When Saif Ali Khan called Kareena Kapoor 'Ma'am' on the sets of Omkara

Web Desk|May 18, 2021
When Saif Ali Khan called Kareena Kapoor 'Ma'am' on the sets of Omkara

Kareena Kapoor once revealed that husband Saif Ali Khan used to refer to her as 'Ma'am' in one of their early films.

Speaking on Look Who's Talking With Niranjan in 2014, Kareena spilled the beans on how Saif was really formal and courteous to her on the sets of Omkara.

"(Saif) is from a different generation. I've know him, I have been hanging around on sets when Lolo and Saif were shooting in Hum Saath Saath Hai in Jodhpur. Then we did Omkara where we didn't speak and we were with our respective girlfriend and boyfriend at that time and we hardly interacted or even exchanged a word. It was always like 'Good morning.' He used to always be like 'Good morning ma'am,' and, you know, treat me with so much respect. I was like okay because he is anyway so chivalrous," she recalled.

Speaking about approaching Saif for a romantic relationship, Kareena talked about husband's captivating personality.

"Saif has got a personality any woman would want," said Kareena.

"I was the one who kind of pushed all the right buttons. Saif actually was the kind of guy who will never, is not very forthcoming towards any woman. He will never make the first move. He's too English and restrained in that way."

Saif and Kareena tied the knot in 2012. The couple shares two sons together.

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