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Hotstepper of the week
Nadia Khan

Mornings can be mundane and sometimes very depressing, especially if you start your day by reading newspaper headlines. But when Nadia Khan is just a channel away, it's a different ballgame altogether. Nadia Khan of the Nadia Khan Show has become an icon for both the classes and the masses. Her show, which she not only hosts, but also produces, is unlike any other morning show on our airwaves.
And the guests are just as eccentric and varied as the show itself. From putting the spotlight on cricketers like Shahid Afridi and Misbah ul Haq to political analysts like Hamid Mir to political figures like Sherry Rehman and musicians that range from Rahat Fateh Ali Khan to Strings and Atif Aslam, Nadia makes sure that there is something for everyone.
Her popularity led Nadia to pick up an award for Best Host at the Masala Awards in Dubai earlier this year.
She had been on maternity leave for several months into this year but just recently made a comeback. And hooray to that because Nadia manages to get people to admit to the strangest of things. Nadia managed to rope in Bobby Deol for an interview and he admitted that it didn't even feel like an interview because he was having so much fun. Furthermore, he confessed that he had seen Maula Jutt. It was a shocker for us and that is exactly why this show is such a must-see.
One reason why we love Nadia is that she knows how to ask the right questions without pounding the guests like a sledgehammer. The research behind the show is well-thought out. And finally, it is her completely awami sense of humour that makes her one of the people. So here's to Nadia Khan's return back to the show. For making our mornings so delightful, Nadia Khan is Instep's Hotstepper of the week. Need we say more?