Take a peek into new year resolutions of all Pakistani A-List stars

Take a peek into new year resolutions of all  Pakistani A-List stars

As 2021 came to a close, the Pakistani famed icons took a step forward to pen their resolutions for the new year as a guide to come out as better citizens in the future.

The stars want to leave behind all the negativity and toxicity taking a constant toll over people’s mindsets and wanting to indulge in acts that could be helpful to the world.

Take a look at what each one of them have to say:

Sonya Hussyn:

جنگ نیوز

Sonya Hussyn is looking to meet new people who help her evolve with time and not those draining her level of energy and motivation for life.

“Oh, there’s so much I’d like to leave behind. In all honesty, 2021 wasn’t the best of years for me. But if I were to really list down what I don’t want a part of my life, it would have to be indecision, emotional turbulence and certain people even. I’m hoping that the New Year allows me to be more careful with my company, so I know where I’m investing my time and energy, and evolve in order to look past a lot of instability I had to endure.” 

Bilal Maqsood: 

جنگ نیوز

Bilal Maqsood, the founder of band Strings professional career changed entirely for the good, looking forward to a bright future in 2022. 

“Post Strings, my professional life has changed entirely. With the world changing so fast, planning for the future has become near impossible. I’m leaving behind my anchor in 2021 and letting the wind guide me to wherever I’m meant to be." 

Ali Sethi: 

جنگ نیوز

The pop icon is sick of the pandemic and wants it to erase from the world as soon as possible as well as aspects of religious dogma, nationalism and ignorance of all kinds taking control over the world and people's minds. 

Shaniera Akram: 

جنگ نیوز

"I used this year to work on myself and my daughter’s development. I have healed, learnt and grown stronger than ever before ready to take on what 2022 has in store for me. Bring it on." 

Shaniera is all set to ace the challenges of 2022 with her strong wit. 

Ahsan Khan: 

جنگ نیوز

“I would just urge everyone to learn to co-exist. Tolerance makes it possible for people to coexist peacefully. It is the basis for a fair society in which everyone can lead their lives as they wish. I feel that we as a nation need to work together for better Pakistan. We need to do it now and always keep in mind whatever we do it would eventually effect our future as a nation." 

Khan is a patriotic looking for a better Pakistan this new year. 

Adnan Siddiqui: 

جنگ نیوز

The veteran star loves to live in the present moment as there is no point in fretting over the unpredictable future.  

“I’d like to leave behind my fear of the unknown and anxiety of what lies ahead." 

Armeena Rana Khan: 

جنگ نیوز

Armeena Khan will no longer allow external forces to control her life and expired relationships will not play any role in her life from now on. 

" Looking forward to a better me."