Director Sohail Javed shares about upcoming film ‘You Me Us

Web Desk|February 17, 2021

Sohail Javed opened up about upcoming digital film ‘You Me Us’

'Director Sohail Javed shares about upcoming film ‘You Me Us

Pakistani Director, Sohail Javed appeared in an interview and discussed about his upcoming digital film titled You Me Us.

The lead roles in the upcoming film will be played by Fahad Sheikh and Mahenur Haider Khan. Fahad also starred in Javed’s short film titled Naam Kya Rakha alongside Hajra Yamin.

While talking about the film, the director said, “It’s a very heartfelt story about a young couple who does everything in a rush. However, life cannot be rushed and you have to wait to make a few decisions”.

He went on, “It’s a nice, cute, young, romantic film with lots of good music”.

But he said that he’s not sure on which platform the film will be released as it’s still not been decided yet. He added, “We’re going to look for the best option available”.

Javed also shared that his priority is to finish the shooting of the film first.

The director while talking about Sheikh said, “People think that Fahad is my new found love since I praise him a lot and continue doing projects with him”.

He added, “Firstly, he’s a very good human being which is very important for me. Secondly, he’s very well-behaved which is again an important characteristic. I do not like ill-mannered people”.

Sohail further told that Mahenur often says during shoot that Fahad is director’s favorite child, “This is not entirely wrong” he quipped.

“However, I have been working with him and it has been a good experience so far” he stated.

Watch the teaser below:

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