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instep profile
Fashion's rock chick
Asmaa Humayun of Forget Pink is Lahore's answer to the pretty-pretty fashion styling that has become Lahore's trademark and it should be only a matter of time before she manages to contemporize the city and make it forget pink altogether!

By Sehrish Khan

Asmaa Humayun's home welcomes one into its minimalist modern ambiance. Paintings by Asmaa hang on walls and comfy box sofas around low coffee tables give off a casual, stylish yet comfortable feel to the home. It comes from her arty and contemporary family background. She's married to Farhad Humayun, lead percussionist of Overload and she shares with Instep that their home has been artistically put together by Farhad's sister an architect, Rima Bokhari who has evidently done a great job of making it feel like one out of a delectable home catalog.
Asmaa Mumtaz Hamayun is the brainchild behind 'Forget Pink,' an exclusive hair and makeup salon which came into being two years ago. For Asmaa, 'Forget Pink' was a natural transition from the National College of Art to the London College of Fashion where she studied beauty and makeup. In both fields, she admits that her soul is still loyal to the artist within her. So what does the name Forget Pink stand for?
"Pink symbolizes the little girly girl who's a cute little cupcake - it's a stereotype of what a girl is supposed to symbolize. As far as bridals and shoots are concerned the cup caked look was 10 years ago. Forget Pink will hopefully try to educate a whole new kind of beauty where girls don't have to hide behind make up," Asmaa clarifies.
She adds that she uses only MAC cosmetics / products and one look at her confirms that she adheres to the MAC philosophy that dressed its girls in black and accessorizes them with tons of colour and funk. She's in touch with the fashion world and believes firmly that make up changes with fashion.
"Forget Pink is not a highly commercial venture and I'm really happy with it. I want to keep it the way it is - an exclusive salon that's mainly based on personal interaction with clients. It's not supposed to be a factory like venture I never want to do that. I want my clients to be 100 percent happy when they leave," states Asmaa.

Forget Pink attracts a lot of brides and young girls coming in for their engagement party. It attracts girls who don't want to feel pasted on their special day as Asmaa Humayun promises to make them look different and gorgeous without compromising on looking young and stylish. Other than personal clients, she has managed to create enough awareness about her brand to attract likeminded corporations like Levi's for example. She did the make up for the store launch of Levi's and its consequent fashion show a couple of months back. Apart from that she has dabbled her 'paintbrush' in several make ups and photo shoots.
Perfectionist by nature, Asmaa done make up photo shoots for 'Red Earth' as well as for her projects in England for 'Makeup Forever' and 'Morgan de Toure.' Deconstructive to the core, her personal style is avant garde and she feels that modern art has no specific boundaries. She pulls apart certain looks and then remakes them as a form of a visual experiment.

The response to Forget Pink is really good but she feels that a lot of people are still not willing to take the plunge. People still feel safer in following trends rather be the trend setter themselves. Last summer Asma went for a gothic Lolita, punk/rock inspired 80s look at the Lux Style Awards, which was much appreciated. She gets noticed on the red carpet and looks good on the arm of her husband Farhad. Together they do look fantastic.
Asmaa also helps Farhad as an art director for his events. Other than being lead member of Overload, he is also an event manager and the brainchild behind Riot Productions. He studied sound engineering from London and has done events for companies like Nestle, Worldcall, Total PARCO, Crossroads, Levi's, Pakistan Television Corporation etc. Farhad takes up cutting edge projects that give him creative control; he feels being a creative director for events gives him a lot of design freedom which is why he formed Riot Productions in the first place. That's how he earns his living and strikes a balance between being a businessman as well as having the artistic freedom to design events. Farhad tells Instep that Asmaa smoothes out all the rough edges of the events and gives him valuable input when working on an event.
"Marriage is like my best friend has just moved in with me! I'm not the kind of person to have a desk job - I'm very erratic that way, but Asmaa totally gets that!" he enthuses about his relationship with his rock chick wife.

Farhad told Instep that when he had graduated from NCA, Asmaa had begun her first year of college, so both of them were never in college together. After after his graduation from NCA, Farhad was involved in a work shop with a French film maker and had to submit a project. He needed someone with long finger nails, that's when Farhad caught a glimpse of Asmaa in the sculpture studio. He says him and his friends had always admired her from afar, and it gave him the perfect excuse to interact with her. He painted Asmaa's hands red and shot them for his project. That's how he remembers his first meeting with Asmaa. He says they had a lot of common friends so they were more or less in touch with each other. Farhad flew abroad due to work for a year and a half, and they kept in touch via email. They ended up getting married. Their artistic temperaments complement each other.

Like any true artist, Asma does not limit her creativity. The future, she says, might have anything in hold for her. She might pursue other forms of art and she might hold an exhibition of her paintings later this year. Whatever she decides to do, we're sure that her unconventional chic will keep her in the picture.