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Hotstepper of the week
Ammar Belal

Last year, Ammar Belal launched his stylish, suave menswear line with a spanking outlet in Lahore. And now he has opened up an outlet in Karachi, and that too with a bang! His store in Karachi screams out the word style.

The new outlet, located at Zamzama, Karachi is innovative and classy. This time around, Ammar has used silk which is plastered on the walls of his Karachi outlet, giving it a wallpaper feel but only funkier. Divided over three floors, the store has separate sections: the ground floor and the basement are meant for men only, where one will find ties, jackets, shoes, shirts and all accessories that are necessary to complete a man's wardrobe. The top floor on the other hand caters to women, where one can find funky shoes, cool bags and a lot more.
Ammar changed the way fashion advertising is done in Pakistan, whether through his Satori campaign or the 'ABCD' video he directed to launch his line. Keeping up with global trends, Ammar understands that power of advertising will be incomplete without retail presence. Retail is the order of the day and investment in stores is necessary to make a mark. So for understanding the changing dynamics of the fashion world and rolling with it, Ammar Belal is Instep's hotstepper of the week.