border areas and Sikhs from Punjab and I leave you to ponder why they never use to have people of your "Qawm". There is a reason...which is abundantly clear to every 1 else.

I will end in saying that, education and democracy has given you guys riches but it has failed to erradicate the "Beghairat" nature of you people. Which means that democracy in Pakistan is useless when all it will do is put "Chotee Qawm" people in to power. I believe the correct term for describing people of your background is "Kamee Lawg".

Arshad Khan


Ps. I hate Hizb-Tahrir so dont think I am one of them. Unquote.

So then, several things to point out here. First, how come Khan Sahib never reacted to whatever I have been saying "since 9/11" ie, the New York Madness? Why did he wait until he found out that I was a lowly Arain? I could have been a highborn Rajput, and I could have been talking absolute nonsense about "9/11", so why in Heaven's name didn't he speak up before now? Indeed, was it all right for a Rajput or a Sikh to say what I had said? Secondly, why is he so worried about what I am? I am quite comfortable with being an Arain; why is he so troubled? And why this malevolent hate for the "Kamee Lawg"? Did one abuse him in an earlier time?

He may well "hate" the Hizb, but he too abuses British hospitality, just as they do, and hectors others in a show of fake bravado, just as they do. Unless Khan Sahib has just returned to London from fighting alongside Mullah Omar, the coward who hides somewhere in Afghanistan after causing the maiming and slaughtering of so many boys and young men from poor and impoverished homes, in the name of what the Amir-ul-Momineen thinks is Islam. Or is Khan Sahib just talking big?

What indeed, makes him say that I am "Ghulamee Pasand", when he lives in London, England, not I. Just because I castigate the Brits for not taking action against the Hizb's and Muhajiroun's leaders who seek asylum in the United Kingdom and yet attempt to trash the friends of those that give them shelter?

The second is from a well wisher, verbatim again, but whose name I have deliberately kept out of the communication, if only for the fact that I do not wish to expose him. Quote:

Dear Kamran Shafi,

Greetings! Looks like that the Mullahs have once again picked up a fight with you. It is very sad but what else can you expect from these Loota Moulvis. My humble request is to leave them at their own. Their eyes are closed and hearts are sealed. So there is no way that you can beat them. I do not discuss anything with someone who brings in God in discussion. So let them have Tahrir or whatever. One correction since most of my research work is on Syria! Sheikh Bakri Mohammed is not a Syrian. He lived there for a while and then went into self-exile after the riots of 1982. He was born in Iraq, was a student at Al-Azher when Karim Kassem took over, he moved to Lebanon and then at some point to Syria. Again my friend, be careful of these fanatics. They go to any extent. Honestly there is no point to argue with mindless people. Very best. Unquote.

While thanking this gentleman from the very bottom of my heart, I can only say to him that I do not wish any one harm; I am not concerned at all whether anybody wants to have the Hizb ut Tahrir or whatever. I am only greatly incensed when anyone thrusts his beliefs down my throat, without allowing me the right to ask questions of them. I also wish to say to him that Allah Almighty alone determines what is to happen to us in this life and in the hereafter. And, whilst I am not a brave man at all (being one of the "Kami Lawg!); whilst I love God's gift, life; if it is the case that I am to be harmed by one of these ignorant and unlettered ignoramuses whose foolish actions have made the people of many nations (some poor and Third World countries - just read the list of the victims of their madness) hate all Muslims, so be it.

The following letter is from another reader, verbatim, and needs no comment from me, other than a thank you for his good wishes. I have withheld his name too, for obvious reasons. Quote:

Dear Kamran sahib,

I have just finished reading your latest column in which you have written on hizb-ur-tahrir and al-mohajaroun. I simply wish to say a few things on these organisations. Of course you must be aware that Omar Bukri split from the former to establish the latter. Omar Bukri is used as a tool by the British media. He is occasionally brought on TV and radio especially in time of conflict between a Muslim country and the west. Of course because he is stupid, he says things which are music to the ears of western propagandists.

His extreme views are used by the media to portray a very violent and extremist image of Islam. He promises his followers that soon the banner of Islam will be flying over Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament. He predicts that the Khilafa will be established in Britain. Any way, these two organisations are very active in some of the Universities in the UK. Young Muslim students who are suffering from an identity crisis are their prey. They totally brainwash them. They have no knowledge at all of practically anything. They are taught a few verses of the Quran on jihad and few ahadees. They are taught not to question the wisdom of their mentors.

An ugly aspect of these people is that if you question them or disagree with them, they become aggressive and abusive. If you oppose their ideology, they label you as a 'kafir' and threaten you with violence and 'jihad'. They are extremely against Pakistan and Quaid-e-Azam and openly call him a 'kafir'. They propagate that the creation of Pakistan was against Islam and the Prophet's (Peace be upon Him) teachings. They call Pakistan a failed state and hold seminars in universities propagating this foul message to young Muslim students. They spread malicious lies and propaganda against the founder of Pakistan.

I hope you will continue to speak out against these organisations and unveil their hideous and evil faces of sectarianism, narrow and petty mindedness, and above all their deep-rooted animosity towards Pakistan and our beloved Quaid-e-Azam. Eid Mubarik to you and your family. Unquote.

The writer wants the spellings of the letters to go verbatim