Meera breaks silence on 'scary' night at US mental hospital

Web Desk|April 18, 2021
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Meera breaks silence on 'scary' night at US mental hospital

Meera Jee is finally detailing her unfortunate encounter at the US Psychiatric facility.

Speaking to BBC Urdu in a recent interview, Meera revealed her admission at the hospital was a big misunderstanding.

"There's a lobby that's working against me, they keep slandering my character to bring shame to my stardom."

While explaining the real reason for her visit, Meera admitted, "I've been struggling with depression, and that's why I went to the hospital. However once there, they mistook me for being crazy. They even confiscated my phone.”

"There's a difference between being depressed and mentally unstable, which is important to understand, but they refused to recognise the difference here and admitted me.”

"I was screaming the entire night, calling for help, and no one came. It was a really scary night for me. The next day, my mom made an appeal to Prime Minister Imran Khan and Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed for my discharge.” It was only later that “I was released on a request submitted by the Pakistani Embassy.”

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