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Celebrity playlist

nstep tunes into what Pakistani celebrities are listening to this week and finds a myriad bunch of choices from going down nostalgia highway with Michael Jackson to tracks from Coke Studio to the new Dave Matthews album…


Vaneeza Ahmed

"By default, we all are listening to Micheal Jackson as he is all over the radio, television channels and newspapers. I've been listening to a lot of jazzy music for some odd reason and I'm done with the pop phase, maybe because I'm getting old! I've also been listening to Tapu Javeri's show - he is my favorite RJ. I'm basically listening to a lot of different songs and most of them are jazz."

Tapu Javeri wears many hats - he's a photographer, jeweler and a radio jockey whose show The Magic Carpet airs on City FM 89. Meanwhile Michael Jackson albums have not just entered into the global music charts again, but also in Pakistan as our Vibes charts show!

Yasir Qureshi
(Aunty Disco Project)

"I'm listening to the new Dave Matthews album, it's called Big Whiskey. Since the past week, Dave Matthews is all I have been listening to."

Dave Matthew Band's Big Whiskey topped Eminem and shot straight to the number one notch on the Billboard charts right after its release. Big Whiskey is a tribute to the saxophonist of the band (Lerio Moore), who died while the album was in production.



Musician (Azal)

"I'm not listening to much, just enjoying cricket. I listen to a lot of Iron Maiden. And I really like Noori's number at Coke Studio."

Iron Maiden has released a series of platinum and gold albums and have been one of the most famous heavy metal bands to date. Noori's collaboration with Saieen Zahoor, 'Aik Alif' has become one of the most popular tracks from the second season of Coke Studio.

Faiza Samee

"I'm not at all a music buff. I've been so busy- I was in London and now my niece is getting married so I haven't had the time to listen to anything at all, though Michael Jackson has is one of my favorites. I really like 'Billie Jean' but I don't have any particular favorites. I like most of his songs."
Written by Jackson himself, 'Billie Jean' is one of his most popular songs. The song was reworked upon 91 times before its release and became the hottest single in both UK and US charts.

Humayun Saeed

"I'm only listening to the music from my new film Jashnn. I love all the tracks but 'Dard-e-Tanhaye' sung by Noman is my favorite."
Produced by the Bhatt brothers' Vishesh Films, Jashnn was slated to be Humayun Saeed's entry ticket into Bollywood…except he seems to be missing from the film's promotion! The soundtrack though has become quite popular and is selling well in Pakistan.