By Mirza Yousuf Baig
Managing Director GEO Television

GEO Super is another first from the GEO television network catering to the home audience in Pakistan, which was forced to watch foreign sports channels by default as there was no other choice available to them that could provide the sports content catering to their needs and also develop and promote local sports in Pakistan in addition to international events and not cricket only.

With GEO Super, the country has moved closer to that goal. And the people of Pakistan can now look forward to more of their own when it comes to coverage, analysis and the final judgment in sport. At last, they now have a voice in this field.

For years now, the Pakistani viewer has been bombarded with views and news actually catering to the foreign viewer. If at all there was focus on the regional viewer, it was all Indian.

GEO Super has brought in Pakistanis speaking with other Pakistanis about Pakistani sportsmen.

Launched in a record time period, GEO Super could not have had a better start. A seamless Seven Day Test segment - hosted by Pakistan's superstar Wasim Akram - launched into the media world Pakistan's first indigenous sports channel, devoted to Pakistani sport but having the clout to bring you two of the greatest cricket shows in the world - The ICC Champions Trophy and the World Cup, live and exclusive.

One of these events has already begun in India, with Pakistan playing its first Champions Trophy match at Jaipur on October 17. The other is five months away, the showcase of the cricket fraternity. They have taken off like a Shoaib Akhtar and dug in like an Inzamam-ul-Haq.

GEO Super's biggest challenge is to bridge the gap from now till then and make the audience catch its breath. To achieve that objective more high profile international events are in the pipeline for the Pakistani viewer.

When you look back at what the channel has achieved so far, it can be said the best part of it is that right from the content to the production, the feel has been that of an international channel. That is because as a nation we should aim to prove to the world that there is comparable, if not better talent in Pakistan, especially in the sports presentation and production field.

The biggest benefit that GEO Super will deliver is to make us realise that we have heroes among us- past heroes, present heroes, unsung heroes; but most important of all, future heroes.

It is the job of GEO Super to locate these heroes of tomorrow. For that immense resources are required but the longest of journeys begins with the first step and GEO Super appears to have taken that with its eyes wide open.

With two thirds of our population around the age of 25, the country breathes sport and GEO Super is the oxygen. But most important it is not just about cricket. Since it is riding on the pulse of the nation, cricket is poised to dominate from now till the World Cup next year.

In essence, GEO Super is about all sports that are played or followed by Pakistanis. We believe that whether it is boxing or fishing, hockey or squash, snooker or tennis, GEO Super will bring you the super moments.

One of the reasons that sport in our country has not flourished, has deteriorated in fact, has been its vanishing act from the media. GEO Super intends to go to every nook and corner and take up all sports at a national level. It is time that local sport stood up and talked.

This is because all sport is about competing, a philosophy very close to the heart of GEO Super. And all sport brings out the fighting spirit; a trait that GEO Super feels is needed to be seen in every Pakistanis home.

It is named GEO Super because we are a super nation, we have many super heroes, and we now have GEO Super to bring us all the super moments of Pakistan and international sports.