Ghafoor lambasts govt for victimising Jang Group

By our correspondent

MIRPURKHAS: The deputy chief of the Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Prof Ghafoor Ahmad has strongly criticised the government's victimisation policy against the Jang Group of newspapers, and said the rulers are harassing newspapers to toe their line, which is condemnable.

He was addressing a press conference at the Mirpurkhas Press Club on Monday evening. He said due to the government's bad policies the country is moving towards more violence, while the gulf among the provinces is widening. He claimed on IMF's instructions the government has agreed to lay off more employees, whereas rupee devaluation and raise in electricity charges is very much expected before or in the forthcoming budget.

He said Nawaz Sharif had come to power on the promises of eliminating poverty, providing quick justice and employment, but he failed to fulfil even a single commitment. Ghafoor said the rulers were passing a lavish lifestyle while people were leading a miserable life.

To a question, he said the case of Hakim Said's murder has still not been sent to Military Trial Court (MTC) but two important witnesses of the murder have died in police custody, which is food for thought. He said it was a matter of deep concern that an accused, MPA Zulfiqar Mirza managed to escape from the country during the governor's rule. After the establishment of MTCs, the incidents of murders have reduced, but the incidence of car theft and other crimes are as usual, he said.

He said it is a strange situation on the one hand the apex court has suspended the implementation of executions being awarded by MTCs but they are still announcing death sentences. To a question, he said Nawaz and Altaf were good friends since 1993 and the former used Altaf against Benazir. He said both Nawaz and Benazir are equally responsible for the worst crisis in the country.

Later addressing a press conference in Nawabshah, Ghafoor said the difference between the governments of Nawaz and Benazir is only of faces and nothing else. He said Nawaz promised to break the beggar's bowl but now he was extending it for loans from the IMF, World Bank, America and other lending agencies despite their harsh conditions.

The rates of essential items including natural gas, electricity and petrol would also be increased by 30 percent under loan conditions, which will increase the prices of almost all items of daily use, he said. Earlier, addressing an Eid Milan party of workers, Ghafoor alleged Nawaz Sharif paid Rs 500 million to Altaf.

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