FIA, police make swoop on Jang building

By Mohammad Asghar

RAWALPINDI: Dozens of officials of Federal Investigation Agency and police made a fresh swoop on Jang building on Sunday morning sparking unrest among the employees of the Jang Group.

At about 10:15 am, the FIA officials, who were assisted by local police surrounded the Jang building and parked their vehicles around the building. A vehicle, occupied by the FIA officials, started surveillance which lasted for over half-an-hour.

Half-a-dozen policemen took positions at the right side of the Jang building while another group of policemen took positions at the left side of the building as if they were going to launch some big crackdown.

Panic and unrest were the immediate reaction among the workers of Jang Group and it badly disrupted their smooth working. On-lookers and passers-by were stunned when they saw the police contingents taking positions outside the Jang building. Some of the car riders switched the engines of their vehicles off and started looking at the police and the FIA officials.

"What has happened here, is there anything wrong?" asked a stunned car rider after seeing the policemen present in front of the Jang office. However, the situation was calmed down after a senior staffer of Jang contacted the senior FIA officials. First the vehicles of the FIA officials went away and later the police followed them.

In another move, the officials of the Special Branch police made a video film of the protest demonstrations held outside the Jang office by the employees of Jang Group. "Yes, we have been given a task," the policeman who was making the film said, but requested not to be named in the print.

The News International Pakistan