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Colour me birght

The chilly season has its charms, but the first warm breeze and the joy you feel just to be squinting again signifies the return of spring.

Bright, sun-saturated colors are a spring staple but this year the shades look to be some of the liveliest driving inspiration from the 80s colour palette one has seen since the '80s. Don't let that scare you. Rather than the gaudy neon-brights of that fashion-challenged era, this current color crop is more sophisticated and wearable.

Citrus yellow, mint green, ocean blue, lilac and crimson -- these are undeniably dazzling hues but they're also surprisingly flattering. As with this season's big prints, it's best not to drape yourself in blazing color from head to toe. If you like your tints just a tad more subdued, look for pastel shades like blush pink or dusty coral.

Drop a pop of crayon color into your wardrobe with a vibrant purse or shoe. And if the thought of overtly happy hues doesn't cheer you up, keep an eye out for that hot new neutral, silver gray.