Hajra Yamin bashes the silence culture in Pakistan

Web Desk|April 18, 2021
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Hajra Yamin bashing the 'silence' culture in Pakistan

Hajra Yamin is speaking up against the 'silence' culture in Pakistan.

The actress touched on the quiet acceptance that is instilled in the Pakistani culture and urged her fans to finally speak up for themselves.

In a satirical speech on social media, Yamin said, "When unwanted guests come to your house and refuse to go away, what do you do?"

“When your aunt comments on your weight, what do you do? When members of your house choose your career and your life path against your will, what do you do? You stay quiet."

"The street is damaged from one side? Stay quiet and take another route. Phone got stolen? Stay quiet and buy a new one. Policemen are asking for a bribe? Stay quiet and hand them some cash. Sugar is too expensive? Stay quiet and start drinking unsweetened tea."

Before signing off, Yamin asked her fans to brave through the injustices and speak up for themselves.

"Looking at this attitude of staying quiet, an intelligent man had a wonderful idea. He decided to collect all the rich people in one area, and snatch everything from them. What is the most they're gonna do, stay quiet?"

"So this idea of a housing society was really successful. They stole electricity? People got generators. They restricted access to water? They got tankers. They stopped giving water but started charging a hefty bill for it? They paid it, of course. Started facing thefts, they hired private guards. So this way, they quietly went on to spend their lives."

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