'Stories published by Jang are baseless'

ISLAMABAD: A spokesman for Redco Group said 'The News' and 'Jang' were publishing misleading and baseless stories against Senator Saif-ur-Rehman to avenge action against the Jang Group for the recovery of taxes evaded by the group.

Commenting on the news item alleging that Senator Saif paid no taxes, the spokesman said the news story was incorrect, misleading and baseless. "The factual position is that Senator Saif paid Rs. 270,000/- on account of his personal taxes. "Publication of stories about non-payment of taxes by him are politically motivated in order to defame Senator Saif-ur-Rehman and discredit the task undertaken by him to recover looted money from the tax evaders like the Jang Group," the spokesman said.

"Senator Saif-ur-Rehman has been making valuable contribution to Pakistan's economy through his organisation, Redco Group. This may be judged from the following figures:- Income Tax Rs. 23,750,000/- Sales Tax Rs. 101,000,000/- Wealth Tax Rs. 4,340,000/- Customs Duties Rs. 4,000,000/-

Others: Electricity & Power Rs. 141,000,000/- Foreign exchange brought in from abroad as investment: Rs. 199,000,000/- Contract related (from head office via branch) Rs. 108,000,000/- Redco Doha / Abu Duabi (staff salaries remittance) Rs. 770,000,000/- Redco Pakistan Salaries Rs. 168,000,000/- Monthly remittance of Pakistan's workers, engaged in Redco Middle East, comes to: Dirhams. 300,000/- Q.Riyal: 1,200,000/- Employment: Redco Textile Ltd. 750, Redco Pakistan Ltd. 510, Redco Doha 800, Redco Abu Dubai 200.

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