Mahira Khan to trollers: ‘Its the lowest thing one can do

Web Desk|February 21, 2021

Mahira Khan doesn’t give importance to trollers who just abuse anyone for no reason

'Mahira Khan to trollers: ‘It’s the lowest thing one can do

Pakistani actress, Mahira Khan appeared in an interview and talked about how she deals with hatred on social media and trolls. She said she does not respond to people trolling as she doesn’t think they are that important.

Khan said, “I don’t have any message for trollers. Why should I give importance to those who have nothing to do else than going to someone else’s post and to abuse them, involves someone’s mother, father, daughter, brother, or anyone.”

The 36-year-old went on, “It’s the lowest thing one can do. And I think people who are sitting there should think that I am writing this because my face isn’t visible or my name isn’t real, so it means that it is not on me. This is on you actually. It will come back somewhere but it is not nice and it shows a lot about society actually.”

“So I think it’s important that I talk about followers who really wait for our tweets and pictures,” she concluded.

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