Bushra Ansari opens up about her divorce, says her father gave her the right

Web Desk|December 28, 2020
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Bushra Ansari opens up about her divorce, says her father gave her the right

Pakistan’s prominent name in the showbiz industry, veteran actress Bushra Ansari opened up about her divorce in a candid interview by Mira Sethi on her show Hello Mira Sethi!

Bushra, who is among country’s famous comedians and an iconic actress for decades, recently revealed the reason behind her divorce. The Aangan Tehra actress was separated from her husband Iqbal Ansari, who is a director and a producer after 36 years of their marriage.

In a recent interview with Sethi, the Udaari famed actress shared about the circumstances that forced her to take the biggest decision of her life. “Divorce is a solution to come out of the bad patch of your life. I took the decision after 36 years of my marriage, I had the right to divorce. My father did this for me, that my daughter can divorce whenever she wants. So I have another status, I am not the one who is been divorced by somebody I gave him the divorce,” she said.

Reflecting pros and cons of every marriage, Bushra, 64, said that, “But till the time we realized that there is something wrong, which happens when two intelligent people face each other and many things happen, so by the time, we realized that it’s getting difficult, because of the children.”

She continued saying that, “Whenever I used to get tense, I used to think whether this situation is better or the one after this will be better, and what if I get myself into a situation worse than this.”

Bushra Ansari with daughter Meera Ansari

She said that it was a tough decision for her as a mother of two daughters. “I used to think that what if someone disturbs my daughter after my decision, because I might make another mistake. I used to think that in this situation one person is worried but in the other case, three will get disturbed. So, in this way, we made it work for 36 years.”

While talking about her thoughts, the Zebaish star finally revealed that she decided to give herself some relief from the situation. “When our children grew up and got married and they became parents themselves then came a point when we thought of giving relief to each other.”

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