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Hotstepper of the week
Saieen Zahoor

He has been written about umpteen times. With Coke Studio running on airwaves consistently with new episodes, Saieen Zahoor is back in the national spotlight and we couldn't be more pleased.

Despite being 72, Saieen Zahoor is going as strong and remains as graceful as ever. At Coke Studio this year, he spun ecstasy with his voice that needs no gradual crescendo.
The variation and range in his voice is as glorious as the man himself.

A humble, honest and dedicated sufi folk musician, Saieen Zahoor kept cool throughout Coke Studio and brought our heritage into the spotlight while forming bonds with young musicians including Ali Hamza who played with Saieen Zahoor on 'Toomba' as a guest player. Both backing vocalists Saba Shabbir and Natasha D Souza "love him".

When Coke Studio was being recorded, co-producer Umber Hyatt - who was busy handling the artists, management and various other tasks - came out on the floor just to hear Saieen sing. No one is immune to his magic. No one. And for that Saieen Zahoor is Instep's hotstepper of the week. Need we say more?