Laila Wasti touches on 'horrible 7-8 years' of battling Cancer

Web Desk|April 11, 2021
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Laila Wasti is opening up about her sudden Cancer diagnosis.

Speaking to Fuschia Magazine in a recent interview, the Dunk actress revealed that she suffered from a very low blood count and was in a critical condition.

"I was on a routine visit to America because of the green card, where I was diagnosed with cancer while my parents and husband were in Pakistan and were not able to come there for four months," she revealed.

"I was at the best cancer hospital in America and the doctors said that I had only 48 hours to live because I had very low blood count and my condition was critical but I survived," Laila continued.

The actress was soon joined by her family who took great care of her in surviving the deadly disease.

"It was a long 7-8 years journey of battling cancer and God has been so kind Alhamdulilah," she concluded.

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