Govt action against Jang Group condemned

By our correspondent

KARACHI: Leaders of political and religious parties condemned the government action against the Jang Group of Newspapers. Ulema from Aalami Tahaffuz-e-Khatm-e-Nabuwat, Maulana Nazir Tunsavi, Maulana Saeed Jalalpuri, Maulana Iqbalullah, Maulana Ehsanullah Hazarvi, Maulana Hasan-ur-Rahman, Maulana Syed Hamadullah Shah, Haji Masood, M Anwar and Maulana Muhammad Tayab Ludhyanvi appealed the Imams and Khateebs to condemn the government action against freedom of press in their speeches in Namaaz-e-Juma on Jan 29 and demand the govt to stop victimising the Jang Group.

The Shoora of Jamiat-ul-UIema-e-Islam Sindh adopted a resolution in its meeting condemning the govt for victimising Jang Group. The demanded of Muhammad Nawaz Shaarif to pay his banks loan immediately. They warned that the JUI would participate in struggle with the Jang Group if the govt did not change its attitude.

Other political leaders who condemned the action of the government against the Jang Group included the Secy Gen PPP Karachi, Muzaffar Shijra, member PPP federal council, Zahor Alam Rind, Rashid Rabbani, Nafeesa Raja, chief of Tehrik-e-Awam Ahl-e-Sunnat, Haji Hanif Billo, Ulema-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat Allama Muhammad Shaheen Ashrafi, Allama Riazuddin Qadri, Qari Ashraf Gormani, Qari Gul Jahan, MIT leader Dr Salim Haidar, ANI leaders Salim Husain, Qari Salim Akhtar, Sindh President of Minhaj-ul-Qur'aan, Khwaja Muhammad Ashraf, PTI leader Akbar Badsha and others.

Meanwhile, the Chairman Ansar Burney Welfare Trust Ansar Burney Advocate has said that the government action against Jang Group was mala fide and a serious violation of human rights and citizens freedom.

He alleged that the prime minister and his colleagues had openly violated the law and Constitution, adding that the government action could damage the democracy if President, Chief Justice and
COAS did not intervene in the situation.

Ansar Burney warned that he will raise the issue on the flour of United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva and other human rights forums and the prime minister and Saifur Rehman would be held responsible of the situation if the government did not stop victimization against Jang Group. Burney alleged that the prime minister and his colleagues were involved in corruption, money laundering and drug cases and now they want to suppress the freedom of press.

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