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Hotstepper of the week
Omar Ali Khan

He's the man who has won thousands over with his brand of ice cream at The Hot Spot chain in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. A filmmaker, movie buff extraordinaire and collector of film art, Omar Ali Khan is all set to bring Lollywood into our consciousness again. He is curating an exhibition/sale of 'Desi Filmi Pop Art' at Hot Spot in Karachi this month, and revitalizing the long-forgotten desi billboards that we were constantly reminded of when cinemas thrived. The exhibition formally opened on February 12 in conjunction with the KaraFilm Festival. Given by the décor at Hot Spot branches in the country, and the fact that Omar is a collector of film art, one can only expect the best of Lollywood's kitsch glory to be on display! For recognizing and promoting the desi art that Lollywood has inculcated over the years, Omar is Instep's hotstepper of the week!