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Do as the Romans
…even if you're not in Rome!

Summer has rolled into full force with the gladiator sandal onboard, once again the season's 'most wanted' foot gear. Open any fashion magazine or if you happen to fly out for a holiday then walk into any shoe store and these coveted shoes will stare you in the face, screaming for attention. Gladiators are being stocked and restocked everywhere, from departmental stores like Marks and Spencers to high-end brands like Jimmy Choo and everything in between. Interestingly, every label has lent this Roman icon its own little signature. Jimmy Choo has given it a razor sharp heel and a florescent leather upholding, Guess has produced the gladiator in platforms while Zara has them flat with trendy zippers holding them up the ankles. YSL has created a metal cage while Miu Miu has a more conservative look.

Gladiators not only come in colour and heel variations but also height differences. The shortest are flat sandals with a single ankle strap whereas the tallest climb up to the knees.

The trick to wearing gladiators in Pakistan is to pair them with high trousers if not skirts, harem pants and even capris. Showing a little ankle is desirable and there's no point in hiding the shoe if you've invested in it. Flaunt it as much as you can. Local varieties are already available in various shoe stores across town; now is the time to reccee and bring the babies home. Remember that gladiators are most authentic in camel or tan - true leather colours as the Romans wore them - but are equally trendy in metallic shades or even black. Unless you have a Jimmy Choo label embossed in the insole, it is advised to stay away from any other colour!