Arshad Warsi reflects on Bollywood industry, says its a ‘tough place

Web Desk|March 14, 2021

Arshad Warsi said in Bollywood, ‘You have to find your niche, a way to fit in, and make your position’

'Arshad Warsi reflects on Bollywood industry, says it’s a ‘tough place

Bollywood actor, Arshad Warsi appeared in an interview and talked about his journey in Bollywood and how an actor is supposed to find a way to fit in.

Talking about the film industry, the 52-year-old said, “There is not so much that annoys me, because there’s a saying ‘an actor gets paid for waiting, acting he does because he likes it’. I love the chaos and madness on set, I love the mayhem that happens, everyone’s confused, I am fine with it. I just enjoy it. I don’t have anything that I can say against the movies.”

Warsi is well-known for his incredible performance in Golmaal as well as Munna Bhai franchise. He thinks Bollywood is a ‘tough place’.

He shared, “You got to have a certain kind of sensibility. The question is how much do you want, and how much are you happy with. When you want the world, you are not going to be happy ever, you are just running”.

He added, “Guys like me, I don’t think there are many, who are very satisfied with what they have, so you have to work it out. We must have other things to do otherwise it gets tough. There are very few people who know their jobs, that becomes a problem. You have to find your niche, a way to fit in, and make your position. Once you are in it, it’s a beautiful place.”

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