Mira Rajput dishes out Shahid Kapoors most annoying habit

Web Desk|February 23, 2021

' I love him, I love everything about him,' says Mira

Mira Rajput dishes out Shahid Kapoor's most annoying habit

Mira Rajput could really live without this one annoying habit of husband Shahid Kapoor.

The 26-year-old recently participated a riveting round of Ask Me Anything on her Instagram Stories where she revealed some amusing secrets about her marriage with actor Shahid Kapoor.

In one of the questions, Mira was asked by a fan about who between her and Shahid, wins a fight.

“U and Shahid!!! Who wins in arguments?” asked a fan.

“Me! Who else?” replied Mira.

Another fan went on to ask about the most annoying habit of Shahid and one that she absolutely adores.

“He makes a zillion typos. I have to really figure out what he is saying. But by now, I have kind of understood what he means when he says something else. And I love him, I love everything about him,” she said.

In an earlier interview, the Kabir Singh star also spoke on his relationship with wife Mira and spilled beans on their daily dose of fights.

“We have very strong and different points of view. For the kind of person I am, I am very happy that I have somebody like that. Although on a daily basis it might be difficult to deal with but when I look at the bigger picture, I know she is really good for me. And I am guessing I am also good for her. We always tend to tell each other the part that we are not seeing ourselves,” he revealed.

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