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Shake it up with corals


Embrace the citrusy shades of coral this summer by adding at least one coral coloured item to your wardrobe…or your make-up bag! Neon lights are back in fashion, bringing disco fever to the forefront and the one colour that rides perfectly on the wave is none other than coral. MAC Cosmetics is promoting it and so is Lancome. Designers all have at least one coral key in their summer/resort collections. It was indeed worn to perfection by the incredibly stylish US First Lady Michelle Obama on a trip to Moscow who wore a coral coloured Narciso Rodriguez 'to die for' dress.
If you're sticking to the black-and-white formula this season, then go for coral in your make up shade card. Pick up coral blushes and lipsticks (MAC's Morange and Shiseido's M218: Lily of the Day were sold out at all make up counters in Singapore) to brighten up that rainy day and give an edge to your look. And coral shades were made for Pakistan's olive-skinned women: this isn't a shade for the very pale, but the more sun-kissed you are, the better it'll look. You're bound to find the perfect shade in the Luscious summer collection.
A bag or a pair of sandals in coral hues would have the same effect if you're going for the make-up free look and if you even don't want to invest in that then tell your stylist to paint your nails the latest shade of OPI coral. Go crazy with coral… and get coralicious!

(Above: Michelle Obama in a Narciso Rodriguez dress, model Arlenis Sosa in Hervé Léger)