Pakistani writers need to progress with times, Fasih Bari Khan says

Web Desk|February 17, 2021

Fasih Bari Khan revealed why people think all TV dramas are written by same writer

'Fasih Bari Khan says Pakistani writers need to ‘progress with times

Pakistani writer, Fasih Bari Khan appeared in an interview with a publication and shared how he writes dramas and also discussed about why people think every TV serial has similar story.

Khan said, “I usually don’t plan what I’m about to write in a drama. I create characters and then my story revolves around them. I met and spoke to many women and incorporated their experiences in this society through Samiya and others in Ghisi Piti Mohabbat”.

While talking about challenges, the writer shared, “I took a break for four years and when I started watching dramas again, I realized what one of my friends used to say that it feels all dramas have been written by the same person”.

“I realized that writers also have to progress with times and I wrote Ghisi Piti Mohabbat how viewers want dramas to be. There must be relevant conversations in every scene and the story should progress rather than digress” he added.

Fasih also talked about how women are portrayed in Pakistani dramas he said, “We have to develop this belief in our society that men and women both are human beings. Unfortunately, we tend to forget that women are human beings as well. I believe it is very difficult to understand in depth the mystery that a woman is”.

“And mostly male as well as female writers don’t try to delve into this mystery. I try to humanize my female characters, unlike most dramas that present women as a goddess who will bear all sorts of unjust behavior, only to forgive in the end,” he further added.

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