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Let's get quizzical
From fabulous fashion to entertaining cinema and rock 'n' roll grooves and blues… test your knowledge with Instep's quiz


1. What was the first song Noori ever wrote?
a) 'Do Dil'
b) 'Manwa Re'
c) 'Mujhe Roko'
d) 'Gawalmandi'

2. Robert Pattinson sang which two songs on the original soundtrack of Twilight?
a) 'Meet Me On The Equinox' and 'Bella's Lullaby'
b) 'Never Think' and 'Let Me Sign'
c) 'I Belong To You' and 'Leave Out All The Rest'
d) 'Flightless Bird, American Mouth' and 'I Caught Myself'

3. Which artist has won Lux Style Award three times since its inception?
a) Ali Azmat
b) Fuzon
c) Atif Aslam
d) Abrar ul Haq

4. Ali Hamza played banjo for which two artists at Coke Studio earlier this year?
a) Atif Aslam and Riyaz Ali Khan
b) Josh and Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan
c) Saeen Zahoor and Ali Zafar
d) Zeb and Haniya with Javed Bashir

5. Which one of the following designers moved away from a riot of colours to all black at Fashion Pakistan Week?
a) Deepak Perwani
b) Huma Adnan
c) Nomi Ansari
d) Maria B

6. ÒI don't need a soap to tell me how good I am!Ó Which stylist uttered these infamous words before signing a contract with a shampoo from the same company that manufactures the soap?
a) Shahzad Raza
b) Tariq Amin
c) Nabila
d) Raana Khan

7. Shah Rukh Khan has worked with which female co-star the most?
a) Kajol
b) Juhi Chawla
c) Madhuri Dixit
d) Rani Mukherjee

8. Which of the following items of Pakistani clothing have NOT been adapted by foreign fashion houses?
a) Khussas
b) Kurtas
c) Sherwanis
d) Parandas

9. What is the real name of British musician Sting?
a) Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner
b) Justin Chaplin
c) Henry Padovani
d) Stewart Copeland

10. In 2008, how many Grammy Awards did Amy Winehouse pick up for her album, Back to Black?
a) Six
b) Five
c) Eight
d) Two

1 (a) 'Do Dil'. In the summer of 2008, Noori decided to record 'Do Dil' - the first song by the band - and roped in Shiraz Uppal who helped Noori with vocals and mixed and engineered the tune.

2 (b) 'Let Me Sign' and 'Never Think'. Robert Pattinson debuted as a singer on the OST of Twilight with these singles and considers music as an alternative career somewhere down the road.

3 (d) Abrar ul Haq won Best Musician in 2002, Best Music Album in 2003 and again in 2005.

4 (c) Ali Hamza picked up the banjo at Coke Studio this year and played for Saeen Zahoor on 'Toomba' and for Ali Zafar on 'Yaar Dhadee'

5 (c) Nomi Ansari

6 (b) Tariq Amin

7 (b) Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla have done eight films together.

8 (d) Parandas

9 (a) Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner

10 (b) Amy Winehouse picked up five Grammy Awards including Record of the Year and Song of the Year for 'Rehab'.