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The lyrical gem on Mazi Haal Mustaqbil, 'Insaan' with its metal feel in music and Faraz Anwar's intense vocals is simply superb. As a track, it's a look at one man's surrounding and his want to make a difference and yet there is a very raw, almost humble quality to the wordplay as a line goes, "Kahein Undar Koi/Ham Aakhir Kyun Na Kuch Kahein/Kahein Undar Koi/Hum Aakhir Kyun Na Kuch Karein…" it makes a lot of sense in these strange times that we live in. And musically, even though it is hardcore rock, bordering on metal, 'Insaan' has a melody to it, which is extremely rare when it comes to rock!

Even though, Faraz Anwar was certainly not a new name in the music business but it was this album – Mazi Haal Mustaqbil - with his band Mizraab that led to a vast number of fans or as they proudly call themselves, 'Mizraabians'. The album was undoubtedly one of the best metal efforts ever done in Pakistan and as a result, it even won Mizraab a Lux Style Award nomination for Best Music Album in 2004. Contrary to popular belief, MMH was not the debut album of Mizraab. It was in 2000 when Mizraab first launched onto the scene with an album, Panchi. The album didn't fair well in the scene and Mizraab called it quits. Four years later, Mizraab returned but other than Faraz Anwar, the other members had changed.

After the success of Mazi Haal Mustaqbil, Mizraab are once again coming back with a new album, Ujalon Mein, later this year so do watch out for them. But until they return, download 'Insaan'. It really is fantastic!
'2-'Hum Bhoolay'

Off Noori's debut album, Suno Kay Main Hoon Jawan, 'Hum Bhoolay' was a departure from the 'Jawan' theme that played through out the album. 'Hum Bhoolay' remains one of Noori's most phenomenal numbers to date because it has long lasting value. It has a melancholic mood to it that makes it a musical departure from most tracks on the otherwise 'happy' album.

With its haunting feel and refined production quality with Ali Noor providing some sorrowful vocals, it just grabs one instantly. As the lyrics go, "Hum Bhoolay Dunya Bhoolain/Hum Bikharey Ab Kya Rona/Beeti Yaadoin Key Saaye/Ab Hain Paraain/Iss Chhaon Ko Tu Bhul Ja" – it is a song that pens inner turmoil of the heart and yet, this is not a simple love-dovey weepy song. It is open to interpretation and that just makes it all the more wonderful.
Even though Noori is essentially a rock-n-roll outfit and with Peeli Patti Aur Raja Jaani Ki Gol Dunya, where they opted for a meatier sound, they have the ability to construct moody songs. Tracks like 'Ooncha', 'Aarzoo' and 'Jaa Re' come to mind. Currently Noori brothers Ali Noor and Ali Hamza are both on a sabbatical from music but they have a third album in mind. For now though, check out 'Hum Bhoolay'… if you haven't already heard it!

3-'Way Back into Love'
Hugh Grant and Haley Bennett

Who knew that British actor Hugh Grant could sing so well? Coupled with newcomer Haley Bennett, 'Way Back Into Love' lingers in your head… long after the song stops playing. There is an earnest charm to this track and Hugh brings incredible vocals for a debut singer on this song. Newcomer Haley Bennett also deserves applause here for bringing a fresh, fragile vocal work here.

Off the soundtrack of the runaway rom-com hit Music and Lyrics (which featured Hugh Grant as a singer), 'Way Back Into Love' is just a slow, delectable pop treat. With the wordplay that goes, "I've been looking for someone to shed some light/Not somebody just to get me through the night/I could use some direction/And I'm open to your suggestions/All I want to do is find a way back into love/I can't make it through without a way back into love/And if I open my heart again/I guess I'm hoping you'll be there for me in the end" – it is simply a post breakup song that really works. The whole soundtrack of the album, which takes '80s as a theme and modern day difference as well, is fabulous! In most songs, it is Hugh who delivers ace vocals, even if somewhat tongue-in-cheek at times but they work nonetheless. If you like Hugh as a singer, also download 'Pop! Goes My Heart' and 'Love Autopsy'.


Before Bollywood music became the dominating force in Indian pop music, it had some decent music to offer, with a distinct style of its own. In those years in the nineties, Mehnaz was one singer who made quite a name for herself. Known even today as the singer behind the hit 'Miss India' and yet it is a song like 'Mausam' which highlights Mehnaz's talent and maturity over the years. This last great track from the once-famous Indian pop diva is nothing like Zubaida Khanum's 'Mausam' or even Josh's version of the same. 'Mausam' by Mehnaz has an earthly soul feeling to it with romance playing a strong part. From its beautiful beginning that is initiated by a flute to its North Indian feel, thanks to percussion and an extremely modern composition with slow morbid guitars, it is a gem of a song.

Mehnaz first arrived on the music scene in 1996 with the monster hit, 'Miss India' off her debut album, Main Hoon. After the success of Main Hoon, Mehnaz collaborated with Graham Russell of Air Supply for the soundtrack of the offbeat film, Split Wide Open and even teamed up with rival Anaida on the thematic album, Sambalke. But it was with Mausam years later that critics ranked her as one of the finest artistes in India.
5-'Alirio Diaz'
Andres Segovia

Considered the father of modern classical guitar movement, 'Alirio Diaz' is one of the most addictive pieces from the Spanish guitar master. It's hard to imagine that any instrument other than 'the piano' can be heard solo but Andres proves with this short, sweet piece that it can be. With its gentle beginning, one doesn't expect the frenzied crescendo that comes out of nowhere.

'Alirio Diaz' has a grand quality; one can picture the Victorian Era in its glory when it plays. But then that just varies from one listener to another.

Starting from the early age of four, Andres Sevogia is considered a pioneer. From Mozart to Beethoven to his own compositions, Andres had the ability to interpret any composition and create a new sound within it. Alongside Hermann Hauser Sr, it was Andres who helped create what is know known as the modern classical guitar with harder wood and nylon strings. If you like this composition, check out Andres playing Mozart! They are all must-hears for real music aficionados.