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Mir Saheb in the words of the famous few
Compiled by Bisma Akbar

Mir saheb, a prominent personality who achieved what many can't even dream of is now no longer among us but his memories and legacy will live forever. His close associates and a few other prominent personality describe his personalities in their words:

"The products and proofs of Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman's personal hard work, interest, intelligence and far-sightedness - the daily Jang Karachi, Lahore Rawalpindi, Quetta, Multan and London and The News Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and London today are in front of the world with the grace of God. Due to the sheer hard work and efforts of generations of employees, today the Jang Group is considered among the biggest newspaper institution of South Asia.

From Karachi to the Line of Control, morning begins with Jang. Mir Khalil- ur-Rahman never wished for his accounts of praise to be published in his honour. Neither did he wish for his pictures or news about him to be published in newspapers. He never let his personal views and ego interfere with his professional life. He only gave importance to the nation and his readers. He wrote what the readers wanted and said what the nation said."

-- Mahmood Sham, Group Editor, Jang

"Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman during his life time did not claim to have started a revolution instead he kept working hard silently. Today he is not among us but due to his sheer hard work and dedication, a silent revolution has been witnessed in the newspaper industry, so much so that not only newspaper readers but also the external and internal forces around the world are enjoying the fruits of this revolution."
--Khalil Malik, Columnist

"Mir saheb was a great guardian of the field of journalism. During the creation of Pakistan he played an active role by responding to the allegation and opposition of various countries for creating a new country. It is due to the untiring and consistent efforts of Mir saheb that Jang Group has now become the world's largest newspaper organisation."

-- Advocate Muhammad Shafique Siddiqui

"The founder of Jang Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman is a prominent personality in the history of Pakistani journalism and he has achieved this status only though extensive hard work and consistent effort.

Mir saheb was a firm believer of the benefits of study and observation. Through his efforts Mir saheb constantly tried to promote the benefits of disseminating knowledge in the society. He himself had a habit of book reading and persuaded others to develop this habit as well, since it leads to success. The role that Jang has played to promote the habit of studying in the society can't be ignored."

-- Nisar Awan, Irum Ghulam Murtaza and Nimra Rahman

"Through Jang, during the period of creation of Pakistan, Mir saheb bravely contributed towards the cause of Pakistan. Through the character building of many Muslims Mir saheb inculcated in them a sense of nationalism."

-- Advocate S A Khan,
Former Governor of Rotary International

"Through journalism Mir saheb defended Pakistan's ideological and geographic borders. Throughout his lifetime Mir saheb practised consistent hard work and determination. However, during his journey to success he also met many trustworthy companions."

-- Raeees Ahmed Khan,
Assistant Governor, Rotary International

"Mir saheb's personality was a blend of worldly success and humble temperament. He started from humble beginning and built a journalistic empire. This empire might be a source of wealth for his successors, but it was an asset and source of inspiration for the nation. Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman had left behind this asset through which the nation building process could be continued. He adopted modern techniques in journalism and turned his newspaper into a popular organ."

--Nawaz Sharif, Former Prime Minister of Pakistan

"Mir saheb's journalistic services can never be forgotten. He worked hard and devoted his life to journalism."
-- Hafeez Billo

"Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman, through journalism raised political awareness and the sentiments of patriotism in the nation. He also played an important role in strengthening the ideological base of the nation."
-- Muhammad Anwar Gondal, Vice President, Pakistan Muslim League.