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Celebrity playlist this week
It isn't surprising that our celebrities have such a diverse taste in music, they are so diverse themselves. From chartbusters to obscure music, their playlists depict their moods. Instep takes you to a trip to their world of music...
Feeha Jamshed Designer (Teejays)

"I'm listening to Kings of Leon." The songs? "'Sex on fire', 'Use Somebody', 'Fans' and 'Manhattan'. I'm also listening to a European band called Unicorns. Zeb and Haniya as well, I love them! I like Sajid and Zeeshan as well, their new song 'Lambay' is so good! I'm also listening to the Radiohead album In Rainbows.
Red Hot Chili Peppers is my all time favourite. I also like co-VEN and Mauj. And Ali Azmat's Klashinfolk album is really good!"

Feeha seems to be completely up-to-date with the Pakistani music industry! In our brief discussion, she lamented the non-availability of Sajid and Zeeshan's debut record, hoped to see Arooj Aftab returning and making music, as well as professed her liking for the new co-VEN track 'Ready to Die' and Laal's 'Mainay Uss Se Yeh Kaha'. Dare we hope to see a Pakistani edition of Fashion Rocks?

Adnan Malik VJ/Model

"I'm listening to Beirut, Amadou Mariam, Hercules and the Love Affair and Sigur Ros - I've been listening to Sigur Ros since my trip to New York. Their music is atmospheric.
I listen to electronic or progressive rock. I'm listening to and watching a lot of Coke Studio from last year - the stuff that has been remixed."

The disc revolutionary Hercules and the Love Affair have come out with hit tracks like 'Blind' and 'You Belong', which are disco, dance punk and house combined in a single disc. Their self-titled album was a critical success and reached the list of the top forty albums in many countries. Beirut, on the flip side, combines western pop music with folk and elements of eastern European music, with catchy tunes like 'The Flying Club Cup', 'A Sunday Smile', 'Postcards From Italy' and 'The Gulag Orkestar'.

Maria Wasti Actress

"Eva Cassidy! I am listening to Eva Cassidy's album these days and 'Fields of Gold' is my favourite from her album, Live at Blues Alley. Though, her other tunes are as good on the ears, I am simply in love with the single 'Fields of Gold."

Eva Marie Cassidy was an American vocalist known for her interpretations of jazz, blues, folk, gospel, country and pop classics. Eva's cover of Sting's 'Fields of Gold' brought new life into the song with her soul-stirring vocals. The song was the first of Eva's recordings to get much radio airplay - and the record company sent shiny gold CDs to radio stations with accompanying marketing materials proclaiming "you'll remember the first time you heard Eva Cassidy". Well, their claim sure proved to be right in Maria's case.

Mikaal Zulfikar Model/Actor

"'Aap Ki Yaad' by Ahmad Jahanzeb and 'Could You Be Loved' by Bob Marley are my favourite these days. Ahmad Jahanzeb has got a beautiful voice and has been my all time favourite while no one can match Bob Marley's soulful vocals. These two songs are constantly playing in my iPod for quite some time now."

'Aap Ki Yaad' was Ahmad Jahanzeb's second biggest hit 'Aap Ki Yaad' after the singer released his debut single, 'Ek Baar Kaho'. The song was featured on his debut album Parastish that was one of the most popular albums in the year of its release.
'Could You Be Loved' was released in 1980 on Bob Marley and the Wailers' last album Uprising and is also on their greatest hits album Legend. The song also made it to the soundtrack of the Adam Sandler-Drew Barrymore film 50 First Dates.

Maheen Karim Designer

"I am really really into 'Desi Girl' these days. It's one tune that just catches and stays with you. Besides that, I am really hooked onto Estelle's 'American Boy' as well. These two songs are my recent picks from the music scene."

Looks like 'Desi Girl' fever hasn't ended as yet. This addictive dance track from 2008's blockbuster film Dostana was a hot favourite for the wedding season and can still be heard everywhere.
'American Boy' is the second
single from the album Shine
by English hip-hop singer
Estelle and features American rapper Kanye West. 'American Boy' was the first international success from Estelle.

Abbas Premjee Musician

"I'm not listening to anything new. It's the same old stuff. I'm listening to this album called The Enchantment. I've been listening to Chick Corea and Bela Fleck. Chick Corea has teamed up with banjo player Bela Fleck and their music is very different and unique."

Two of the most renowned jazz and fusion oriented singers; fusion pianist Chick Corea and banjo player Bela Fleck have combined their talents for album The Enchantment. Bela Fleck blends jazz, classical and even folk into a single disc whereas the jazz-fusion keyboardist of the modern era, Chick Corea develops a style that pushes Bela Fleck's percussive capabilities to the limit.