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'What She Got'
Colby O'Donnis featuring Akon

Unlike many other Akon's, 'What She Got' is a very catchy and electric number. 'What She Got' is one hell of a dance shaker, and even though it is cheesy to quite an extent (after all, it's Akon we're talking about, so he's excused), but still remains bearable if you're in a dance mood. The song gets one on the grove for sure, but isn't meant for all those who aren't fond of hip hop or RNB, as there's no way this song can change your mind.

The lyrics aren't as inspired as any acts like Bjork but then pop music is more about the beats and less about the words. Madonna is a sure-shot example. So coming back to the songs, the theme and the music is definitely going to make you stand on your feet and move. If not, you will be tapping your fingers on the table right beside you for sure.

'Four minutes'
Madonna featuring Justin Timberlake

Madonna is back and this time she is back with a bigger bang. The queen of pop collaborates with the sexy back boy, Justin, in 'Four minutes', which results in one of the most downloaded tracks of the season (no thanks to Justin.)

The song kick starts with Timbaland uttering a few words, (but he does get points for co-produing the song with Justin Timberlake) moving on to Madonna and Justin. The song makes no sense if you listen to it carefully, but we all need a dose of Madonna every now and then. The track is unlike other Madonna pop singles; it is tilted towards the hip hop side maybe because of Justin's presence (who, by the way, looks yummylicious in the video!) As Madonna sings to this tune, addiction prevails yet again. Downloading this track should be on the top of your priority list this week!
'Mechanical Animals'
Marilyn Manson

'Mechanical Animals' is a fantastic track to start with. The lyrics are genius, the sound of the guitar takes you to another world altogether and Manson's voice creates an aura which cannot be described.

This song is the third track from his album Mechanical Animals, the fact of the matter is that fans still go berserk when they hear this mind blowing number (though it was released years back) but that isn't a surprise, as most of Manson's songs are catchy and one cannot get enough of them. The song is hard rock and no guys, it doesn't consist of typical hard core 'I'm going to slaughter you' type of lyrics like most metal songs, in fact the lyrics are partially responsible for the
impact of the song. 'But they'll never be good for you, bad to you, they'll never be anything, anything at all' is the chorus, with heavy guitar mixing and the infamous devil worshipper screaming on the top of his lungs. If you haven't heard this one yet, get busy downloading!
'Flashing Lights'
Kanye West

Though this rapper defended himself from the criticism he had to face due to a delayed performance in Bonnaroo and millions were pissed at his irresponsible attitude, Kanye kicked off the show with 'Flashing Lights' and the fans went ballistic; a good enough reason for all you to get you act together and start downloading!

Kanye West is one of those who made it to the top with perfection and class. His track 'Gold Digger' won him a million hearts in addition to a number of
Gammys. He is yet to fail in making a mark, his track 'Flashing Lights' is another hit track from his album Graduation, which also includes 'Good life', 'Stronger', 'I wonder' among many others. The track is a trademark of hip hop and very stylistically carried out; the music is the best feature of this song and blends well with

the typical RNB lyrics. Guys, this track is meant for hip hop fans strictly, downloading it should be considered as an obligation as 'Flashing lights' is mellow yet intense and definitely very catchy.
-- Anum Opel