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Foot in mouth


(Vocalist for Bumbu Sauce)

What misconceptions do people have about you?

That I care about the misconceptions they have about me.

What is the worst rumor you have heard about yourself?

“Uff tauba, did you see uss nay kitna lose weight kiya hoowa hai!?”

Any lessons learnt the hard way?

“Je tu mur ke na aya te mein jutee naal jaan lenee aa”


“If you don’t turn around and come back this instant I will annihilate you with my chappal”

What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever said to you?

“AAAA! who let you in here?”

Tell us something no one knows about you?

I used to be part of a criminal gang called “Eleven-Forty” when I was younger.

What drives you: money, fame or success?

Once I have any of those things I will get a driver to drive me.

What do you fail to understand about the opposite sex?

Why they insist on being understood. It’s not happening... seriously.

What is the most important relationship advice you can give?

“Allah hee Allah kiya karo, dukh na kisee ko diya karo.”

When was the last time you kicked ass?

Bumbu Sauce show at Kuch Khaas Islamabad in January. To be fair, the crowd kicked more ass per square inch.

What do you consider your best physical asset?

My big black aviators. Also my big pink aviators.

How do you unwind?

Reading tabloids while watching cricket while eating dahee bhullay.

Have you ever done anything you shouldn’t have?

In chemistry class I one accidentally mixed the chemical Bromine with my classmate Ethoo Gaynda’s face.

Have you ever envied another person?

Yes, Bazid Khan. For his genes. What a class cover drive.

Define your sense of style.

post-retro-erotic-chic... with aviators

What is the price of success?

Athaara ruppay dharee.