Armeena Rana Khan raises objections over 'widespread extremism’

Zainab Nasir|October 06, 2021

Armeena Rana Khan raises objections over 'widespread extremism’

Actress Armeena Rana Khan recently shared her thoughts on how extremism has taken its toll over the entertainment industry.

Armeena expressed her disappointments over the rampant role of extremism on social media.

Taking to twitter, the Bin Roye actress said, “Advancing acting careers using religious extremism seems to be quite the ‘in’ thing these days. Can’t make it without huh?”

She further wrote, “I’ve also observed that no matter what religion you follow, if you’re an extremist then your interpretation of that religion will be extreme also.”

Before concluding she noted, “Normally, I don’t have an issue with how people conduct their business but the damage here is so deep that it becomes imperative for good people to speak out. Otherwise, these people will ruin the world for the rest of us and they already are. Look at the violence."

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