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Black Magic
WHO Sadaf Malaterre


Cutting edge designer Sadaf Malaterre reflects the style sensibility of Cruela DeVille (played to perfection by Glenn Close in 101 Dalmatians) in this rock-punk get up. The white wisp of hair works perfectly with the avant garde tights and red heels and clutch. And of course, painting the lips and nails a bright red always works with all black.
Let us count the ways in which black can be appreciated: well, there just arenÕt enough. ItÕs the colour Coco Chanel developed her iconic little dress in. ItÕs the colour wedding gowns were revolutionized with in the west. Black is worn to mourn, black is worn to party. While red is considered to be the colour of revolution, black is what teenage kids love to paint their nails just to tick their parents off. Black, especially Gothic black, is never going out of style; you just need to wear it right. And while New Moon and the era of vampire love is celebrated all over the world, we herald black as the colour that stirs magic into fashion!
How to go back to black Tapu Javeri models for Teejays wearing a black shalwar kameez designed by Feeha Jamshed at Fashion Pakistan Week. For men or for women, all black is a staple that can be dressed down or up.
Sonya Battla created an absolutely marvelously distressed collection for fashion week and in this case, her all black outfit works perfectly well with an ecru karandi cape and iron metal accessories. Definitely a trend to take up!
Lahore based fashion model Rachel models a monochrome black strapless gown designed by the usually colourful and very eastern Nomi Ansari. Hmm... Once you go black, you never go back!
Diane Von Furstenberg predicts black to be one of the must-have colours in Spring/Summer 2010, only she spruces it up with a flash of brightly coloured bangles!
French fashion house Givenchy gives the burqa a warrior twist by accessorizing it with heavy metal. WeÕd love for this trend to pick up in Pakistan!
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