Hearing in cases against Jang group on Feb 15

By our correspondent

KARACHI: The Customs and Taxation Court Karachi presided over by Muhammad Sadiq Leghari will take up a bunch of unique cases for proceedings on February 15.

This day the court will open hearing in three cases against Mir Javed Rahman and Mir Shakeel-ur-Rahman on the charges which the federal government had fabricated in 1976 against founder of the Jang Group of Publications, Mir Khaleel-ur-Rahman. The then government was, however, compelled to withdraw the case within a week as it contained malice and missed truth.

The government is again trying to repeat the history by levelling the same charges against late Mir Khalil's son, Shakeel-ur-Rahman which, according to income tax practitioners, suffers from scores of legal lacunas and again misses the truth.

In two cases the federal government's hand-picked complainant has been forced to ask the court to take cognizance on the basis of assessments made five years earlier. "Such practice was never adopted in the history of tax cases in Pakistan," say leading income tax practitioners.

Experts familiar with cases say that the government has failed even to assess the amount of the 'allegedly concealed' wealth, which they see necessary to attract the sections under which the hand-picked complainant of the government has asked the court to take cognizance.

The third case, experts say, is only the jugglery of figures and the government has almost no chance to prove its stance. "It appears that the history is doing again with the sons what it had done to their father 24 years ago." the experts said and contemplated that end of the fresh vendetta would remain the same.


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