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'Jazba Junoon'

Junoon, who have always had a huge fan following in Pakistan are known for their thought provoking music. 'Jazba Junoon' was, however, much more than that, not just for its music but for the message it contained as well. 'Jazba Junoon' was asking the patriotic Pakistani's to use their spirit of passion and sense of belonging for the country and that will never allow them to lose hope in any way. Musically richer, with tablas, Ali's raging vocals, Salman's guitar solos, live drums and to top it all, the video featured the outstanding squad we had back then which was also similar to our world cup winning squad. The song is much more than just the music and video, the lyrics evoke a certain feeling from deep inside, a sense of appeasement and belonging!

'Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan'
Shahnaz Begum

Since this is the month of August (our country's birth month) all of us see various NATIONAL songs being shown on almost all the deluge of channels. But let us at this stage, tell you about the history of the one historical song, which is on everyone's lips these days.
During the Runn of Kutchh war with India, the need for national songs to boost the morale of our great Pakistan Army and countrymen was greatly felt. That was in 1969. Since the national song "Aye Watan Kay Sajeelay Jawano'

by Noor Jehan, written in 1964, had already made it to the top. During the 1965 war, the Chairman PIA then approached Jamiluddin Aali to write something focusing on integration of East and West Pakistan as problems had started arising between two wings of our country then. Jamiluddin Aali then wrote 'Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan', which was recorded by the then PIA Arts Academy under Hameed Nasim. But politics held back the song till it came in July 1971 when Ishrat Ansari of PTV-Karachi Studios called in Shahnaz Begum and requested Sohail Rana to compose the music. Finally, the song was ready and released on PTV on 14th August 1971. The song has managed to stay in the hearts of thousands of Pakistani's to date, there is no child, adult or anyone who has at some point lived in Pakistan and does not sing along to 'Jeevay Pakistan' when it is aired every year on the 14th of August.

'Dil Se'

This song was released about two years ago on Independence Day and it still manages to give its viewers goose bumps every time they watch it. The video depicts the life story of a farmer couple who migrates to Pakistan and is greeted by their relatives at the train station, a great deal of emotions and love are shown and the screening is awesome. The story moves on with the lives of the two and how they manage to live comfortably with what little they have in their homeland. Later on after having a child, the entire sequence of the story is repeated with the son growing up, graduating and living a respectable life with his parents, getting married and bringing the third generation into the world and in his country. The underlying message of the video remains that thanks to this country, such a life, considered a dream by many can be achieved in our very own… Pakistan.

'Ae Watan Ke Sajeelay Jawano'
Noor Jehan

Each time any retired soldier who stood up for Pakistan 's sovereignty in the 1965 war against India listens to this Noor Jehan song, extreme nostalgia must grip his heart. The melody queen of our country making the inspirational lyrics of this song soar high, urging the young soldiers to fight, motivating them not to lose heart, for she sings for them an for she sings for them and them alone, provided just the right morale boost to our entire army. The song played tirelessly on the radio and, ultimately, formed the perfect backdrop against which our country claimed victory. Let us listen to this song once again and remember the sacrifices of our forefathers.

'Hum Hain Pakistani Hum to Jeetain Gay'
Vital Signs

With the 1992 cricket World Cup in our hand and the 1996 world cup ahead of us, patriotism in our country was at such an all-time high that we were literally a force to be reckoned with. Vital Signs' inspiring video touched our young hearts, giving us high hopes With the 1992 cricket World Cup in our hand and the 1996 world cup ahead of us, patriotism was at such an all-time high that we were literally a force to be reckoned with. Vital Signs' inspiring video touched our young hearts, giving us high hopes of many more splendid moments like the one of Imran Khan holding high the glistening 1992 World Cup. Ultimately, we

were proven wrong, for no other moment like that has ever replayed in our history; however, the song did not fail to make an impact. It plays on every Independence Day since then, and gives us a high adrenalin rush. With a flag in hand and another tied proudly in the form of a bandana, young boys dance to this song, not really caring about the commercial incentives of Pepsi behind it.

It is an overly simplistic and idealistic song, many say, but it still makes us proud to be a Pakistani.