1991 HOME

Jan 1: M.V. Columbialand, carrying Pakistan's first expedition team to Antarctica, crosses Antarctic circle.

March 14: IJI sweeps Senate elections.

March 25: Four Pakistani hijackers die as Singapore armed forces commandos storm the country's hijacked airliner at Changi Airport.

May 8: 10 people die and 30 are wounded when bomb explodes at the clinic of Kashmiri leader, Dr Farooq Haider in Rawalpindi.

May 16: National Assembly passes Shariat Bill.

June 11: General Asif Nawaz Janjua appointed as new army chief.

Sept 23: Princess Diana reaches Pakistan on a four-day official visit.

Oct 3: General Fazle Haq, former NWFP governor, shot dead in Peshawar.

Nov 26: Urdu daily Imroze closes down after 43 years.


1991 Abroad

Jan 16: US and its allies attack Iraq to end its occupation of Kuwait.

March 14: Begum Khaleda Zia Becomes Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

April 3: Permanent ceasefire between Iraq and Us-led allies comes into effect.

October 7: Lenin's statue sold for 100,000 dollars in Moscow.

Oct 13: Soviet Union abolishes its secret

security agency, the KGB.

Oct 13: Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace.

Oct 30: Middle East peace conference opens in Madrid after 43 years bringing

Israel, Palestine and other neighbours face to face.

Nov 5: 2000 die as typhoon strikes Eastern Philippines.

Nov 20: Suleyman Demirel returns to power in Turkey, 11 years after his ouster by the army.

Dec 25: Washington recognises the independence of 12 former Soviet Republics.


1992 HOME

Jan 17: France agrees to supply 40 Mirage-2000 aircraft, 3 submarines and 3 radars to Pakistan.

March 22: Pakistan withdraws foreign exchange bonds worldwide.

March 25: Pakistan, under captain Imran Khan, wins the cricket World Cup, defeating England by 22 runs.

May 4: Sindh High Court Declares Asif Ali Zardari's trial inside jail illegal.

May 20: Sindh's border with Rajashthan sealed.

June 4: Army called out in Sindh.

June 19: Army launches anti-MQM operation in Karachi.

June 20: Army takes over Nine-Zero, MQM headquarters in Azizabad.

June 27: MQM quits government.

Aug 20: Veteran politician Nawabzadah Nasrullah Khan announces formation of National Democratic Alliance.

Aug 26: PM Nawaz Sharif inaugurates Quaid-i-Azam International Airport in Karachi.

Oct 2: Nelson Mandela reaches Pakistan.

Oct 17: Indian army kills 2 Pakistani tourists, Intikhab Ahmed Zia and Habibullah, claiming they were terrorists.


1992 Abroad

Jan 1: Washington-Moscow pact cuts off all military assistance to US and Russian allies in the Afghan conflict.

Jan 11: Algerian President Chadli Ben Jedid resigns.

Feb 2: Russian President Boris Yeltsin and US president George Bush sign historic Camp David agreement and declare friendship.

Feb 10: Algeria bans Islamic Salvation Front.

March 14: 2000 die in Turkish earthquake.

April 4: First Pakistani plane lands at Kabul airport after 13 years.

April 8: PLO chief Yasser Arafat survives emergency landing in Southern Lebanon.


April 28: Prof Sibghatullah Mujaddedi takes over as the new President of Afghanistan.

May 18: 300 die in Muslim-Christian clashes in Nigeria.

June 20: Czechoslovakia agrees to peaceful split of 74-year-old republic into two independent states.

Sept 28:  167 people on board the PIA Airbus die when it crashes shortly before landing at Kathmandu in Nepal.

Oct 9: 2 Sikh militants convicted for killing former Indian Army chief Arun Viyda hanged in Amritsar.

Oct 25: Japanese Emperor Hirohito visits China and apologises for massacre of tens of thousands of Chinese in 1937 when Japanese forces captured Nanking province.

Nov 3: Bill Clinton elected as 42nd President of the United States of America.

Nov 29: Hindus gather at Ayodhya to build temple on Babri Mosque site.

Dec 7: Cricket Match between India and Bangladesh cancelled when crowd attacked Dhaka Stadium.


1993 HOME

Jan 12: General Abdul Waheed Kakar becomes new army chief.

April 18: President Ghulam Ishaq Khan dissolves National Assembly and appoints Balkh Sher Mazari as caretaker Prime Minister.

May 26: The Supreme Court reinstates Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister.

June 5: 24 Pakistan soldiers in UN contingent in Somalia are killed in Mogadishu.

July 17: Both President Ishaq Khan and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif agree to step down following army intervention.

July 18: Moeen Qureshi sworn in as caretaker Prime Minister and Wasim Sajjad as acting president. Ishaq announces elections to be held in October.

Sept 18: Nusrat Bhutto launches election campaign for absent son Mir Murtaza Bhutto.

Sept 29: Former Punjab chief minister, Ghulam Haider Wyne is assassinated.

October 6: Voters go to polls.

October 19: Benazir Bhutto sworn in as Prime Minister.

Nov 4: Mir Murtaza Bhutto arrives in Karachi.

Nov 13: Farooq Leghari elected President by 274 votes against Wasim Sajjad's 168.

Dec 19: Asif Zardari acquitted in the Unnar case.


1993 Abroad

Jan 1: First face-to-face talks between Bosnian Muslims, Croats and Serbs open in Geneva.

Jan 1: Prof Burhanuddin Rabbani sworn in as President of Afghanistan.

Jan 20: Bill Clinton sworn in as the 42nd President of the US.

March 12: Series of bombs go off in Bombay killing 200 people.

May 28: Cambodians vote in UN supervised elections.

Sep 9: Israel and PLO sign agreement recognising both Israel's right to exist as a state and PLO as representative of the Palestinian people.

Sep 13: Israel and PLO sign accord in Washington for autonomy to Palestinians.

Nov 18: Both white and black South African leaders approve democratic constitution to give blacks the vote and end white minority rule.


1994 HOME

Jan 16: France offers Pakistan Mirage 2000-5 aircraft and submarines on deferred payments. 

Feb 3: US declares the Pressler Amendment to remain part of new Foreign Assistance Act. Pakistan suffers major diplomatic setback.

April 21: Supreme Court orders restoration of Sabir Shah Government in the NWFP.

April 28: Pakistan recognises South Africa.

June 5: Justice Sajjad Ali Shah takes oath as the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

June 9: MQM leaders, including Altaf Hussain, Salim Shehzad and others sentenced to 27 years RI in the Major Kaleem kidnapping case.

Sept 21: Pakistan decides to purchase three Agosta 90B submarines from France for 950 million dollars.


Oct 4: US announces continuation of sanctions imposed on Pakistan in August 1993 for allegedly buying M-11 missiles from China.

Oct 18: Army moves into Karachi after 13 people die in sectarian violence.

Nov 3: Chief Minister NWFP, Aftab Khan Sherpao, announces enforcement of Shariat in Malakand Division.

Nov 4: Pakistan and France sign 710 million-dollar deal for communication satellite and railway system in Karachi.

Nov 5: Taliban emerge in Afghanistan; capture Kandhar and release Pakistani caravan carrying goods and medicines to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

Nov 16: Government releases Mian Mohammad Sharif on parole.

Nov 22: Senator Shujaat Hussain arrested on fraud charges.


1994 Abroad

Jan 14: Russian and US sign deal on co-operation in nuclear field and other security issues.

Jan 26: Prince Charles escapes attack in Sydney, Australia.

Feb 19: India tests surface-to-surface Agni missile successfully.

Feb 25: Jewish settler massacres 63 Palestinians and injures 300 while they offer Fajr prayers at Al-Khalil.

Feb 28: NATO shoots down 4 Serbian planes flying over Bosnia.

Sept 1:  Morocco establishes diplomatic relations with Israel.

Sept 22: Hundreds die in Indian plague while thousands are hospitalised.

Oct 16: Chancellor Helmut Kohl's Christian Democratic Union scrapes through to victory in Germany's general election.

Oct 23: Sri Lankan presidential candidate Gamini Dissanayake and 5 others die in bomb blast at campaign rally near Colombo.

Dec 9: 310 perish as fire sweeps through a cinema in China.

Dec 10. Russia bombs Chechen capital.


1995 HOME

March 15: Mir Murtaza Bhutto becomes head of his faction of the People's Party.

April 26: ICRC report claims about 100,000 people have been killed in Rwandan civil strife.

April 27: Israel and PLO sign landmark economic accord.

May 2: Nelson Mandela wins South Africa's all race election.

June 4: India tests medium range Prithvi missile.

July 26: Powerful bomb explodes outside Israeli Embassy in London injuring 15 people and causing massive damage.

May 11: Sacred Charar Sharif shrine is gutted during shootout between Islamic militants and Indian troops in Occupied Kashmir.

Sept 6: Thousands of Afghans storm Pakistan's embassy in Kabul, slaying one official.

Nov 19: Suicide bomber destroys Egyptian embassy in Islamabad, killing 14 and wounding over 59.

Dec 19. President appoints Jehangir Karamat as Chief of Army Staff to succeed General Abdul Waheed Kakar.

Dec 21: 40 people die and over 140 are wounded when bomb rocks Peshawar.


1995 Abroad

Jan 17: Devastating earthquake in the Japanese city of Kobe claims 6,430 lives.

Jan 18. Cave discovered with 300 stone-age paintings of animals, apparently untouched for some 20,000 years discovered in France.

March 25: Algerian troops slay 300 Muslim militants in the deadliest ambush in three years of conflict.

April 19: Bomb blast in Oklahoma City leaves 90 people dead.

May 17: Conservative Jacques Chirac  sworn in as French president and takes over from Socialist Mitterrand, who served a record 14 years.

July 4: John Major is re-elected leader of the ruling Conservative Party and remains Prime Minister of Britain.

July 10: Burmese dissident leader Aung San Suu Kyi is released from house arrest after 6 years.

Aug 20: At least 275 people are killed in northern India when a passenger express rams into a stationary train.

Sept 12: Sher Bahadur Deuba sworn in as Nepal Prime Minister.

Oct 1: US court convicts Sheikh Omar of Egypt and 9 others of plotting to blow up UN headquarters, kill President Hosni Mubarak and bomb vital highway tunnels in New York.

Oct 2: France carries out nuclear test in South Pacific.

Oct 11: Bosnian government signs ceasefire accord with Serbs.

Nov 4: Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin assassinated by extremist Jew at a rally in Tel Aviv. Foreign Minister Shimon Peres is named acting premier.

Dec 20: NATO takes over Bosnian peacekeeping mission from UN. It is the biggest military operation in its 50-year-history.


1996 HOME

Jan 16: India decides to deploy Prithvi missiles on border with Pakistan.

April 25: Ex-cricketer Imran Khan launches new political party.

November 5: President Farooq Leghari dissolves National Assembly

Nov 18: Accountability Ordinance promulgated.


1996 Abroad

JAN 1: King Fahad of Saudi Arabia hands over power to Crown Prince Abdullah.

Jan 21: Yasser Arafat scores landslide victory in presidential elections.

Jan 27: India tests long-range Prithvi missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

May 16: Vajpayee sworn in as Indian Prime Minister.

Jun 23: Sheikh Hasina Wajed sworn in as Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

Aug 6: Scientists find evidence of possible life on Mars.

Sept 27: Taliban capture Kabul and hang former President Najibullah and his brother in public.

Nov 4: Bill Clinton re-elected US President.

Dec 15: Security Council agrees to appoint Ghana's Kofi Annan as new UN Secretary General.


1997 HOME

Jan 8: Sita White files paternity suit against Imran Khan.

Jan 30: SC upholds dissolution of the National Assembly.

Feb 18: Nawaz Sharif sworn in as Prime Minister.

April 1: NA unanimously adopts 13th constitutional amendment.

April 24: Navy Chief Admiral Mansoorul Haq quits on allegation of corruption.

June 18: Mir Aimal Kansi, wanted for killing 2 CIA officers, is arrested in Dera Ghazi Khan and flown to US.

Nov 11: Aimal Kansi sentenced to life for 1993 murder of CIA employee.

Dec 2: President Leghari steps down. Wasim Sajjad becomes acting president.


1997 Abroad

Feb 13: China executes 100 Muslims after summary trials in Xinjiang.

April 21: I. K Gujral takes oath as 12th Indian PM.

May 24: Khatami elected Iranian president.

May 26: Saudi Arabia recognises Taliban government.

June 30: Hong Kong becomes part of China again.

July 17: R. K. Narayan elected Indian President.


1998 HOME

Jan 1: Justice (retired) Rafiq Tarar takes oath as ninth President of Pakistan.

March 4: 500 drowned and 3000 houses destroyed in Balochistan flood.

April 9: Pakistan test fires 150-km range surface-to-surface missile.

May 28: Pakistan holds 5 nuclear tests in response to India's and becomes nuclear power. Emergency declared. Government freezes foreign currency accounts.

July 23: British govt hands over Surrey Palace documents to Pakistan.


Aug 11: 2500 million ton gold and copper reserves found in Chaghi, Balochistan.

Sept 10: Two C-130 aircraft collide at Chaklala Air Base. 5 air force officers die.

Oct 5: Army chief Jehangir Karamat proposes formation of National Security Council.

Oct 7: PM Nawaz Sharif forces Karamat to resign. Pervez Musharraf becomes COAS.

Oct 9: National Assembly passes Shariat Bill (15th amendment)

Nov 19: Nawaz Sharif inaugurates Karachi-Hyderabad Motoraway (M-9).


1998 Abroad

Jan 3: 412 civilians slaughtered by unidentified attackers in West Algeria.

Jan 6: 100 people die when two trains collide in dense fog in Northern India.

Feb 6: Earthquake claims 4000 lives in Northern Afghanistan.

Feb 16: 202 people die when Taiwan passenger aircraft crashes.

March 15: Atal Behari Vajpayee nominated as prime Minister of India.

May 31: 5000 die in Afghan earthquake.

Aug 8: Taliban capture Mazar Sharif and massacre ethnic Hazaras in thousands.

Aug 20: US launch cruise missile attack on Afghanistan.

Sept 1: India tests Aakash missile.

Sept 2: 229 passengers die when Swiss plane crashes in the sea.

Sept 19: 220 die in Philippines shipwreck.

Dec 11: 102 passengers of Thai Air lines killed when plane crashes near Sura Thani airport.

Dec 12: US House body votes to impeach president Clinton.

Dec 14: Clinton endorses Palestinian State.

Dec 18: US bombs Iraqi oil refinery, radio and television stations.


1999 HOME

Feb 1 Supreme Court orders release of newsprint to Jang group.

Feb 17: Supreme Court declares military courts illegal.

Feb 29: Indian PM Vajpayee arrives in Lahore by bus.

May 20: India and Pakistan ex-change heavy fire in Kargil.

July 4: Prime Minister Sharif agrees to pull out from Kargil during meeting with Clinton.

Oct 12: Musharraf dismisses Nawaz Sharif government.

Dec: Javed Iqbal, accused of sexually assaulting and killing 100 children, is arrested.


1999 Abroad

Jan 22: Hundreds killed in ChristianMuslim clashes in Indonesia.

Feb 12: US Senate acquits President Clinton in Monica case.

Aug 2: 500 die and over 1000 wounded as two trains collide in India.

Sept 21: Taiwan earthquake claims over 1800 lives.

Sept 27: Hosni Mubarak elected Egyptian president for fourth time.

Oct 20: Abdur Rehman Wahid becomes Indonesian president.

Oct 30: Over 1000 die as storm lashes India's coastal towns.

Dec 22: Chandarika Kumaratunga becomes Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.


2000 HOME

Jan 19: Nawaz Sharif and other accused indicted in plane case.

Feb 7: Pakistan test fires Hatf-I missile.

April 6: ATC awards life imprisonment to Nawaz Sharif in PIA hajacking case.

May 17: Nazir Sabir becomes the first Pakistani to conquer Mount Everest.

Sept 20: Sherpao gets 3-year imprisonment by NAB reference.

Dec 13: Nawaz Sharif and family exiled to Saudi Arabia.

Dec 20: Pakistan announces pullout of a part of troops from line of control.


2000 Abroad

Jan 1: Y2K bug fails to bite.

Jun 26: Scientists unveil first draft of 'The Book of Life' after successfully mapping human genome system.

Aug 15: Russia's nuclear submarine sinks, killing 118 onboard.

Aug 25: India test fires Trishul missile.

Oct: US shuts down embassies in Arab world.

Oct 13: South Korean president Kim Dae Jung wins Nobel Peace Prize.

Dec 9: Isreali PM Ehud Barak resigns.

Dec 14: Gore concedes defeat; Bush promises to unite Americans.

Dec 22: Kashmiri militants attack Red Fort, killing 3.

Dec 22: Madonna marries British film director Guy Ritchie.


2001 HOME

Jan 21: Pakistan and India decide to extend bi-weekly Samjhota Express service for 3 years.

Jan 26: 5 killed and 108 inured in lower Sindh as aftershocks from Gujarat earthquake are felt in Pakistan.


2001 Abroad

Jan 18: UN sanctions on Taliban-ruled Afghanistan begin.

Jan 20: George W bush sworn in as 43rd US President.

Sep 11: World Trade Centre (WTC), New York destroyed in a terrorist attack.


2002 HOME

Jan 23: Armed militants kidnapped Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in Karachi, Pakistan.

May 8: A car bomb exploded near a Pakistani navy shuttle bus in Karachi, killing 12 persons and wounding 19 French nationals.

Jun 14: A car bomb exploded near the U.S. Consulate and the Marriott Hotel in Karachi.


2002 Abroad

Jan 22: Armed militants on motorcycles fired at the U S Consulate in Calcutta, India, killing 5 Indian security personnel and wounding 13 others.

Mar 27: A suicide bombing in a noted restaurant in Netanya, Israel, killed 22 persons and wounded 140.

Apr 11: A suicide bomber detonated a truck loaded with propane gas outside a historic synagogue in Djerba, Tunisia,  killing 16.

May 9:  A remote-controlled bomb exploded near a May Day parade in Kaspiisk, Dagestan, killing 42 persons and wounding 150.

July 17: Two suicide bombers attacked the old bus station in Tel Aviv, Israel, killing 5 persons and wounding 38.

Aug 5: Gunmen attacked a Christian school attended by children of missionaries from around the world.

Oct 12: A car bomb exploded outside the Sari Club Discotheque in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, killing 202 persons and wounding 300 more.

Oct 23: Fifty Chechen rebels led by Movsar Barayev seized the Palace of Culture Theater in Moscow, Russia, to demand an end to the war in Chechnya.

Dec 27: A suicide bomb attack destroyed the offices of the pro-Russian Chechen government in Grozny and killed over 80 people and wounded 210.


2003 HOME

Jan 8: Ghauri missile handed over to Pak Army.

Jan 21: Gas pipeline near Sui was blown up.

Jan 25: Pakistan's first ever communication satellite Paksat-I was launched by the President.

Feb 20: Air Chief Mushaf Ali Mir, his wife and 15 other were killed in an air crash.

Mar 1: Khalid Sheikh, suspected mastermind behind the 9/11 attack in the USA, was arrested in Rawalpindi.

Mar 6: Shaheen-I missile was handed over to Pak Army.

Mar 19: Air Marshal Kaleem Saadat was appointed the new Chief of Air Staff.

Mar 26: Pakistan and India test-fired Abdali and Prithvi missiles respectively

May 20: Commonwealth kept Pakistan's membership suspended.

June 27: Shahbaz Sharif's family put under house arrest.

July 21: Syed Sharifuddin Pirzada disclosed that Fatima Jinnah was assassinated.

July 26: ARD boycotted talks on LFO.

Aug 21: Heavy operation spillage from Tasman Spirit.

Nov 18: A major operation was initiated against tribes in South Waziristan, dozens including 3 chiefs were arrested.

Dec 25: Two suicide truck bombers killed 14 persons as President Musharraf's motorcade passed through Rawalpindi, Pakistan.


2003 Abroad

Jan 10: North Korea withdrew from NPT.

Feb 1: Space shuttle Columbia broke apart into flames over Texas, killing all seven astronauts.

Feb 13: Russia, India signed $400 million nuclear fuel deal.

Feb 19: 302 killed in Iran plane crash.

Feb 21: 85 died, 150 injured in US night-club fire.

Feb 25: North Korea fired missile into Sea of Japan.

Mar 16: Bush set 17th March deadline for diplomacy over Iraq.

Mar 20: US-led forces entered Iraq, cruise missile attack on Iraq.


Apr 3: US forces seized Baghdad airport.

Apr 24: US detained Tareq Aziz, former deputy PM in Saddam Hussein's toppled Iraqi regime.

May 8: Vajpayee rejected Pakistan's nuclear disarmament call.

May 11: US dissolved Iraq's Baath Party. India conducted second test of Astra missile.

May 13: 29 killed in Riyadh suicide bombings.

May 22: 1,092 people killed in Algerian quake.

May 29: India test-fired multi-target Aakash missile.

June 24: US President announced a 3-billion dollar aid package for Pakistan.

Jun 25: India test-fired Trishul missile.

July 8: Iranian twin sisters died as surgery ended in tragedy and 116 perished in Sudanese plane crash.

July 22: Saddam's sons Uday, Qusay were killed in Mosul raid.

July 30:  Bush accepted responsibility for flawed intelligence in Iraq's nuclear aspirations.

Sep 3: JF-17 was successfully tested in China.

First post-Saddam Iraqi cabinet sworn in.

Sep 4: France and Germany rejected new US resolution on Iraq.

Dec 3: USA warned Iran, Syria, Libya, North Korea and Cuba of their corrupt activities.

Dec 14: Saddam Hussein captured in Tikrit.

Dec 26: More than 20,000 people were killed in earthquake in Iranian city Bam.


2004 HOME

Jan 1: PIA operates first flight to Delhi.

Jan 4: SAARC summit starts in Islamabad.

Jan 8: Army launches operation against Al-Qaeda in Wana.

Feb 2: Dr Qadeer admits to N-proliferation.

Feb 21: Hatf-III missile handed over to Army.

Feb 23:  24 rocket fired at Sui gas field.

Mar 9: Pakistan tests Shaheen-II successfully. Geo TV website launched.

Mar 10: India begins historic cricket tour to Pakistan.

Mar 11: Geo TV transmission begins in USA.

May 4: Pakistan-China deal for Chashma-2 signed.

June 16: Bob Woolmer replaces Miandad as Pak Team coach.

June 19: Pak India kick off nuclear talks, sign agreement to improve border situation.

June 22: Imran, Jemima end nine-year marriage.

June 23: Schoolgirl set to become first Pakistani Olympic pool.

June 30: Shujaat sworn in as prime minister.

PIA celebrates 50th anniversary.

July 6: Gas pipeline explodes at Ouch Sharif.

Aug 18: Shaukat Aziz wins Tharparkar, Attock NA seats.

Sep 5: Mahathir visits Pakistan

Sep 16: CNN launches Young Journalists Award in Pakistan.

Oct 4: Sohail equals world record for international goals in hockey.

Oct 12: Pakistan tests N-capable missile.

Oct 26: NA approves death for Karo-Kari.

Nov 29: N-capable Ghaznavi missile test-fried.

Nov 30: Tasman oil spill affected 300,00 Karachiites.


2004 Abroad

Jan 3: 148 perish in Egyptian plane crash.

Jan 6: Australian captain Steve Waugh retires from International cricket.

Jan 13: Asia confronts bird flu crisis, three dead confirmed in Vietnam.

Jan 25: NASA's second rover lands on Mars.

Feb 1: 244 pilgrims die in Mina Stampede.

Feb 11: Scientist clones 30 human embryos.

Feb 16: Distant galaxy observed through Hubble.

Feb 17: New form of mad cow disease discovered.

Feb 23: 64-year-old Indian woman delivers test tube baby.

Feb 24: 447 killed in Morocco quake.

Feb 26: Fastest stopwatch developed by Austro-Hungarian physicists.

Mar 13: Iran freezes inspections of its N-facilities.


Mar 15: Astronomers discover new (10th) planet in the solar system.

Mar 19: New Delhi tests Pirthvi missile.

Mar 27: UN Inspectors arrive in Iran to inspect N-Sites.

Mar 29: SAF games get off to a colourful start. India test-fires two anti-aircraft Akash missiles.

Apr 1: German state outlaws headscarves for Muslim teachers.

Apr 7: Lara breaks world record and becomes the first batsman to make 400 test runs.

Apr 19: US ends Fallujah siege.

Apr 23: US lifts economic sanctions on Libya.

May 13: Vajpayee quits as Congress routs BJP in Indian elections.

May 21: Venus-Moon encounter dazzles people on Earth.

May 22: Manmohan Singh sworn in as PM of India.

May 24: Over 500 dead in Haiti floods.

May 31: Death toll in Caribbean floods soars past 1700.

June 8: Venus passes between the Earth and the sun after 121.5 years.

June 21: First private space flight returns to Earth.

July 6: Fresh outbreak of bird flu in China. Blair accepts Iraqi WMDs may never be found.

Aug 4: Gibraltar marks 300 years of British rule. South Asia floods claim 1600 lives.

Sri Lankan president steps down as coalition leader.

Aug 29: India tests nuclear capable Agni-II missile.

Sep 3: Over 200 dead as Russian Commander storms school.

Sep 6: 90 dead in China storms.

Sep 9: Top G-8 official discuses nuke tensions with Iran.

Sep 11: Blasts in Jeddah mar 9/11 anniversary.

Sep 19: 650,000 homeless in west Bengal floods.

Sep 20: Afghan vice-president survive bomb attack

Sep 24: Bill Gates remains atop list of richest.

Sep 25: Hurricane Jeanne forced more than 800,000 in Florida to evacuate.

Sep 26: India celebrates 350th anniversary of the Taj Mahal.

Sep 29: Private rocket ship 'Spaceship One' reaches edge of space.

Sep 30: Typhoon Meari lashes Japan, 20 dead, seven missing.

Oct 1: Japan's bullet train marks 40th anniversary.

Oct 2: Anthrax kills 120 hippos in Uganda.

Oct 8: 43 dead, million flee as rain lashes Bangladesh, North-east India.

Oct 9: Strongest typhoon of the decade hits Tokyo.

Oct 10: Indian floods claim 150 lives.

Oct 13: EU gives Sudan two-month deadline over Darfur.

Oct 18: US offers sale of Patriot missile system to India.

Oct 20: Iran conducts new test of Shahab-3 missile.

Oct 31: Iran parliament approves uranium enrichment. 100 Somalis killed in factional fighting.

Nov 3: Bush wins second term. Karzai proclaimed Afghanistan's first elected President.

Nov 6: 37 killed in Samarra car bombings. Eight French soldiers killed by Ivory Coast troops.

Nov 16: Rice new secretary of state as Powell quits.

Nov 30: Philippines storm leaves 306 dead, 150 missing.

Dec 26: Asian tsunami


2005 HOME

Jan 5: Karo-kari law signed by president.

Jan 7: Baglihar talks collapse: Reservations not addressed: Pakistan.

Jan 10: Deletion of sect column in all forms proposed.

Jan 12: FC takes over Sui gas plant- supply across country partially shut: four killed in gun battles- Karachi to remain unaffected.

Jan 28: Underworld don Shoaib dies of heart attack in jail.

Feb 4: KSE crosses 7000 mark.

Feb 5: KESC sold to Saudi group 'Kanooz-al-Watan'.

Feb 12: Common Wealth urges Musharraf to quit one post by 2007.

Feb 18: Provincial Minister Imtiaz Sheikh sacked.

Feb 24: KSE crosses 8000 mark.

Mar 9: Two bills on honour killing tabled in NA.

Mar 14: Benazir, Shahbaz meet in London.

Mar 18: Fierce clashes in Dera Bugti.

Mar 20: Hatf VI missile test fired.

Apr 1: Ballistic missile 'Abdali' Hatf II, test fired.

Apr 6: New jet JF-17 Thunder aircraft unveiled.

Apr 9: Pakistan to build more N-plants-Ground-breaking of Chashma-2.

Apr 16: Pakistan-India summit - Musharraf arrives in India.

May 5: Al Qaeda's one of the top 3 men Abu Faraj Al Libbi arrested.

May 17: NA adopts PEMRA bill.

May 23: US copter attack in Waziristan kills five.

May 24: Market suffers $1.4bn loss: SECP, KSE in a state of tussle.

May 28: Suicide blast at Bari Imam shrine; 20 killed.

May 31: BJP chief Advani arrives in Pakistan.

June 1: Rs 16.3bn released for Gwadar port project.

June 3: APHC leaders arrive in AJK.

June 17: US invites Mukhtaran Mai.

July 15: NWFP PA passes Hasba bill.

July 16: Army, FBI launch probe in tribal area.

July 19: Taliban leader Maulvi Abdul Kabir held in Peshawar.

July 25: Experts from Pakistan visit Baglihar.

July 28: Accused in Daniel Pearl murder case Mohammad Hashim Qadeer arrested.

July 31: US allows shipment of F-16s to Pakistan.

Aug 13: State Bank issues Rs 20 note.

Aug 14: Pakistan test-fires Babur missile.

Aug 17: President issues Madressah Registration Ordinance.

Aug 21: Army man hanged for murderous attempt on Musharraf.

Sep 5: 350 fighter planes take part in PAF's largest ever exercise.

Sep 20: Benazir appears before Swiss court.

Oct 8: Devastating quake kills thousands in AJK and NWFP.

Oct 30: $2.6bn PTCL deal collapses.

Nov 1: Pakistan receives first of six C-130s from US.

Nov 4: Mukhtaran receives award in US.

Nov 30: Gorbachev confers Tolerance award on Benazir.

Dec 4: Dr Shamshad named first SBP woman governor.

Dec 12: Accord on ferry service finalised between India and Pakistan.

Dec 21: US vice president Dick Cheney visits Pakistan.

Dec 21: Deal reached with Etisalat on PTCL.


2005 Abroad            

Jan 6: Makgatho Mandela, the only surviving son of former South African president Nelson Mandela, dies of Aids in Johannesburg.

Jan 9: PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas wins the Palestinian presidential election.

Feb 10: Prince Charles announces his impending marriage to Camilla Parker Bowles.

Feb 19: Egypt and Jordan announce return of their ambassadors to Israel.

Feb 22: A powerful earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale hits Iran.

Mar 18: Dr Amina Wadood becomes the first Muslim woman to lead prayer.

Mar 28: A massive 8.7 magnitude earthquake hits Indonesia's Sumatra island killing 1300 people.

Apr 2: Dozens of insurgents mount a sustained attack on Abu Gharaib prison outside Baghdad.

Apr 14: Amitabh Bachchan appointed UNICEF International Goodwill Ambassador.


Apr 24: Pope Benedict XVI is installed as leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

Jun 13: Michael Jackson acquitted in sex-abuse trial.

Jun 16: Donald Tsang is declared Hong Kong's new leader.

July 29: 36,000 Rwandan prisoners are released, the majority of whom have confessed to taking part in the country's 1994 genocide.

Aug 17: Over 350 small bombs go off simultaneously in Bangladesh at different places.

Aug 30: Hundreds of people are killed as

Hurricane Katrina lashes the US Gulf coast.

Aug 31: More than 950 Iraqi Shias die in a stampede over a Baghdad bridge

Sep 5: Over 140 people are killed in airliner crash in Indonesia.

Sep 7: Hosni Mubarak wins a fifth six-year term in the Egyptian presidential elections

Sep 11: Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's Liberal Democratic Party wins a landslide victory in parliamentary elections.

Sep 12: After 38 years of occupation, Israel completes its withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

Sep 12: Disney Corporation inaugurates its first theme park in Asia, Hong Kong.

Oct 1: Three bomb blasts rip through Bali, Indonesia, killing more than 26 people and wounding 122 others.

Oct 3: India successfully test fires 700km range surface-to-air missile Akash in Orissa.

Oct 7: The 2005 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Mohammad El Baradei of IAEA.

Oct 11: Irish writer John Banville wins the Man Booker Prize 2005, one of the literary world's most prestigious awards.

Oct 19: Former Iraqi president Saddam Hussain goes on trial for the murder of 148 Shia men in Dujali in 1982.

Oct 21: Hurricane Wilma, a category four storm, strikes the Gulf of Mexico.

Oct 25: The number of US soldiers killed in the Iraq war hits 2000 mark.

Oct 26: Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad causes uproar among the international community by calling for Israel to be "wiped off the map".

Oct 29: Three bombs detonate in New Delhi, killing at least 61 people and injuring 188 others.

Nov 9: At least 51 people are killed and 130 others injured when three hotels are bombed in Jordan.

Nov 16: US admits to using white phosphorous as an incendiary weapon in Fallujah.

Nov 19: Sri Lanka's fifth president Mahinda Rajapakse sworn in after securing 50.29 per cent of the vote.

Nov 21: Jalal Talabani arrives in Iran, becoming the first Iraqi president to visit the country since the late 1960s.

Nov 22: Angela Merkel becomes Germany's youngest and first female post-war chancellor.

Nov 22: Japan announces to have a military nearly six decades after the US stripped the nation of the right to maintain armed forces.

Nov 24: For the first time in history, government decides to evacuate people due to climate change in Papua New Guinea.

Nov 26: Brian Lara creates a new record for scoring the highest number of runs in Test matches.

Nov 26: A shallow earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale hits the tourist area of Jiujiang, China, killing at least 14 people.

Nov 27: Myanmar's military junta extends the detention period of Aung San Suu Kyi.

Nov 30: French doctors perform the world's first partial face transplant.


2006 HOME

Jan 1: Pakistan and India exchange lists of their nuclear facilities.

Jan 2: APHC Chairman Mirwaiz Omar Farooq, along with other members, arrives in Pakistan for a 6-day visit.

Jan 20: Lahore and Amritsar bus service launched.

Feb 13: Khalida Zia arrives in Islamabad for a 3-day visit.

Feb 18: Thar Express is launched.

Feb 19: Pakistan test fires Abdali missile.

Mar 3: Bush arrives in Islamabad. Country wide strike against the blasphemous cartoons.


2006 Abroad

Jan 5: Ariel Sharon suffers a massive brain haemorrhage.

Jan 26: Hamas scores stunning victory in the Palestine elections.

Feb 3: Muslims protest worldwide over the blasphemous caricatures.

Feb 6: India pulls 5000 troops out of held


Mar 12: South Africa scores the highest score, of 438 runs, in the history of ODIs.