Qazi lauds Jang Group's role against government

By our correspondent

LAHORE: Jamaat Islami Amir Qazi Hussain Ahmad has termed the government's victimisation of Jang Group as blatant violation of the constitution and the law. In a statement on Wednesday, Qazi said after weakening parliament, judiciary and executive, the government was now tightening its screws on the press paving the way for dictatorship.

He said gagging and victimising the press seemed very unbecoming of a government claimed to be the champions of democracy sitting on heavy mandate. He lauded the Jang Group of newspapers for taking stance against the government undemocratic tactics.

The sacrifices of Jang Group would always be remembered as a golden chapter of the history of the press, he added. He said it was high time that all newspapers should come out of contemporary competition and forge unity among their ranks to frustrate the designs against the fourth pillar of the state.


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