June 99

Indian forces have unleashed attacks in Kashmir to eliminate freedom fighters;
Pakistani forces have been placed on full alert.
How do you view the events? And what could be the consequences?


  1. We should try to solve the problem diplomatically. If diplomacy fails, the result is apparently war and it seems inevitable. Pakistan and India will both lose economically and west will be happy in seeing them go down. No doubt Kashmir is a significant issue and Indian forces are committing atrocities, killing and suppressing innocent people. It was a great tragedy that the British intentionally created a conflict so that both countries fight and continue to fight for years to come thus hampering their own growth. But we should think rather than fight. India and Pakistan should understand that it would be their loss if they can't solve this problem mutually; both have to compromise to settle this issue.

    Sarwat Ali

  2. I don't understand why we Indians don't understand the problem? Why do we want to hold Kashmir when the people don't want to be with us. Being a civilian I don't understand that if the people in Kashmir are with us then how come we need 600,000 soldiers to combat Pakistan army. The basis on which sub-continent was divided was simple: Muslim majority areas become Pakistan and Hindu majority areas become India. Based on that we should honour our commitment.

    Ganesh Patel

  3. India claims to be the world's largest democracy but its actions in Kashmir speak otherwise. If intervention is justified in Kuwait and Kosovo, it is far more justified in Kashmir. Indians must realise that they are fighting a losing battle in Kashmir against a popular resistance. India is in a no-win situation in Kashmir. Let the Kashmiri people decide their destiny through a free and fair UN sponsored plebiscite. Oppressors are always defeated, so shall India. Freedom for all, freedom for Kashmir.

    Masood Hassan Raja

  4. I think Kashmir should be demilitarised by both India and Pakistan. So far there has been no development in Kashmir. Kashmir can become a real tourist paradise, for both countries. Both countries can earn millions of dollars in tourism, money which will help beautify Kashmir. Since both India and Pakistan are financially bankrupt, and both have nukes, it will be a suicide for both countries, putting millions of innocent people on line. War kills; and we need to learn lessons from Iraq: the country is in shambles, does the west care? No. I think, there should be an immediate stop in hostilities by both parties. Both nations should work towards long term peace.


  5. Being and Indian always I prefer peace in sub continent. I am not against any religion. I have good Muslim friends. The issue at LoC should be solved in a peaceful way. If a citizen crosses the border of any country he is treated as intruder: how come you are mentioning them as freedom fighters? Freedom fighters are the ones who fight in their country not across the border in another country. If this is not clear then the consequences are going to be very serious. So please avoid war.


  6. Pakistan should understand that both countries started the race together on 15-8-47. Pakistan was in fact better placed than India; most fertile part of Punjab and Sindh was with it. Today India is far ahead of Pakistan in every field of life. Pakistan could not even remain a democratic state. India manufactures everything from a needle to a satellite, whereas Pakistan has to import almost everything. Even the missiles tested were actually imported from Korea, though Pakistan boasted to have produced them in Pakistan. If there is war today Indian economy shall get a boost but Pakistan will go bankrupt (if it is not already). Pakistan should not try to compare itself with India as it is proving very costly for Pakistan to keep pace with India. If a number of Muslims residing in J&K decide whether Kashmir should go to Pakistan or remain in India, then India can claim whole of Pakistan as more Muslims reside in India than they do in Pakistan. Indian nation was not created on the basis of religion and can not be broken on the basis of religion. Last, it is easy to beat Pakistan in game of cricket and easier in game of war!

    Prasad Honap

  7. Pakistan should respond to Indian attacks on Kashmir by bombing India.


  8. Almost one billion people are affected by the situation in Kashmir: 1/5 of all humanity, and many of them below the poverty line. I think it’s about time the two nations tried to bring an end to this issue and started the process of healing. I for one am sick and tired of people being killed in the name of religion, ethnicity, land and language. We should learn from history. Even though the European have had their differences, and over the past centuries gone through several wars, they have finally realised that by uniting, they can become a force. I think Pakistan and India have been through wars already, and hope that in my lifetime they come together. When i think about Kashmir, only one solution comes to mind: I think both India and Pakistan should declare their respective Kashmiri region an administrative area and let the area become a semi-autonomous region. They should erase the LoC. I think India cannot allow Kashmir to secede since it will set a negative precedence in a country that is made of such diverse demographics. While Pakistan has an obligation to help out the Kashmiris and is doing exactly the same which India had done before in the case of Bangladesh. Considering this situation the aforementioned solution seems to be most sufficient. It’s much like the solution just reached in Kosovo. I know hard choices have to be made, but they have to be made when precious lives are at stake. As for calling the Kashmiri freedom fighters terrorist and the US declaring Pakistan a terrorist state, it is ironical. It’s like calling the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) terrorists and the US (so called NATO) a terrorist state.

    Kamran Jabbar

  9. We all are missing the point of these events. If you study history very closely you can watch the trend that whenever Indian and Pakistani politician face internal(domestic) political problems they turn towards Kashmir. In this particular case, I feel the time has been well suited for both the ruling political parties in India and Pakistan. Whenever corruption charges have been slashed on the Pakistani premier he turns towards Kashmir. I firmly believe the problem lay within ourselves. Before pointing fingers at each other we should correct ourselves. I sincerely hope that these politicians will be accountable for their mischief of playing with human lives before Allah.


  10. First of all for those Indian people who are saying that they won't allow any Pakistani to take even an inch of their land, guess what: we have already taken almost half of that land and with the help of our God we will take the other part too. The other thing is that it's not Indian land; but even if it is, then why are Indian troops killing people on their own land? Indians are really cruel. Why don't you leave those innocent Muslims alone and let them live on their own in their beautiful land Kashmir?

    Erum Raja

  11. If ego had not been a question when Mountbatten wanted to be the first Governor General of Pakistan, Kashmir would not have been an issue today. It would have been a part of Pakistan without any dispute. Thousands upon thousands of Muslims would not have been killed during partition. The legacy of ego unfolds. These events were carved in stone when Mountbatten was refused. The event should never have taken place. The consequences are, as usual, grim for all parties concerned.

    Jehangir Shah

  12. The consequences were pretty clear last year, when the Indian army tested its nuclear strength, and in response to that, Pakistan had to show its capability in the same aspect. Time and again India has been creating tension in the region by keeping an aggressive attitude, whether it is towards Kashmir or any other field of life; India has been very possessive. While Pakistan, being a smaller nation, has held itself together and has only responded in an aggressive way when it came to its national security. India started it in Kargil (Kashmir) without estimating that it might create a situation that it itself may not be able to afford at present due to internal unrest of the government. Pakistan on the other hand has had a positive approach to the situation (red alert). It is quite obvious that Pakistan will not fight at present as it is on a defensive stance, but India must get it loud and clear that only for once if this nation went on the path that India is walking on, India will face drastic consequences.

    Raza Ali

  13. "Haske lia Pakistan, lad ke lenge Hindustan" was the theme of every Pakistani speaker at the time of partition. Pakistan has now acquired ultimate destructive weapon atomic bomb and is in an advantageous position inside LoC. For half a century Pakistan has been waiting exactly for this moment. Let its military take the present fight to its logical finish and conquer as much of infidel Indian land as possible. No sacrifice on the part of Pakistan in the name of this Holy Jihad is too much. It will be a shame if Pakistan now turns back from this golden opportunity.

    Moe Irani

  14. This seems to be a ridiculous attempt by Pakistan to draw attention away from the domestic financial crisis. The entire Kashmir issue that Pakistan raises is not logical. India is a secular country. This is quite apparent in various aspects of the entertainment business and various other areas where Muslims excel. They excel because India gives an opportunity to all. This can be seen with famous film stars, cricket, media, government, etc etc. India at large doesn't focus on religion. When the necessity of Pakistan's creation can be questioned from these facts, it is very difficult to see how Kashmir would not excel within India. Once the infiltration of terrorists is dislodged, Kashmir should be able to thrive within India! What holds Kashmir from success is the constant intervention by Pakistan. It can be seen that various areas of India are now thriving because of Indian infrastructure and a highly accomplished technological community. It would be in the best interest of the South Asian region if the current crisis is diffused and maintained that way from now on.


  15. Being an Indian I won't accept infiltrators or terrorists as freedom fighters. If they are really freedom fighters they should fight in a legal way. They should know how India and Pakistan got freedom from British people. Have Indians or Pakistani bhais used guns, missiles, bombs to get freedom? Pakistanis are thinking that Indian troops are killing Muslims. This is not true. Don't we have Muslims in our country? You know how safe are Muslims in Karachi than in India.
    Why can't we put this effort in a constructive way instead of following politicians who try to hoodwink people? Most people know that India is powerful and technically more advanced than Pakistan. India can do anything for Pakistan but I won't like that. We are brothers. Can't you just remember how we both fought against the British? Instead of fighting with each other, we can show the world that we are better than anybody else technically, economically etc.


  16. Gone are the days when Pakistan had to look over its shoulder to see whether India was about to attack it or not. If India launches a full-scale war against Pakistan then Pakistan should launch a full-scale nuclear war. This is the only way that we will deal with the India problem once and for all.

    Dr. Abdul Azim Khan Jalundri

  17. Do not put up a loaded question and force people to take sides based on their nationalities. Look at the issue from a broader perspective. In my opinion Pakistan should spend its energy in the uplift of its own people: Education, food production, industries, other basic necessities etc. It should not waste its resources on anti-India campaigns. If U.S and Canada can live as peaceful neighbours (let me remind you that the British army used to rule Canada before George Washington defeated it in American war of Independence). But the two sides did not allow hatred to come in the way of future relations). If two Germanys can merge, why can't India and Pakistan live together peacefully?

    Vijay Sharma

  18. Looking at most of the comments, I find it to be obvious that Pakistanis living abroad would like to see a war, whereas Pakistanis living in Pakistan are more realistic and practical. In case of a war do you think that a billion Indians would just lie down and let the country be divided?


  19. Just like any other forum, Indians are trying to portray that, since India is more powerful economically, militarily etc, Pakistan should not support the freedom fighters and should not interfere in the internal affairs of India? Well I got news for our Indian friends from across the border. Can you answer the following questions honestly?
    Who invaded and captured Siachen Glacier?
    Who has been killing the Muslims of Kashmir for the past 10 years?
    Who supported the separation of East Pakistan?
    Who interfered in Sri Lanka?
    Who took over Bhutan and Sikkim?
    Which country has disputes with all its neighbours?
    And for all the Indian Muslims who are coming on this forum and advising us, all I got to say is that when are you going to wake up and smell the coffee? Lastly, by shooting down the planes Pakistan has given them enough food for thought what to expect this time around.
    Pakistan Zindabad.

    Azhar Hussain

  20. I have gone through many opinions on this issue. Most of them have talked about the facts. Mao-Ze-Dong once said to the USA and by implications to the then Soviet Union, that China is the only country which can survive a nuclear war. On this issue, I think, both countries are unduly over pompous over their newly acquired nuclear prowess which , in case of a war, may not be enough protection for one or the other. So hold it guys!

    Qazi S. Aziz Akhtar
    Houston, USA

  21. Firstly I would like to say that it is really great of The News International to publish opinions for and against the current situation in Kashmir. I noticed many views included were anti-Pakistani, anti-Muslim and frankly jingoistic, all published in a Pakistani newspaper! Debate is always healthy. With regards to my personal opinions on the issue, I think that the answer is very simple indeed, just ask the Kashmiris what they want; allow the Kashmiris to vote and decide their destiny, as per the UN resolutions.

    Shahid Bukhari

  22. I have read the comments the Indians have written here and elsewhere and they all prove that you know nothing about facts. The Indian comments are highly biased against Pakistan and are based on either sheer ignorance or deliberate suppression of facts concerning Kashmir and Pakistan’s internal affairs. The fact of the matter is that India has been in illegal occupation of the major part of Kashmir for 52 years. India flagrantly refuses to implement numerous UN resolutions - to which it itself has been a signatory -for holding a fair and impartial plebiscite in Kashmir.

    If Pakistan has sinned, then what virtue do you find in the stationing of 600,000 Indian troops in Kashmir and in the Hitlerian atrocities committed by them? India has never co-operated in holding the referendum Nehru agreed to in 1948-49 because at every juncture, since then, the relatively small "pro-Indian" vote would be humiliating. You can not accuse Pakistan of sending "infiltrators" into Indian-held Kashmir as how would you explain how infiltrators could cross into Indian-held Kashmir in the presence of more than 600,000 Indian troops. Why has none of you mentioned that Pakistan has advocated the deployment of a neutral observer force to monitor the Line of Control?

    Whatever the Indian claim, however, Kashmir remains a "Territory in Dispute" under international law. The four key points are:
    -India’s creeping annexation of Kashmir was and is illegal,
    -the Kashmiri people have the right to self-determination in a UN-sponsored referendum,
    - the Indians behave in Kashmir as an army of occupation and have forfeited whatever slim claim they have to Kashmir anyway, and
    - most Kashmiris would, in a free vote, choose independence first, Pakistan second and India third.
    The Indians will no doubt continue to claim that Kashmir is an integral State of India just as the French claimed Algeria was a department of France. The iron law of history is that colonial powers eventually withdraw. India should cut its losses now and withdraw with the little left dignity it has left.

    Faiza Khan

  23. When Z.A Bhutto visited the Chinese in the 70's, it is said that Mao advised him that neither Pakistan nor India could win a conventional war. Simply put we must do to the Indians what the Indians did to us in Bangladesh, local insurgency to the point where India considers talks to end the situation. This is something we need to support as true Pakistanis after all the pride of the nation is at stake, and we can not allow bleeding heart liberals to get soft on this approach.

    Nadeem Shah

  24. I am quoting two Hadiths Mubaraka from Sahih Bukhari,
    1) Narrated Abu Huraira:
    Allah's Apostle said, "Allah guarantees to the person who carries out Jihad for His Cause, and nothing compels him to go out but the Jihad in His Cause, and belief in His Words, that He will either admit him to Paradise or return him with reward or the booty he has earned to his residence from where he went out."
    2) Narrated Abu Musa:
    A man came to the Prophet and said, "A man fights for pride and haughtiness another fights for bravery, and another fights for showing off; which of these (cases) is in Allah's Cause?" The Prophet said, "The one who fights that Allah's Word (Islam) should be superior, fights in Allah's Cause." So the order of Jihad is very clear, simply crush India.

    Khurram Shahzad
    Saudi Arabia (A Pakistani)

  25. [47.4] So when you meet in battle those who disbelieve, then smite the necks until when you have overcome them, then make (them) prisoners, and afterwards either set them free as a favor or let them ransom (themselves) until the war terminates. That (shall be so); and if Allah had pleased He would certainly have exacted what is due from them, but that He may try some of you by means of others; and (as for) those who are slain in the way of Allah, He will by no means allow their deeds to perish.

    [22.39] Permission (to fight) is given to those upon whom war is made because they are oppressed, and most surely Allah is well able to assist them;

    [4.104] And be not weak hearted in pursuit of the enemy; if you suffer pain, then surely they (too) suffer pain as you suffer pain, and you hope from Allah what they do not hope; and Allah is Knowing, Wise.

    [8.60] And prepare against them what force you can and horses tied at the frontier, to frighten thereby the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them, whom you do not know (but) Allah knows them; and whatever thing you will spend in Allah's way, it will be paid back to you fully and you shall not be dealt with unjustly.

    [63.4] And when you see them, their persons will please you, and If they speak, you will listen to their speech; (they are) as if they were big pieces of wood clad with garments; they think every cry to be against them. They are the enemy, therefore beware of them; may Allah destroy them, whence are they turned back?

    Dimmy Shah

  26. Having read some of the comments I wish to state a few facts. Kashmir was purchased by the so-called Maharaja for 5 million rupees. His grandson acceded to India when Nehru blackmailed him with the connivance of Mountbatten. Nehru conceded to the Kashmiris and the world, that he would honour the opinions of the Kashmiris. The UN passed a resolution that a plebiscite will be held to decide the fate of Kashmir. The argument used by the Indians that it has held elections in Kashmir, and that this amounts to plebiscite, is too naive to fool anybody. India claims to be the biggest democracy, then why is it negating the right of the Kashmiris? The very fact that India has more than half a million troops in Kashmir, proves that it is occupying it by force of arms. History has proved that no force can subjugate a nation for long. One of your readers has written that whatever Pakistan has is imported including 'Fatwa''. Some have suggested that in a nuclear war there will be a holocaust. All I have to say is that Allah is the sole authority that has the power to produce and destroy. If it is His Will that destruction is to occur by the new nuclear states then, no force can change it.

    Abdul Hameed Khan

  27. I wonder why Pakistan doesn’t claim all the Muslims living in India? It will make a lot of people happy. Then we can talk Kashmir.


  28. I am a student from Pakistan and try to remain in touch with the political situation in the country by reading this newspaper on the net. I don't usually participate in such exercises but I read some of the comments submitted by people from all over the world. I have been here for a year now and I feel that people have been so accustomed to the biased reports by the Western media that they will believe the worst of all Muslims without insufficient proof. After 28th May 1998 Pakistan has become a strong nation and can defend itself. I think we should now pay particular attention to our international image. We need to educate the rest of the world about Islam and show them the true and unbaised picture of the current situation in the sub-continent. Even the Pakistanis living abroad are out of touch with Pakistan and its politics and may believe the reports shown in the media. Such reports show less truth and are effected by economic and political views. So I think what we need is a campaign to show the world what Islam and Pakistan truly mean.

    Naila Siddique

  29. If Pakistan had not left the job undone in 1965 we would not be seeing this day. Hindu fanatics have never accepted Pakistan and there is no way they will ever live like a peaceful neighbour. Pakistan should therefore strike India with full force and capacity and destroy their imported nuclear structure and teach them a lesson which they cannot forget for centuries. Responding to one of the opinions, Hindus do not have brains to make bombs that is the reason they have got a Muslim doing it for them. If this is not enough an explanation then pick up some history books and find out our capabilities. Anyhow Pakistan should and can only get out of this mess if they follow the slogan of Tipu "It is better to live a day like a Lion than a thousand days like a Jackal".

    Nasim Malik

  30. Pakistan is caught in a cycle:
    1. It's economy is nearly bankrupt from time to time. A stage it revisits every now and then because of the lack of structural reforms.
    2. The state of the Pakistani economy is so because of the following:
    - Heavy military spending (the support of "freedom fighters" comes under this account head.)
    - The expensive lifestyle of the powerful politicians.
    - The lack of reform of the Zamindari aristocracy ... politicians spring from here ... Bhutto, Zardari etc. Unable to initiate widespread social reforms on a grass-root level.
    - These politicians replicate a system of feudalism.
    - Instead of realising Jinnah's dream of a friendly neighbourhood, these feudal lords have festered in the Pakistani masses the following feudal myths viz.
    + India is enemy number one.
    + Indians are basically anti-Pakistani and anti-Islam.
    + India is obsessed about "re-annexing" Pakistan.
    + Bangladesh is the "fault" of India. Mujib was anti-Pakistan and pro-India.
    + That India must be made to "pay" for Bangladesh.
    + That one way to do this is to regain Kashmir.
    + That Kashmiri "freedom fighters" are justified because of the "two nation theory".

    3. The result is:
    + Today Pakistan is faced with the growing clout of the Taliban-like outfits and ideology that is beginning to swamp its institutions and social fabric.
    + That these orthodox/fundamental groups may even begin to swamp its core establishment viz. executive, legislative and defence services is beginning to be visible in the Najam Sethi case, the supreme court fiasco and the Kashmir Kargil situation. Where even the President of the country does not exercise control over the Army and its actions.
    + That these forces have the potential to turn an otherwise moderate, potentially progressive country like Pakistan into a next Afghanistan, is evident every morning when Pakistanis pick up the newspapers.
    So what am I trying to say? Criticising for the heck of criticising? Because being an Indian I love to bait Pakistan? No.
    To set the record straight:
    + No people can easily forget the loss of their land.
    + Indians do not think of partition with fond memory. It was for Indians, as it was for Pakistanis, a torturous acceptance.
    + That does not mean that we don’t accept Pakistan's right to exist, or for Pakistanis to define themselves. So jettison that thought. It is self-defeating.
    + It is a fact that as far as you look behind and for as long as you and I live we will see each other... we are neighbours. There is no escape from the limitations of History, Geography and Culture.
    + Pretending that you are any different from us from August 14, 1947 is futile.
    + Seeking a new Islamic identity manufactured and artificially forged through the Middle East will not be very satisfying either. Because in your daily life the Islam that you practice and that they do in the Gulf is as radically different as my belief as a Hindu with another Hindu's belief in another part of India or elsewhere.
    + By all means pride yourself for being a Pakistani. But would it not be more fruitful if we did so with applications in social and scientific development rather than by building war battalions?


    We know our limitations and we, like every other country, make mistakes but the following things we take for granted:
    + That we are a democracy and we intend to stay so.
    + That we do not believe in the two-nation theory. Hindus and Muslims as others of other faiths and denominations have existed here ... with or without problems, for over a millennia and will coexist.
    + That Kashmir is not to us a burden because it is a Muslim majority state but on the contrary despite the last 10 burning brutal years it has been the best example of secular social fabric anywhere in the subcontinent in the four decades succeeding our independence.
    + That we have never been the aggressors and we never will be.
    + That Pakistan's or any other neighbour territory is not coveted by us. We have enough to defend.
    + That our size is a matter of concern to many... not just our neighbours. But what in all honesty can one expect us to make of it?

    Unlike most Indians I have been able to interact and meet many Pakistanis... young and old. It is difficult to tell where they are from unless they state so explicitly ... mein Karachi ka hoon, ..Sialkot sey etc. And I find it difficult to reconcile the two mutually clashing sentiments that occur in my mind when I hear the word Pakistan. One speaks of perpetual animosity ... another of a reconciled peaceful future. I have my answer too ... we cannot persist this way. There has to be reconciliation. War or no war ... there has to be acceptance on both sides. We must press upon our governments and demand "PEACE" which both owe to the coming generations. And we will make progress... together.

    Shanti Doot

  31. First of all I will ask Indians to stop posing as Pakistanis with a Muslim name (can't even spell it right) should stop that. Second, I think IOK will and must be liberated like the AK. The Soviets invaded Afghanistan and we destroyed the evil forces. India is not a fraction of USSR and it will not be difficult to kick them out of IOK. The question is: do we have the will?


  32. I read all the above postings and noticed that majority of the people have no idea about Kashmir's history. Please go to the UN site and read the UN resolutions. People who were born and raised in India think that Kashmir is part of India and the same is with the people of Pakistan; they think it is part of Pakistan. After reading it decide where Kashmir belongs. The only way it could be solved is to make Kashmir an independent country, or that both India and Pakistan accept the present line of control and live in peace.

    Sudheer Reddy

  33. These opinions come as quite a surprise to me that a lot of Pakistanis don't want war with India. It's good to see that there are a lot of level-headed people in Pakistan. A war with India is a futile effort because there are three possible outcomes and only two probable (nos. 1 & 3) ones –

    1. India wins – in which case all of Pakistan’s efforts in Kashmir are foiled again, till the next war. Judging by the past, this seems to be the most likely outcome.
    2. Pakistan wins – highly unlikely – but if that happens, Pakistan gets at least some parts of Kashmir. Something they’ve wanted for over 50 years for some god-forsaken reason. But was it worth it?
    3. Nuclear war - India has got a size advantage here, and Pakistan being the weaker country might try this as a last resort. Will there be any winners or losers here?
    Kashif Ahmed writes, "This might sound cowardly but I don't think any Pakistani patriot wants us to be at war." Well Kashif I don’t think any patriot wants Pakistan to be at war. Only crazed religious psychopaths do, people who believe killing everyone is all right as long as you do it in the name of Allah. Should we be listening to these people? Wamiq is also correct in saying that the aircraft should not have been shot down (especially as independent reports confirm that it was inside Indian territory when it was shot down). It only serves in escalating the tension and shows that Pakistan is only interested in nothing short of war. And the killing of the pilot shows the worst violations of international norms and barbarism at its worst. Did Pakistan believe by giving a "fitting response" (the favourite phrase of the Pakistani govt.) to India, that India would stop the effort to drive out these terrorists. I am particularly amazed at the fact that these terrorists are called freedom fighters. By so calling these men, who murder the innocent freedom fighters, Pakistan is tainting the sacred title that has been given to the millions of people in India and Pakistan and around the world, who have fought for "real freedom, for peace and justice". How can you call people who go to villages late in the night to round up Hindus and shoot them for being Hindu, freedom fighters? And then Pakistan brings human rights into the picture. Human rights? Has Pakistan ever seen its own human rights records? Muslims are killing Muslims because they belong to different sects. Shiite, Sunni violence rocks Karachi almost everyday. And these same people claim that they are trying to protect the Muslims in Kashmir, what are you trying to protect them from –peace?

    I am particularly tickled by Naveed’s comments: "Undoubtedly, Kashmir is a Muslim-rich state and they want Independence from India." Most Pakistanis seem to think that this is the crux of the matter –that because Kashmir is a Muslim majority state it should be a part of Pakistan not India. Has any Kashmiri told you this? Might I remind you that more Muslims live in India (all over India) than in Pakistan? Muslims in India enjoy as many rights as Hindus. And they have more peace and security here. No Muslim lives in India for fear that someone is going to come and kill him while he is reading the Namaz! Kashmiri people are no different from any other people. They want peace, security and prosperity. And India has provided them with all that. Which is why they are not fleeing to Pakistan and neither are they taking up arms against the government.
    All we are saying is give peace a chance. – John Lennon.

    Anujit Das Gupta

  34. Good job! You destroyed two of the enemy's Migs and no response from the cowards. They then allege Pakistan killed their pilot. Pakistan should have killed the other Hindu pilot and televised it.

    M S Best

  35. They are all not in their senses, because devil is behind them. Whether it’s Pakistan, India or Kashmir. I pray God will open their eyes and let them know the purpose of life. If Jesus will be in their lives they will never fight like that, it’s all done by satan who has captured lot of innocent people. May God open their eyes and fill them with love and peace.


  36. I really appreciate your giving equal exposure to the viewpoints of both sides. In fact, it is heartening to learn that there are peace-loving Human Beings on both sides who want peaceful co-existence. I am a well-travelled Indian who has come across Pakistanis all over the world: we have always met like brothers; felt closer than any we would with people of other race/nationality. Then why must we allow our politicians to manipulate us in such a negative way? It’s high time the two great brothers put behind woes of the past and united to face the challenges of the New World.

    Kanwaldeep Singh

  37. Am I allowed to be judgmental about this issue, since I'm observing from England not within the Sub-Continent where it's all happening? I quite agree with "Ravi from USA". The British ruled the Indian Sub-Continent by the policy of 'Divide and Rule'. If Muslims and Hindus had joined arms together they would have managed to drive the British out by virtue of sheer numbers if not technology. The British aggravated the religious divisions, which may have existed even before they decided to rule the Sub-Continent. And since then this issue has grown worse! Will Muslims and Hindus ever realise this division the British have created between them and will they ever work together to put it right? Neither country is economically stable because each pours more than 60% of its income into the army. The same money could be used to feed the starved of these countries and build schools to educate them so that both India and Pakistan can discard the label of 'Underdeveloped nation'. The British did do a very good job of it then. They made sure that our countries would be too busy fighting each other to pay attention to economic development. They made sure we didn’t have a chance (sigh!).

    Anjum Raza

  38. Muslims the world over (including India) should live under Islamic Rule. Indian Muslims who live in the illusion that it is alright to live under the non-Muslim rule, should re-evaluate their stance under the light of the Quran, the Sunnah and the lives of the 4 Righteous Caliphs. Muslims have become slaves to economic forces and the Western Paradigm -Allah only punishes those whom He judges have gone astray from the True Path. Let this also come as a warning to those greedy Pakistanis who think that they are safe from the Wrath of Allah and InshAllah the day will soon come when only Islamic Rule and Law will govern Muslims. Allah Hu Akbar.

    Naseem Raza
    Azad Kashmir

  39. Stone Age, Middle Age, Modern Age: Where are we now, and if this goes on, where will we be? Use `IT', if you have one and everything will be alright!


  40. India is far more superior than Pakistan. They have indigenous technology both nuclear and conventional, missiles and satellites. Ours is just a borrowed one from China and it can be plugged off and stopped any time by Chinese. China is realising the power and importance of India and is trying to get closer to India now that India can reach China with their missiles and Nuclear Arsenal. Ethnic Indians dominate most of the superpower industries and they are strong technically.
    It's Pakistan which tortures and violates the rights of Mohajirs, Sindhis and other ethnic groups in Pakistan. Kashmiris in India were living a much better life than most of the Pakistanis until Pakistan started sponsoring terrorism in Kashmir. Be friendly with India and leave India and India's Kashmir alone. India can wipe us out completely. It’s a bigger country and most of it will be safe where as we will be totally destroyed.

    Farida Mahamood

  41. Much has been said about the dispute over Kashmir. The current situation might spark many small clashes among the two countries, if not a major war. Well, why don't we accept the fact that both countries are making a big mistake. On Pakistan's part, it is of no use if Pakistan gets hold of Kashmir. If we just imagine what Kashmir is going to give us if we win the war, we will come up with nothing. Kashmir has the biggest industry of tourism and it is not worth having a war and specially if the citizens are dying of hunger and poverty. Leave the emotional factor, as we have plenty of Muslims in India living a good life. If Pakistan is playing a major role in Kashmir it is all due to China's interest in that part. If Pakistan gets hold of Kashmir, China will be happier and more relaxed than when Kashmir is with India. As for India, I would say that India is not fighting a war. India is so much opposed to the independence because it is a big country with many internal problems and independence of Kashmir will ignite more freedom activities in other ethnic communities as well. India is also against the freedom because it holds a strategic importance for the region as it is on the border with China. Why don't we accept the facts that both countries can 't afford this war. In fact, it is not our war. If Pakistan claims that Muslims are in trouble in India, there are 350 million Muslims living in India. If you want freedom for them, get freedom for every one. The bad thing about this issue is that, our politics is being run on creating hatred in the hearts and minds of straight citizens of both countries. The people want no war, they want peace and love. The best solution to this problem is not to go to war but to give the people of Kashmir, the right of independence. The way Pakistan accepted the independence of East Pakistan in 1971, similarly should India follow the same footsteps. It is the only wise and smart decision India is left with because history tells us, you can't keep a nation under your rule if they want independence.

    Arif Karim Khan

  42. The present fighting has made the consolidation of peace, a very necessary agenda between the two nations. The present episode can be related to the 1973 Arab-Israeli War when Egypt launched a major offensive against the Israelis not to recapture territory but to restore its pride. Because it was aware of the peace negotiations that were soon to follow. In the South Asian context, the same seems to be true, but Pakistan restoring its pride and negotiating from a position of strength on Kashmir, is still to be decided in the corridors of power. Nawaz Sharif's proclamations that the calling for peace on the part of Pakistan does not mean that it is weak, seems to set the word right. In my opinion, the present escalation of tensions will lead to a peace agreement between the two nations on Kashmir. But before that there will be some additional fireworks and thrill for the naive masses of both India and Pakistan.

    Farhan Siddiqi

  43. It is really amazing that neighbours are fighting each other. Now the other surprising fact is that there are people (from both nations) who are in the US and other nations who are telling people back home what they should be doing. I sincerely hope the people of Pakistan and India stop fighting and really do something about developing their own mite instead of fighting and paying dollars/pounds etc.. to the Americans, British, French and others for military equipment. See the effect on the West when that happens.. cant we become smart at least now?


  44. We started it again. We are confident but should not underestimate Pakistanis. They are capable of taking over the rest of Kashmir as well. We should be content with what we have and live peacefully otherwise we know that Pakistan has more capability than we have.

    Arvind Kumer

  45. In Hindu mythology any thing which can provide a benefit or harm is a god. Snakes, rats, moon, sun, rivers etc, are all forms of god according to Hindu mythology. After blasting a nuclear device Pakistan has, as a matter of fact, achieved the status of a god for Hindu India. It is impossible to fight a god. I therefore advise Indians not to try it. India will remain intact if Kashmir goes to Pakistan. India will be stronger if the Kashmir problem is solved, otherwise Pakistan which is an injured tiger of 1971 war will eliminate India from the surface of the earth. For Pakistanis I will say that if you are ready to sacrifice as your forefathers were, not only will the Kashmiris be emancipated, but it will also give a boost to Indian Muslims who are living in misery in Hindu India. More than 130 millions of Indian Muslims need another Pakistan or Islamistan. I think the time has come to have one for me and my brothers and sisters living in India.

    Muhammad Riyaz

  46. Under strict international law, the "intrusion" of Pakistan-backed "freedom fighters" and the Indian aircraft flying over Pakistani territory is illegal. There is a thin line between freedom fighting and terrorism. Therefore, the claim by India that they are terrorists and the Pakistani categorisation that they are freedom fighters, cannot simply be dismissed. The inherent right of India to respond to intruders remains with it, and action commensurate with the invasion is not illegal. Similarly, flying over Pakistani territory would inevitably result in an attack, which so occurred. Nevertheless, thinking logically and objectively, both neighbours must show restraint and patience towards each other, given their hostile pasts. The mere assertions by other writers that might is right is simply to be disregarded. It is just the time that both premiers, together with legitimate representatives of both parts of Kashmir should sit and talk. Let us show the West that we can also allow people to bring fruit to their wishes, in so far as they do not breach general principles of civilisation. We must, therefore ask Kashmiris which part, if at all, of the border they wish to be. A referendum, as in Quebec, Scotland, Wales, etc, would seem most appropriate. We also understand that the root cause was implanted during the time British left us "independent". I am a Pakistani now, but the land is Indian, if one looks at history. We are the same race, if we do not act like one, at least we must think like one. I would also disagree with many of my Pakistani brothers who share extremist views; after all, Islam is a religion which preaches peace and brotherhood to neighbours and humanity as a whole. Nuclear capability does not mean that we should start treating each other as enemies forever. Pakistanis must never forget that India has had bad relations with China in the past and it is under great pressure from both sides. Furthermore, Indian political arena, presently more unstable than Pakistan, expects indifference, if not support, from Pakistan. Let us live in peace, as we lived in times of 800 years of Muslim rule. Let us demonstrate to the entire globe that we possess talent, resources, patience, stability, brotherhood, and development. Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Christianity, and Islam, in their orthodox forms, teach tolerance. Let there be peace, please!

    Hizbullah Khan

  47. What India had done in Bangladesh, Pakistan is doing the same to support the Kashmiri militants. This could be an ultimate war between these two countries.

    R. Haq

  48. I am in full support of Mujahideen and Pakistan army's action in the Kargil sector of Kashmir. Kashmir belongs to Pakistan and it must be returned to Pakistan. Recently Indian newspapers said that 33 Indian solders were killed by our Mujahideen but I am very sceptical about Indian government claims of 500 Mujahideen having been killed by Indian forces. I regularly read this newspaper and I have not read any statement by the Pakistan government about the death of our Mujahideen in action in Kashmir. Please inform the people of Pakistan and in particular Azad Kashmir, that more Indians were killed. Inshallah Kashmir will merge with Pakistan very shortly.

    Iqbal Namaksura

  49. I am Muslim, but first and foremost is that I am a very proud Indian. Living in this great secular country, I can only feel sorry for Pakistan that they do not enjoy what we in India enjoy. What is happening in Kashmir is India's internal affair which Pakistan is meddling in. If we had to go to war, the Muslims of India will be the first to volunteer to protect secular and free India.

    Rashid Ali

  50. I think India and Pakistan should make the LoC the International boundary and settle the issue once and for all. We make fools of ourselves in front of the world. Ok, 65 happened, 71 happened, but that is history. Let’s make history by living as brothers as we really are. Jai Hindustan, Jai Pakistan!

    Nikhil Gupta

  51. Everyone seems to be concentrating on the Pakistani and the Indian view of things. The United Nations, decades ago, passed a resolution that there should be a plebiscite for the Kashmiris. This should be the focus of all discussions. This should be implemented. The UN has been very quick to ensure its other resolutions are fully complied with. Any particular reason for turning a blind eye to this one?

    Barrister Asker Husain

  52. I would like to request both the countries to stop this war and do something in the interest of the nations.

    Topiyas Francis

  53. We know the Hindu nation very well as we once lived together with them before Pakistan and now after we are Pakistanis. Hindus must be punished for their actions. Neither Europe nor America can stop them from their foolish thoughts; only the Muslim nation can teach them a lesson. Pakistan should try its best to solve the current problem through dialogues. But it'll not be solved I think in view of previous dialogues with India. If India wants to fight a battle then it’s okay. I think its a good time for Pakistan because India will be punished by Mujahideen within Kashmir while on the borders the Pak Army will never give them any chance to stay for long Insha Allah. If any time India gets any chance to kill Pakistan, she'll never lose it. We've a lesson from 1971. It’s a good time to give India a better reply.

    Sajid Rashid

  54. India has more Muslims than Pakistan and they are happily coexisting with Hindus and they enjoy good equal social status. Take Azar, Javed Aktar, Shabana Azmi. The four Khans: Sharukh, Salman, Aamir, Saifali. And Dilip Kumar, Zakir Hussein to name a few. Pakistan is intolerant towards other religions. Corruption is at peak. Politics is in deep trouble. The infiltrators need to be taught a lesson or else Pakistan would spread this all over the border that it shares with India.

    S. Nayak

  55. It seems to me that some of the extreme opinions expressed by your readers emanate from not knowing the other's point of view or accepting that the other point of view may be rational, albeit one you disagree with. Personally, I feel that Kashmir belongs to the Kashmiris and both India and Pakistan should give up their respective pieces and leave the Kashmiris to it. This way neither India nor Pakistan will lose face, as each can claim the other has given up its land for the sake of peace as itself has....and the Kashmiris get what they want, a united Kashmir.

    Amer Husain

  56. I want to ask those Indians who are saying that Indian forces are so great and powerful, that if they are so powerful why have they been so unsuccessful for the last 11 years to stop the freedom fighters? Remember these freedom fighters broke your father Russia. Can you count its pieces these days? India can't control 10 hundred thousands Kashmiris in Occupied Kashmir. Do you think you guys have the guts to control the whole of Pakistan which has more than 13 crores Mujahid? Indians feel pride in saying that they are the biggest democracy of the world. If that is true, give the Kashmiris the right to choose where they want to live; if they choose India we will not even spit on it.


  57. In my opinion, let both countries concentrate on their economies, health, education and infrastructure, and let Kashmir be free and develop as an independent country on the map of the world. This is Jewish and English people's policy to divide and rule.

    Ashfaq A Memon

  58. Why can't both India and Pakistan co-exist peacefully? Why should the people of Kashmir suffer?
    Both our nations should concentrate on many other important issues like basic education, shelter, food etc. When India/Nepal and Pakistan/Nepal can co-exist peacefully why can't the same hold true for India/Pakistan? God save both the nations!


  59. I have three things to say: 1) Indian and Pakistani people, whether Hindu or Muslim face the same day-to-day challenges of poverty, unemployment, illiteracy...the list of miseries is endless. The only way this can be solved is through strong bonds of friendship between the people. 2) Hindus and Muslims have shared the same sub-continent for thousands of centuries, so those of you, who think they can't, had better shut up. Hinduism and Islam don't preach hatred, so don't misinterpret their teachings. 3) It is really pathetic to see bloodthirsty comments made by crazy, fanatical and moronic Indians and Pakistanis living abroad. None of you even know what's really happening or what the people living here feel. Nobody wants a war. We desperately want peace. The real reason for all this tension is all our stupid, ignorant politicians who are living luxurious lives on the country's wealth. And we have no control over them. As an Indian myself, I would willingly shake the hands of any Pakistani.


  60. Please stop this fight and try to live in peace. Now it is more than enough. It will not end up good. Try to learn from the past experiences.

    Rao Chaudhri

  61. Pakistan should help Kashmir. They are powerless even if they have to spend a lot. They shouldn't start the fight themselves, but if India starts, they should answer them. God will bless my country.

    Hong Kong

  62. Muslims and Hindus can never live together. Before the British came to India, the Muslims ruled over India. After the division, the Muslims went to Pakistan and Hindus stayed in Indian. Kashmir was left as a disputed territory so that the two countries can fight forever. According the population, Kashmir is way more than 50% Muslims, therefore it should be a part of Pakistan. But it was sold to India. That's why both countries claim it and both are right. This bone of contention was a cheap move by the British so that we can never become a developed country.

    In the current situation, Pakistan army has taken over Siachen and moved into Kashmir, which is why the Indians are so much agitated. But India can never win a war because they are scared of Pakistanis. As for the people who said that Pakistani weapons were all imported, they should know that all Indian weapons are Russian made. Pakistan has American-made weapons, known to be better. India also has a geographical disadvantage. Even though they claim to have powerful nuclear capabilities, they can't attack Pakistan's one of the biggest cities. Lahore is just on the border, which means that even if Indians did attack, they would inflict more damage on themselves than on us.


  63. I believe the people of Kashmir must be provided an opportunity to decide their future whether they want independence or to be a part of Pakistan. Furthermore, inhumanity and brutality must be stopped without further delay and the right to self-determination must be obliged in Kashmir. The concept of might is right should be over now. The international communities should take positive action against barbarous Indian army, which is responsible for continuous killing of innocent people in Kashmir and India must be compelled to comply with the United Nations resolution on Kashmir.

    Asif Malik

  64. Tit for tat; Indians leave Siachen, we will withdraw the Mujahideen.

    Farooq Akbar

  65. Kashmir today is already divided in three portions. Kashmir is with China, Pakistan and India. Why isn't Pakistan concerned about China Occupied Kashmir? Pakistan would be better served by using its resources to develop itself rather than subverting the attention of the Pakistani populace towards Kashmiri-Indians. Pakistan should not forget it evolved from India. United we stand, divided we fall.

    Syed Raza

  66. Both Pakistan and India should choose decent ways of solving the Kashmir issue. Both of them can not afford more wars. Just look at the economic and social conditions of both the countries; it looks to me like an immature and childish behaviour on the part of both countries. Neither can win the war. Let's declare the whole Kashmir an independent (buffer) state open for both the countries and put all the resources towards the development of this region called 'the third whole'.

    Iftekhar Ahmed Khan

  67. I think most people on both sides of the border, including me, like a peaceful settlement of all the issues costing innocent lives and wealth to both and dragging both countries backward. If you think about this, the gap between developed nations and developing countries is widening every day. They are going forward and we’re going backwards. Who is winning? The 'Great Minds' (are they?) are winning, minds which manipulate general public like you and me. They are getting richer and richer, more powerful by the day. A vast proportion of the public is suffering. Life for this big proportion is getting worse by the day. The Kashmir problem was intentionally left unsettled by the outsiders who never wanted, and still don’t want, the issue to be settled. I'd like to tell both parties to sort that out themselves without involving others. I believe it was clearly settled but the keys to the doors were thrown between the two in such a way that no one could get hold of them. They knew it would initiate problems between the two nations, which is why they killed thousands in one go in the park. They knew we could never return the debts.

    As regards superiority concerns, I’d like to invite Indians (with due respect) to get a grip of their senses. Before you start building castles in the air just go over the recent collapse of the Russian history and consider the come back of the Jews. Russia has been a country that killed millions of innocents to conquer the so-called weak regions of the world to promote "equality" at the power of the most advanced and deadly technology. And it did manage to secure a degree of success, but for how long? Today its public is starving. Just learn a lesson from it and get life. You can't force people against their will. You need to come down to earth and face the facts and feel the reality. You are a nation with slave minds who worship power and you torture the dark skinned and less fortunate people (achoot) to get underneath a white skinned feet for Aashirvard. You can't even spell the word 'equality' properly and you think of becoming a leader in the region? Sort yourself out first and start learning to respect your own achoot brothers. Give them a place in your society. Indira Gandhi wouldn’t shake hands with achoot and would wash hands after shaking them with a Muslim. And you want to promote equality, democracy? Your 'bunia' mind has been exploiting the Kashmiri Muslims. That’s why no one wants to live with you.

    I believe it is imperative now that the subcontinent (mainly Hindustan) is restructured for a durable peace and harmony. Educated people (excluding 'great minds') from all walks of life sit together and find a lasting solution to the current problems. There must be a plebiscite in Kashmir. I think Pakistani army has the opportunity to show these confused Hindu minds that we are more powerful now with literally no weapons than the Hindu arsenal stocks.

    I think we must show them what real power is once and for all. After this inevitable victory, Pakistan faces even a bigger challenge of re-educating these minds. They must know that we can live in harmony only like frictionless neighbours if not as good friends. But they must scratch off from their 'great minds' the dream of being superior. I sincerely hope things work out without a war and Pakistani educators re-train these 'great minds' and teach Hindus what humanity and democracy really are? Of course only when we get rid of our corrupt leaders!

    Imtiaz Hussain

  68. It’s a war against evil. We're proud that we're fighting against evil. We're not afraid of the consequences. We are doing our jobs. And we will get our reward from God.

    Basharat Ali

  69. These two countries need to fight a war, not with each other but with economic evils to uplift their economies. Religion preaches forgiveness not killing. We do not regret being a colony for over 200 years, but are willing to die, and kill each other. My hats off to Britain- what a skilful set of politicians!


  70. Tit for tat .... for 50 years India has been torturing and evicting innocent Kashmiris in order to turn the feeble Hindu minority into a majority. Kashmir's accession to India was illegal? What about Hyderabad's and Junagarh's accession to Pakistan? History is a very cruel thing. It never forgets. And of course there is a thing known as divine justice. I think it’s perfectly natural for the son of the soils (freedom fighters) along with their brothers (fighting NOT because of money but faith) to try to banish the Indian infiltrators out of their beloved homeland...Kashmir is an integral part of Hindustan? Oh yeah..ask a Kashmiri!


  71. Utter madness. I do feel sorry for my Pakistani enthusiasts. You have got it all wrong. Hopefully you know that India has more Muslims than Pakistan. India can therefore never concede any part of its present territory to another nation. Right of self-determination? Have you given this to people in your country? Your army still calls the shots! What should be the priorities of people in both India and Pakistan? Fighting caste wars and focussing on irrelevant issues like Kashmir, or raising the standards of health, education, infrastructure? Religion is immaterial. More material are the human values, doing good to others and improving the life style of people. The consequences of the present 'self created' situation can only be more bloodshed and waste of scarce resources. There are no WINNERS in such a situation.


  72. This is not a war in the name of religion or national integrity. It is just politics, and murderous egotism from all sides. The Kashmiri people may want self-determination, but, frankly, if they want this, they might want to consider first trying to develop a unified agenda. Stop the bloodshed and pursue intelligent dialogue. All the corrupt politicians on both sides should be taken to the front line to fight it out instead of getting the poor, misguided soldiers killed. Only then will they learn a lesson. Please appeal to all your friends, family and leaders to use their brains, hearts and faith, instead of pride and hate.

    S. Shroff

  73. Consider another scenario: Region K has 90% people belonging to religion M but has a ruler belonging to religion H; the ruler decides that his region should accede to country I but the 90% people of region K want to accede with country P, and keep on reiterating their demand 50 years after the accession of region K to country I, and in those 50 years of occupation country I ends up in sending 0.7 million paramilitary forces to control the 90% people of region K which they claim to be their own. These troops torture, rape, kill, molest and play genocide with the 90% people of region K. And during all this the people of region K start an arms struggle against the occupying forces. Now are these people freedom-fighters or infiltrators. Your guess is as good as mine!


  74. I don’t understand if India’s operation is so successful then how come there are conflicting news from the Indian army and the defence minister and how come Pakistani/Kashmiri Mujahideen are continuously successful in closing down the National Highway 1-A (life line to Ladakh and Siachin)? Every day Indian troops kill 120-200 infiltrators and the next day the number jumps back to 600 Mujahideen. India is in big trouble this time. They cannot go to the UN for they don’t want to, and because they cannot flush the Mujahadeen out owing to it being very hard under Pakistani Umbrella. I think in couple of weeks India will lose Ladakh and Siachen and if you don’t believe me then go read the Times of India, which describes the Pakistani plan in full. I totally support Kashmiri people and if India does not want to solve the problem through the UN resolutions then she has to face Pakistani aggression. I know Pakistan is not a great country but don’t underestimate us. I think the Indian govt. knows that Pakistan is capable of giving a befitting eply to every aggression of India. Salam to all Mujahideen. InshaAllah Kashmir will be liberated very soon.

    Khalid Ansari

  75. India and Pakistan are two countries which are forced by the fact of geography to be two next-door neighbours. Sooner or later, they have to recognise this fact and learn to live in peace. The events of last six months, such as the bus journey of Vajpayee and statements of the Pakistani prime minister, created hope that the two neighbours are beginning to realise the fact of geography and trying somewhat to live as good neighbours. I am afraid that the recent events in Kashmir indicate that Pakistan have not learned the fact of geography. It is futile to think on the part of Pakistanis that they could ever take Kashmir by force. On the other hand, it will achieve the same object if Pakistan worked for the day when the political divisions will become meaningless, and people will move freely across the present "national boundaries" and live wherever they wish to in the subcontinent. I am afraid that the Pakistani press has also yet to realise this fact of geography. If it does, it will not be jingoistic in its rhetoric.

    Virendra N. Sharma

  76. I've visited your web-site. I appreciate your impartial nature during the hour of crisis. I'm an Indian. Even then, I never consider Pakistan to be my competitor: Pakistan is nothing but the child of India. If anybody loses his life in either of the countries, it's a loss to all of us. Will the political leaders in Pakistan consider this? Both the countries are suffering from economic crisis. We all pray to God for a better solution without a war.


  77. May be India is looking for another Shimla Conference. India will not go to the United Nations for the Kashmir problem, for it knows that it will lose Kashmir. Right now India is flexing muscles before Pakistan, and trying to capture some area of Pakistan or Kashmir to bring Pakistan to the table like Shimla Conference, so that it can get time off for another several years.


  78. I am an Indian and a Hindu. When I say that I respect all Muslims as much as Hindus, I am speaking for most Indians. The average Indian is sadly a poor man, literally struggling for survival in rural India. He hardly cares about Pakistan or its territory- and is definitely not in favour of a war with Pakistan. The middle class Indian, living in cities is too worried about his job, children and their education to be bothered about Pakistan and its insecurity problems. Basically, those of you who seriously think that India aims to occupy Pakistan are badly misinformed. And if that’s why you want a war, it’s a real shame. I don’t care whether India or Pakistan wins if we have a war- too many lives (both Hindu, Muslim, Indian and Pakistani) will be lost. Look, we’re not fanatics- what can we do to convince of that? I’m living abroad temporarily, but I’ve lived in India so far. My children studied in school there and had plenty of Muslim friends. We never found them different from us. They are our neighbours and close friends. My message to all Pakistanis is: We’re you’re neighbours and we have exactly the same problems as you. We’re not better or worse off. So, why don’t we co-operate and show the world the hidden genius of our people? And could you think positive like many Indians are trying to do?


  79. Dear brothers and sisters of India and Pakistan. We must be happy with what we have do not ever try to grab others’ property. It’s from the holy books what you follow. We need peace.

    B.V Naidu

  80. India is not interested in implementing the UN resolution that it signed, and had first called for. India is not interested in an honourable peace. Muslims are commanded by Allah to do jihad if an honourable treaty cannot be achieved. And Muslims are like one body, when one part hurts the whole body hurts. We all remember Babri Masjid that Hindu fanatics destroyed in India, and the Indian (Congress) government looked on and did nothing, and nor have any successive Indian government made any amends for that or arrested any culprits. And Indian police and civilians brutally beat Muslims in India when they protested that heinous act. In fact they arrested thousands of Muslims who wanted to make a civil protest, in India, at the anniversary of the Martyrdom of Babri Mosque. We all know that the Indian government has killed, raped and tortured thousands of Kashmiri Muslims since they first started demanding that the UN resolution regarding holding of plebiscite in Kashmir be held. Indians, wake up. You cannot rule anyone who refuses to be ruled.

    And Pakistan has ballistic missile that uses solid fuel, whereas the missiles India has use liquid fuel, and need four hours to be fuelled. And Muslims believe, as is written in the Quran, that Paradise is under the shadows of swords. And we are not afraid to die. And in fact we desire to be killed in Jihad. What about you?

    Asif Patel

  81. I think if we put a reality check, we’ll find its true that there are Pakistani officials and Mujaheddin from Afghanistan in Kashmir, fighting for the Kashmiri people. I just checked some of the articles posted by both Indians and Pakistanis, and some of them are ridiculous. The fact is that Pakistan is doing the same as what India did to Pakistan against Bangladesh. I always thought that Pakistan should take care of its people first and then take care of Kashmir if it really was interested. But, there is one thing that I know: that unless the matter of Kashmir remains undisputed, Pakistan will never be able to do anything. I hope we find a leader who is capable of doing something in Pakistan, unfortunately we have two kinds of leaders: Nawaz Shareef and Bhutto, blood thirsty. I hope we can find a way to get rid of them both.

    Mohammad Alam

  82. I am an Indian by birth, and came to Canada. Here I lived with a Pakistani as a roommate for a few months; we are now close friends. I have found absolutely no difference with Pakistani and Indian culture or habits. Even the grocery stores and restaurants in Canada have both Pakistani and Indian stuff. Now when we hear about the Kargil crisis, it is really a heart-breaking thing for us. I feel very sorry that India and Pakistan are indulging in war games even after 50 years of Independence. The most terrifying thing is some politicians (like L.K. Advani of India) and bureaucrats (like Shamshad Ahmad of Pakistan) have used Nuclear black-mail for a small piece of land. It appears that these people have absolutely no common sense or any value for humanity. They don't know one important fact that if a nuclear bomb is dropped in either Pakistan or India it means the same to both countries. It is just like a fire in the neighbour's home- our home is at equal risk. My suggestion for Kashmir problem is: A `United Kashmir' should be formed of 3 regions (North, Central and Southern Kashmir). The Pakistani army can remain only up to the Northern Kashmir, the Indian Army can remain only up to Southern Kashmir, the Central Kashmir should be free from both Indian and Pakistani armies. The Northern portion of the United Kashmir should be called Pakistani Kashmir, and the people living in Northern Kashmir should be given the option of dual citizenship of both Pakistan and Kashmir, they can also work in any of the 3 regions of the United Kashmir. Citizens living in Central Kashmir are independent and will have ONLY United Kashmir citizenship status, however, they can have the benefits of working in both Northern and Southern Kashmir. People living in Southern Kashmir should be given the option of dual citizenship of India and Kashmir and should be allowed to work in any of the 3 regions of the United Kashmir. This way Indians and Pakistanis can live in peace for ever and the Nuclear nightmare will vanish forever. Both Pakistan and India are very stubborn and determined to have Kashmir. A United Kashmir concept can solve the problem and will satisfy both Pakistanis and Indians, and their pride and ego will not be disturbed this way.

    Sripathi Yarasi

  83. I read with a lot of interest all the rhetoric posted here from both sides. It does serve no purpose for humanity at large except a large scale devastation, famine, and poverty. Let us analyse the things that we have in common first before magnifying the differences. Both the people have common ancestry, probably a one genetic lineage (of course I am not talking about fair-skinned products of middle eastern invaders), similar eating habits, music and social customs. We also display the same kind of greed to enrich ourselves in western world. In addition, we exhibit the so much the same demeanour in public that a westerner would have a hard time distinguishing who is who. Moreover, we are very emotional people with petty differences. Yet we seem to have no problem working with each other in workplace and business in the US and elsewhere in the West. What are our differences? Religion and corrupt politicians who will not hesitate to do anything to inflame the passions and emotions of the citizenry. In my honest opinion, we are not born with a religion and we don’t certainly take it with us to the grave. Nobody knows what happens to all of us after death but one thing is certain that we all are part of the same nitrogen cycle. So I urge people on both sides to exercise restraint, introspect and come out with sane solutions for time to come to save us from the emotion driven ego and idiocy. We all need to act fast to save ourselves from this senseless path of annihilation. Like they say "mind is a terrible thing to waste". Let the common sense prevail.
    A proud and unadulterated son of the Indian subcontinent and India.

    Siva Prasad Kaipa

  84. Want to see how bitterly brothers can fight? After `Jerusalem` it’s `Kashmir`. All what you call `patriotism` is nothing but `terrorism`. Let these shameless brothers fight....the world is watching this live and free theatre to its amusement.


  85. My Pakistani and Indian brothers, please restrain yourselves from a saga of destruction in both the countries. Just imagine, for few miles of dead barren land, we are losing billions of bucks and youthful lives. What I feel, all the countries should respect other countries’ borders and never encourage anybody to take its neighbour into trouble. We have got thousands of problems to solve. Let us forget and forgive everything and start a new age of brotherhood. We are acting like fools and doing those things which we teach our children as "WRONGS". Let there be growth and peace in this subcontinent, the most beautiful part of the world. Amen.


  86. If India does not respect its own commitment on plebiscite in Kashmir, then it is high time that India was taught to respect its own commitments. The best option at present is that Pakistan should work hard to make the world realise that Kashmir is a real flash-point, which can lead to a nuclear war. A problem which could not be solved in 50 years, inspite of two wars and inspite of India's hard try to bury the Kashmir problem and continue its occupation, the Kashmir problem is very much there and alive. This fact alone proves that there cannot be peace in the sub-continent without solving the Kashmir problem. The sooner India realises this, the better it would be for India. It is very important for Pakistan also that this Kashmir issue is solved once and for all this time, as prolonging the issue is not in Pakistan's interest as well.

    Saleem Farooque

  87. India should better know that for a Muslim the death is a better choice than life under their control. The great freedom fighters are doing the real Muslim job and should continue this. Their brother Muslims all over the world will pray for their success. Pakistan being the neighbour must continue their support through all possible ways.

    Dr. Mohammad Rafiq

  88. Pakistan's stance on Kashmir is impartial. Pakistani army and the whole Pakistani nation are ready to shatter the Indian dream of supremacy over the sub-continent. Kashmir is an integral part of Pakistan and we are determined to defend every inch of our motherland at any cost. After the shooting down of two aircraft and one helicopter, the Indian establishment should realise that Pakistan is not any other South Asian country that could be terrorised by India. We are prepared to retaliate. Inshallah Kashmir will be freed and Indian occupation will be over forever. I am proud of our armed forces that are defending the country and making the life of Indian aggressors miserable. Salaam to Pakistan Army.

    Najeeb U Khan
    United Kingdom

  89. India seems more powerful and advanced technically. And India will definitely protest the terrorism in Kashmir. So, both countries have to keep quiet and refrain from sending terrorist in the neighbour country. Pakistan should look at the results of past 3 wars and separation of Bangladesh. Invest effort in becoming a developed country. Both have common problems. Solve them first.

    Vishal Shah

  90. Now, that Pakistan has established an assured nuclear deterrent with its May nuclear tests against the Indian nuclear blackmail by the 1974 tests, we can feel a lot more comfortable about the military symmetry between the two countries. Since, Kashmir is a basic part of the very idea of Pakistan, I would urge the Pakistan military not to stop now, and take the whole of the Indian occupied Kashmir. The first time we did it in 1965, India responded by starting a full-scale war. This time India cannot; due to the nuclear deterrent, therefore we have a clear advantage with a superior nuclear and missile arsenal. I wish the Pakistan Army and the Mujahedeen all the best-the prayers of the patriots are with you....

    Khuram Jehanzeb

  91. Being a Pakistani patriot, my first response would be that Pakistan should help the Freedom fighters. However, this situation requires a lot more thought before any action is to be taken. Let me explain why: Firstly, knowing our previous track record we all know how easily this situation could develop into a full scale war, as 2 out of the last three wars between Pakistan and India were over the Kashmir issue. I don't even have to mention the devastation, damage and cost (I mean human cost) of war. Secondly, the fact that both Pakistan and India are now nuclear powers makes the situation even worse, as nuclear war could be very very devastating for both nations and I can't even think of the death toll...
    The point is that we should avoid war at all costs and try diplomacy, and if all else fails, then consider any hostile action (I think we've already done that...). This might sound cowardly but I don't think any Pakistani patriot wants us to be at war.

    Kashif Ahmad

  92. Pakistan and India should get out of Kashmir and let the Kashmiris get on with there own drudgery.

    Bryan East

  93. As far as the actions of Indian forces within their part of Kashmir are concerned, I would say it is their internal matter. But the shooting down of two planes was not necessary. The standard practise is giving a warning to the intruder plane or sending a couple of bogies to chase away the intruder, but definitely not to shoot it down. It was an immature decision on the part of responsible authorities. Being a Pakistani and true Muslim, I still believe that adoption of peaceful methods for resolution of issues is more effective.

    Wamiq Jafri

  94. I fail to understand what either of the two nations is achieving by continuing this aimless conflict. Why can't they simply coexist? Is religion really that important that we kill other humans over it. I thought that both these nations share a history of thousands of years even before anyone had heard of labels of religions like Islam or Hinduism. When you are really one people with a longer common history than a separate one (thousands versus fifty odd) how can you not see the commonality. I think just like all conflicts in the world based on religion, creed and race, it is preposterous and unconscionable. Shame on all the people on either side who congratulate each other and celebrate the development of new and more destructive weaponry. Do you not have any introspective skills? All you are doing is reacting with all the learnt hatred you accumulated over years of conditioning. It's juvenile and self-destructive.

    V. Mehr

  95. Pakistan should be extremely alert, and not depend on any other entity (USA,UN etc.) to do anything; they are all lazy bumps and no good puppets of the US. I am ready to give my life for my nation! We'll be self-reliant, fair and do the right thing! May God bless our nation. Hope India comes out of its false sense of securities. May Allah bless the subcontinent with peace!

    Shehryar Ali

  96. Indian forces should be given a lesson by Pakistani forces so that they never have courage to think about Pakistani territories.

    Anwar A. Khan

  97. When something is imposed upon you then you have to think properly and consult with others. After consultation, take the decision. Once a decision is taken, then place your faith firmly in Allah.

    Zulqarnain Hussain

  98. Pakistan should be prepared, as India isn't going to have a full-fledged attack on Kashmir but what I feel is it shall be in Sindh and most probably from the sea, as our navy is weak. Although it shall not be of any use but what else can a frustrated man like Vajpayee do?


  99. I feel that sometimes the government has to take steps that may be expensive, but yet have to be taken so that the enemy can be suppressed. Europeans did nothing when Hitler was building his army and look how he destroyed them. We should take lesson from history.

    Bilal bin Iqbal

  100. It is an open secret that these "freedom fighters" are backed by Pakistan both morally and financially. Our government, in an effort to divert attention from recent follies at home, has encouraged the "freedom fighters" to create trouble at the LOC. India had no choice but to respond. It's about time we realised that such adventures are very costly to our country. We already have wasted more than 50 years fighting over Kashmir and in the process neglected human development in Pakistan.

    Nadeem Iqbal

  101. I see a lot of people writing in this forum about the Muslim world, Hindu World etc...Only a mean-minded people can say so. Actually there is no such Muslim world or Hindu world. All people living on earth have one common world and they must learn to share it and live peacefully. That's humanity. Whether it is a Muslim life or a Hindu life that is lost. A life lost is lost forever and that is important. More Important is that we must not be prepared to lose anyone's life. Life is important whether it is Muslim's, Hindu's or Christian's.


  102. I just want to know from anybody on this forum whether we have the military might to encounter India. Can anybody please answer this question? What is the whole Kashmir issue about? How can we claim to support the rights of Muslims when I step out of my home worried that I will be killed by a Shiite terrorist here in Karachi itself? A group of Shiite were killed right after Namaz the other day, and we claim we're protecting Muslims! Don't we know that there are more Muslims in India than here in our land? Can anybody please clarify this issue?

    Shahid Anwar

  103. As an Indian reading this page, I feel that this is escalating the propaganda and instead of going into the 21st century promoting world peace we are all in the wrong to resort to aggression. The answers lie in us, the peoples of two nations with the same culture, uniting and fighting the propaganda that politicians on both sides of the border have encouraged. The political systems in both nations unfortunately subscribe to bribes, corruption, and eventually they are all fighting for power so as to make money once they reach the 'gaddi' (throne). We, the people, must unite in saying that this is not what we want; that it is this corruption that has been milking our respective economies dry! The price of the Pakistani rupee to the Pound Sterling has reached nearly PkRs.100 to 1, and the Indian Rupee suffers the same plight at InRs.73 to 1.

    A declaration of war is the last thing we need when our respective economies are in a shambles. We have wasted enough money on nuclear-armaments when we have children starving, undernourished and dying of cholera and unsanitary conditions. Is this what we want for a future? Is this antagonism towards one another, and escalation of poverty all we can offer to our future generations? Where is the humanness that made us proud to be people of the Asian culture where we would sleep hungry but would serve our last morsel of food to a guest? Western influences have taken their toll and ideas of aggression and the use of force have gotten us no where as has been proven by the two wars between Pakistan and India in the last 50 years.
    What are we fighting over? Glaciers on a map, territory that is so far above sea level that the soldiers have to change their shifts every 4 - 6 hours as any greater length of time would result in frost-bite! That's what we are fighting over! Why can't we say that it is our territory? The re-unification of Germany and the falling of the Berlin Wall should be inspiration to us, that united we can take the world on! We can be a 'Super Power' in our own right, and this would be the cure for our ailing economy, if we would move on and grow. The British planted their ideas of division, the politicians have subsequently added fuel to this fire and we are the ones burning. Is this what we really want?

    United Kingdom

  104. It will be a full-scale war and the people having a false sense of pride most probably might use the nuclear bombs because of the pressure on politicians. I can say it's going to be very interesting.

    C Reddy

  105. Whoever calls Kashmiri terrorists freedom fighters needs to re-evaluate his perspective. Freedom fighters don't kill innocent civilians, women and children. If they are fighters then come out in open and fight a war with the military that represents the government against which they are fighting. If they win Kashmir it is theirs; if they lose, then six feet underground is their place. As far as this episode is concerned, let's settle this down forever. If India and Pakistan want to go to war, so be it. One suggestion: go with all your might and finish the job in hand forever. Let there be no mistake that in war Size does Matter. If Pakistan wins then it will become the most powerful country in Asia. If India wins then there will be a part of Earth formerly called Pakistan that will be "uninhabitable for next 10,000 years or may be an Ocean". Here is my suggestion to the Hawks on both sides, "Finish the job once and forever" but spare the innocent civilians who are caught between the cross fire.

    Krishan Choudhary

  106. I will not say it is a right decision of the Indian government to attack Muslim Mujahideen, who are fighting for the independence of Kashmir. Indians should go back and look at history: how did they take Kashmir at the time of Partition? Undoubtedly, Kashmir is a Muslim-rich state and they want Independence from India. Question arises here: who wants to leave Kashmir? No one; neither India nor Pakistan. What is the solution then? In my opinion, leaders of both countries should sit together and discuss the reality of Kashmir being an Independent country. It will be difficult for both countries to see Kashmir as a new country but this is the only solution. India and Pakistan should put efforts on the uplift of their people. The money they will save by cutting down their defence budget can be used on building houses for homeless people of Pakistan and India and establishing new industries. While seeing that Pakistanis and Indians are working in all developed countries and making them more developed then why not we (Indians and Pakistanis) force our leaders to work towards economic growth rather than towards wars? Whenever the positive attitude comes, it will be from the people of Pakistan and India. Hence, we should work for a better and safe future rather than ruining each other's resources. Will war be a solution? No, both countries will go 50 years back in development and down under... the burden of loans in case of war. So Indians and Pakistanis should think carefully, what is best for them?


  107. I am tired of India's imperialistic rule over the Muslims of Kashmir. India should back off on this one, or this can trigger the 4th Pakistan-India war.

    Mirza Ahmed

  108. The events are certainly troubling, considering the fact that on two previous occasions infiltration of militants has led to a full-scale war. There could be war again this time- although I hope that cooler heads will prevail and both sides will back off. However, I think that both governments have a perverse motive and would not mind a war to divert attention from domestic situations- Sharif to focus attention away from a weak economy, Najam Sethi faux pax, etc., and Vajpayee because he is facing an election in India in 5 months. If there is a conventional war beyond Kashmir: The consequence - a stalemate with a minor realignment of the LoC. The financial cost - upwards of $10 billion for each country. Human cost - perhaps 5,000 to 10,000 dead soldiers on each side. If there are nuclear exchanges - then who knows -- widespread devastation in both Pakistan and India (though enough people will survive to renew the cycle of hatred and rearmament). Pakistan, being smaller, has a lower strategic reserve, and will be likely suffer more in relative terms, and thus more likely to use nuclear weapons first. Although, the damage to India will also be very severe, although large parts will probably escape unscathed.


  109. Start a war and see what happens; nothing but pain and suffering to ordinary people. When will the religious fanatics realise that if Allah wanted to destroy the other side, he would do a far better job and more swiftly than you moron politicians, who are the real evil behind all this. Does a new-born baby know when you burn him? That he is dying for the right God, clear your mind of hate and see that Allah embraced everybody in the Quran, there is no stupid gods or religion only stupid people who are blind and want to stay blind.


  110. We are all siblings belonging to the same race. We have both been looted by the colonial powers for their own development. The colonial powers are no more. But here are we, still hanging on to the divisions of religion and region. It is our votes that put governments into power. So our opinions form government policies, directly or indirectly. So as ordinary citizens, we must not engage in rhetoric that does no one any good. China is truly a much greater danger than any other nation in the region. They have the ambition, and they have the ability, and they have a repressive system that allows them to focus their energies on any activity, especially weapons. Recent American investigations have shown the Chinese have systematically stolen all American nuclear secrets. China can bomb both India and Pakistan to oblivion. Why are we, brothers-not-so-long-ago fighting amongst ourselves? I suggest that to save face, we can agree to make the LOC our official borders, and we should rather work towards economic development. It is obvious that Pakistan is now a separate country from India, with its own ideology and goals.
    We can go our own separate ways, without having to kill each other. And, as democratic countries, maybe arrangements could be made to allow any Kashmiri on the Indian side wanting to live in an Islamic Republic to emigrate to Pakistan, and vice versa. Let us settle this peacefully, end war, and promote tourism in Kashmir. Imagine a Kashmir where tourists choose between resorts in Pakistan and India. This would benefit the economy of both countries, instil the right kind of competitiveness. If we cannot live together, at least, let us live apart in peace.


  111. The states of Jammu, Kashmir, Junagadh and Hyderabad are bloody scars on South Asia that will keep the wounds of partition fresh for a long time to come. I don't see an end to these problems coming in another two or three generations. Although the chances of a full-blown war are bleak, the bitterness and status quo will continue for a few tens of years.
    The ineffectiveness of the United Nations has become more pronounced after the recent skirmishes. Not only has Bharat made a mockery of UN's resolution on Plebiscite for the last fifty years, the UN has also failed to condemn Bharat for any of its actions. Despite the fact that Pakistan has repeatedly asked UN envoys to witness recent LoC violations, none has arrived so far. The UN could have an interest in the escalation of this issue rather than a peaceful solution. The dormant and biased attitude of UN has not been of much help in a lasting Kashmir settlement. I think it is the right time for the Kashmir issue to go on top of the world agenda. Giving an Islamic/Taliban/Afghan touch to the freedom struggle in Kashmir would only add to Bharat's misery. It will certainly unite the international Muslim support for Kashmiris in their struggle while Bharat would become increasingly isolated.

    Shahid Masud

  112. We are proud of our armed forces for shooting down the intruders with indigenously made missiles. We are thankful to Allah (swt) that He has given us the ability and the potential to respond to the enemy in a befitting manner. It is high time that Pakistan once again gave India a lesson of 1965 to thwart its aggression and highhandedness.

    Syed Raihan Ali Shah

  113. Freedom fighters! Very funny. Don't underestimate the word freedom fighter. Pakistanis can never be freedom fighters. What can Pakistanis do in front of strong Indian forces?


  114. It is a pretty stupid adventurism on behalf of our country's myopic leadership to escalate situation rather than try to cool things down diplomatically. Pakistani economy is in a shambles, unemployment is rising and our exports are falling. Judiciary, press and opposition all have been removed by Mian Nawaz Sharif and now this megalomaniac is taking our country towards a war which will bring nothing but destruction and misery to all those who don't have money stashed in Swiss accounts. Leadership will fly to their London apartments at the first sign of trouble. God save Pakistan and provide some sense to warmongers controlling the government. And please, stop calling uncontrolled mercenaries freedom fighters before the culture of arms and violence spreads even more deep into our society.


  115. Indian air strikes on freedom fighters are showing world that Kashmiri Muslims and India can not be together any more. I think this is the last stage of this guerrilla war and I want to salute the Mujahideen who are fighting for themselves with Jazba-e-imaani, and there is victory waiting for them. This is very good that Pakistani forces are on high alert, as this is going to be the last conflict in Kashmir.

    Zahid H. Syed

  116. I read all the opinions. I belong to Jammu and Kashmir... sorry to say one of the most corrupt govt. establishments in the country (India). I assume Azad Kashmir is not far behind in this domain. Anyhow, it's funny who is fighting whom. I'd say corrupt politicians from both sides firing guns at poor soldiers. Why can't we be more civic, and leave the fundamental vote bank aside. Let's not make a mockery of ourselves and leave others to decide our destination. Why Kashmir? Take the whole India. It would be a great country. Live together.

    Sanjeev K Spolia.

  117. Kashmir is an integral part of India and India has all rights to keep its land free from intruders.

    Anil Goyal

  118. Salaams to all. Pakistan does and should continue to support the Freedom Fighters- as Muslims we're required to. Kashmir, insha'Allah, will never be a lost cause. I don't care if Kashmiris are independent or with Pakistan, so long as they have been given the right to choose. Nevertheless, Pakistan should always be there to support our brothers!

    Dr. Behjat H. Syed
    Pakistan(residing in the USA)

  119. Pakistani forces should help the Kashmiri freedom fighters. Do not leave them alone now when Indian fighter planes are killing them. It's a very strategic location where Kashmiri Mujhadeen have stationed themselves. It's in Pakistan's best interest not to let this place go into Indian hands again. From here the supply to Indian soldiers at Siachin glacier can be cut off, which may lead to an end of Siachin saga that was occupied by the Indian soldiers in 1984. At that time Pakistani Airforce should have gone and killed Indian soldiers. The UN should intervene to end this madness and liberate Kashmiri people from the Indian clutches. People in Kashmir do not want to stay with India. When the UN resolution is already there then what other solutions are being expected by Indian and Pakistani politicians? Let’s be realistic and let people of Kashmir decide their own fate.

    Shah Affan

  120. Are you sure they are freedom fighters? I think in Japan it was thought to be that the people who died were terrorists. And some how I feel that this is true. But then it is quite a shame that poor countries like India and Pakistan fight and that too for petty gains. The point is that both the countries are to be blamed. Pakistan thought that the present Indian govt., being a caretaker would not take such strong decisions. While the Indian govt. while sending war planes, felt that the Pakistanis would not retaliate. Now where do you go after this? Well it should stop some where. Because the present financial conditions in both the countries are not good to afford war. I say take a break. Or the consequences will be simple. Both the people will be the ones to bear the hardships of a possible war.

    Ivan de Souza
  121. Kashmir is an integral part of India and India has all rights to keep its land free from intruders.

    Anil Goyal

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