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Hotstepper of the week
Mehreen Jabbar


SheÕs quiet and low key enough to qualify as shy and she rarely speaks about her work, preferring to let it speak for itself. Perhaps thatÕs why Mehreen Jabbar is such a force to reckoned with. Not based in Pakistan, but still very much a part of the television industry, Mehreen is working out of New York and hot on the heels of Ramchand PakistaniÕs success at film festivals round the world comes her new TV serial Malal, which is shot in New York and Karachi.
As if that wasnÕt enough to keep her busy, Mehreen has already started work on her next project Vasl, a 20 episode TV serial. She is clearly committed to her craft as evidenced by the frequency of her projects and her hard-working etiquette. Mehreen Jabbar never lets up, sheÕs always looking for stories and then gets busy shooting them. For never resting on her laurels but being in the relentless pursuit of thought provoking ideas, Mehreen Jabbar is a hotstepper for all seasons.