Hamza Ali Abbasi all set to launch new book for free

Web Desk|March 09, 2021

Hamza Ali Abbasi has completed draft for new book which will be available for free

Hamza Ali Abbasi all set to launch new book for free

On Monday, Hamza Ali Abbasi took to Twitter and revealed that he has finished the rough draft of his book and also promised that it will be available for free.

Abbasi tweeted, “1st rough draft of the book done Alhamdulillah, All Gratitude is for God only.”

A fan asked if the upcoming book will be available for free, to which the actor responded and said, “Hopefully it will be available for free.”

In 2019, Hamza announced that he will be taking a break from acting to focus on Islamic teachings. He said in a video clip, “I had this divine revelation some time back, that all that I am doing in this world will end the moment I die.”

He added, “All these trophies, all these accolades will not bring me any good on the day of judgment when I meet my Maker. I have decided that I want to leave everything that might be a hurdle when it comes to making my matters easier on the day of Judgment.”

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