Amir Liaquat snubs claims of third marriage: Read Inside

Web Desk|May 04, 2021

Aamir is adamant that he only has one wife

Amir Liaquat snubs claim of third marriage: Read Inside

Amir Liaquat is responding to rumors about his third marriage.

After a Pakistani actor named Haniya Khan claimed to be the TV personality's wife, Amir took a chance to clear the air and revealed the his only wife is Tuba Amir.

During the recent transmission of Jeeway Pakistan, guest Ahmed Ali Butt asked Amir Liaquat Hussain upon his plans of getting married the fourth time.

"Do you have any plans to get married for the 4th time?”

Laughing at the question, host Aamir pressed that he only has one wife.

"Oh! Allah please help them believe it, I am only married to one lady and that’s Tuba. Do you think that the lady claiming to be my wife, could be my choice?"

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