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Accessorize this summer with belts!

Flaunting your pumps is not all there is to this summer's fashion statement; jump start your day by picking out the right accessory to fit onto your waist which matches your mood and style. This season belts are the hottest accessory one can go for.

Go for the 'huge factor' as proven on international catwalks this year. Oversized metal belts are a replica of last year's trend so keep up and don't hide them in a corner of your closet just as yet!
It seems like chains of all sizes are never going out of style. Add a chain to your outfit if you feel what you're wearing is too simple in terms of colour but opt for something less loud if you're wearing big prints.
Nowadays belts on shalwaar kameezes and lawn have also come out and many have been seen wearing pretty looking belts. The advice here is to either get a belt stitched on what you wear or reach out for embroidery, keeping your colour combinations in mind.
And if metal or chunky chain belts are too loud for you, leather belts are always an option. Double-coloured leather belts always make for comfy and cool accessories.

If you're looking for authentic designer belts, Men's Store is the place for you. Other cheaper options include Sunday Bazaar and Zainab Market. For leather belts, Jafferjees and Hub Leather are the two stops you must make!