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Hotstepper of the week
Veena Malik


Veena Malik may not be seen regularily on the hit series Hum Sab Umeed Say Hain that catapulted her to fame, but she made a rapturous comeback on the Bas Kar Awards run on GEO TV last week. This Lollywood babe, over the past one year, has proven that she's got many tricks up her sleeve. While she can act and dance a delight, it's comedy that has proven to be her true calling. Veena's fan base soared last week when viewers saw her impersonate Meera, Reema, Bushra Ansari and even fashion diva Frieha Altaf to perfection. Many people are regarding her as the next Bushra Ansari, in fact and remembering the many impersonations Bushra has done over the years – those of Noor Jehan, Malka Pukhraj and Salma Agha being the most unforgettable – one sees Veena comfortably following in her footsteps as far as spoofs go.