Mawra Hocane shares positive words after Aiman Khan faces backlash for ‘skinny remarks

Web Desk|March 15, 2021

Actress Mawra Hocane shares positive words after Aiman Khan's ‘skinny’ remarks

Mawra Hocane shares positive words after Aiman Khan faces backlash for ‘skinny’ remarks

The trend of morning shows, interviews and couple talk shows is surely on the rise in the Pakistani showbiz industry these days. It won’t be completely wrong to say that the same lot of celebrities are interviewing and being interviewed on different channels and digital platforms.

While the shows are following almost a similar format, it is the rapid fire round after which, many celebrities have landed themselves into hot waters and welcomed online criticism for their remarks on their fellow stars.

Recently, one of Pakistan’s most talented and beautiful actress Mawra Hocane opened up after a fellow showbiz actress Aiman Khan faced criticism and backlash on social media for calling her ‘skinny'.

During a celebrity talk show, while playing a rapid-fire question round with husband Muneeb Butt, Aiman shared her remarks that Mawra "should gain some weight as she is very skinny.” The comment was disliked by Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 star’s fans on social media and they called Aiman out for body-shaming Hocane.

The Sabaat famed actress took to her Instagram Stories and shared a detailed statement saying “To all the social media pages and fans: I Do Not appreciate anyone throwing the person under the bus in the garb of supporting me.”

“We must know how far we must go and not vilify the order person involved in the process. We are all humans and utter words we don’t entirely understand or mean! Let’s be kind… let’s give each other space for improvement and not to do the same or worse by spewing hate.”

“Please be Kind!!! Love”, she concluded.

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